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Graphic action

Craig Oliver Craig Oliver | 16:45 UK time, Wednesday, 31 May 2006

There's been a steady drip of information about the massacre at Haditha - 24 Iraqis, including a two-year-old girl, allegedly murdered by US Marines.

BBC Ten O'Clock News logoIt was clear someone needed to bring together the information. John Simpson and I spent the Bank Holiday sifting the eyewitness evidence. We needed a major centrepiece graphic to explain what happened - and it needed to be definitive.

To make it happen I wrote a properly sourced script - it came out at over a minute long. John laid down an audio guide track because it is incredibly difficult to make a long graphic fit a piece that is fed from the field. The graphics department started by creating 3D models of the American military vehicles, a taxi, a checkpoint and the three houses where the massacre happened. This took most of the day.

Click here to see the Ten O'Clock News graphics in more detailsThe 3D models were then handed over to another designer whose job it was to put them in context and add graphic text. The process of building the graphic took eleven hours.

I hope it helped the audience visualise and understand the horror of what allegedly happened - you can watch the piece in full by clicking here.


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