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Day 22 - Advent Calendar

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Vicki Vicki | 00:01 UK time, Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Helloo and happy Wednesday Cutlets!

We've had loads of great comments about the end of Series 3 and we know there's loads of people wanting a Series 4. We want one too! However we still don't what's happening, so until Isla and I become commissioners of BBC One (it WILL happen one day...) we'd like to ask you for your series 4 ideas and predictions!

If you were designing your own Series 4 what would you like to see happen? Which characters would you like to see more of and can you think of any storylines that you'd like to see?

And finally complete Olive's sentence: 'There's so much to tell you…'


The Cut team xx

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  • Comment number 1.

    Obvisously the aftermath of the wedding.... and the baby

    A new female character! Like a Fin-type person

    And maybe more of the Noah and Luke bromance... :L

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi, don't know if I've ever commented on the blog before but I've been a massive fan of the cut ever since it first began :) anyway, just wanted to put a few of my ideas down! I really want to see more of Marla's self harming storyline, I thought that her storyline got a bit unrealistic towards the end of season 3 with the marriage etc, and I don't feel like we ever got closure on the self harming thing, it was just kind of forgotten about. Really love the idea of Frankie talking to Olive, thought that that was built up to well with the introduction of her mum having mental health issues. Would also like to see more of Alex dealing with his sexuality, this is a massive issue for teenagers and he is such a good actor I think it would make a great storyline. Anyway, now that I've written my mini essay, I would just like to say please let there be a season 4!!!! the cut is so fantastic and I'll really miss it :(

  • Comment number 3.

    Tommy should return - we still haven't found out what went on between him and Marla!

    I want to find out more about Cameron and Catherine's home life. And Cameron should have a brother, because I look a bit like him, so I could play him! But not too many new characters, there are enough already. Maybe three new people?

    It would also be lovely to see a return of Fin, but I can't think of how it would happen now Jay's gone.

    Toni can come back and confront Mack about letting Ryan and Ruby take control of the cafe.

    Frankie and Cameron can officially get together... We can find out more about Rosa

    And a cliffhanging ending so that they can do a Series 5!

  • Comment number 4.

    Rhiannon1234567 - you have commented before, if you click on your name you can see a list of your previous posts.

    But I agree with everything you said, especially the thing about Alex

  • Comment number 5.

    Toni should come back, and try to get her cafe back somehow from mack. To know a bit more about olive and toni's past.. introducing loxelys cousins and family. Frankie trying to deal with her stress problems leading her to talk to olive as a mental health issue, also how marla handles being a teenage mum and her marridge.

  • Comment number 6.

    I'd like to see Alex come out fully and find a boyfriend
    i'd like to see what's gunna happen with amy and marla
    and how marla copes with a baby
    also i'd like to see stephen back and have a main part again
    more of marla too.

    and olive's sentence: but I Have no idea where to start...

  • Comment number 7.

    Wow yes I agree with Torie (: We never really knew much about Marla with Tommy and her self-harming, they should do like a prequel (series 0) :L

  • Comment number 8.

    I want to know what happened ti Jack

    I want Alex to get a boyfriend and stop loathing himself. Him dealing with his sexuality is rather a sore spot in the series.

    I want Taylor to go back to the US (sorry to the actress, but I hate the character) or maybe more dramatic we could kill her off ;D

    I also want to know whats going to happen with elliot, marla and the unborn baby.

    And I would like Stephen to come back, though I quite like the fact that hes got an almost happy ending in university...

    I also think something big needs to happen, just for fun... like a car crash or fire or something at some point. I always like big things like that because then people always realise their feelings and say what they feel.

  • Comment number 9.

    I would really like to see more about Marla's self harming, I know someone who self harms and its a very important issue and think in series 3 we lost that, did she recover does she still self harm. I agree that I would love to see how it started, cause' at one point it gave the impression it had something to do with her relationship with Tommy and until we find out why I don't think the storyline is really complete.

    It would be nice to explore Taylor's character a bit more, give her a storyline where people can feel sorry for her and relate to her character more
    I'd love to see a character battle with anorexia, bulimia as thats another isuue that affects a lot of teens.
    Alex needs to accept his sexuality and maybe find himself a nice boyfriends :)
    Frankie seeing Olive seemed as though it was going to introduce Frankie to have a mental health problem like her mother as they are often passed down in families , maybe schizophrenia ??
    Luke and Noah's bromance MUST stay !!! :) they are too funny, maybe get Luke a girlfriend, like Taylor or someone else his age ? :)
    Sorry for my long essay, I just have so many ideas , I really hope there will be a series 4 not just because its fun to watch but because The Cut explores lots of serious issues for teenagers which means we can relate unlike in other shows :)

  • Comment number 10.

    I would also like to see Tommy come back, and maybe help Alex comes to terms with his sexuality, as Tommy has helped him out at school and whatnot before, so it would be interesting to that, and Alex not hating his brother so much and maybe they become closer in the end.
    Though I don't like Taylor at all, I would like to see her get what she deserves, and I think the person who could stand up to her would either by Alex, or Rosa.
    I would like to see what Amy has been up too, and what is in store for Marla and Elliott now he has no sponsorship? How are they going to raise it, and what's it called etc.

    Most of all I would like to see what happened to Jack, and hope he comes back and explains properly to Frankie - maybe once he's all better!

    Although I would love to see Billie North come back to the cut, i think it would make it very unrealistic and if it involves Frankie seeing Olive, it would be too much like Stephens storyline at the start of series 3.

    'There's so much to tell you…'
    ...but you will have to wait until we meet again.

  • Comment number 11.

    Also I would like to see more of Dean, though he had a small part in series 2 and i think series 3? I thought his character made a lot of situations lighter and funnier, and would be nice to see more of his character involved maybe?

  • Comment number 12.

    Harriet_x - they did mention Marla's self-harming at one point in Series 3, when the nurse asked her to lift up her shirt and saw the cuts. I think she's probably not been doing it as much, because at the start of the series she was really happy and in a comfortable relationship, and once she realised she was pregnant she might have tried harder not to hurt herself, because she might have ended up doing herself a serious injury and harming her baby.

    Back in Series 1 I thought Marla might be recovering from anorexia/bulimia - because she does so much running, and it always seemed that she was providing food for everyone else but not for herself, and once Mack saw that she wasn't eating much and he said, 'You're not going back to your old ways?'

  • Comment number 13.

    I'd like to know what 'the deal between amy and jay was
    id like alex to get himself a nice guy
    id like andrew/jack to come back
    obviously id like to see what happens in the ending


  • Comment number 14.

    We already know what their deal was - if Jay sold Amy the cafe, she'd make sure that he ended up with Marla. If he didn't, she'd get the hooded man to beat him up or kill him.

  • Comment number 15.

    Wow such a big question! There are so many things to find out! Some things should stay a mystery in my opinion.. it's nice to just leave little things for the viewers to interpret themselves.

    We def need to find out how Jack/ Andrew gets on.

    I agree with harriet_x that Luke needs a girlfriend- a really nice one, but perhaps also likes to make some dosh ;)

    Perhaps we should be able to see more about Stephen, he's changed so much since his disturbing shower scene after the funeral (oo-err lol). It's also a chance to see Matt Kane more ;)

    Oh and we def need some more Rosa and Noah business!!! Noah is one of my faves and they would be a cute couple ;)

    Frankie and Cam need to get together, without a doubt :) the kiss in the last ep practically confirmed it :D

    With Olive... she could still be 'around' but in Frankie's mind. So whenever Frankie makes decisions etc she could imagine what Olive would say to her as advice. A Rubbish idea rly but... i have no other clue lol

    Oh and def about Elliott/Marla marriage, Amy interfering etc. Also how Marla copes with pregnancy/ being a parent. And will she live with Mack now?

    I'm sure there is more but I think of it right now lol might post later..
    wow sorry for the essay lol

  • Comment number 16.

    Okay, I know this is probably never going to happen but I think that:

    - After Amy comes to stop the wedding, she get beaten up by Mack, jay then comes to protect her and everyone finds out that they've been seeing each other all along.

    - Marla gets depressed and starts thinking everyone's out to ruin her life. She starts self harming again.

    - Frankie and Cam get together but Frankie sttarts seeing Olive everywhere until she goes mad and gets taken to the sanctuary where jack used to reside.

  • Comment number 17.

    Ruby - I disagree with you about Stephen, I don't think he should come back at all now. I think everything has been explored as far as he's concerned. He used to be really horrible, then he was much better in Series 3 - now he's ready to move on and go and continue his Oxford course and be really successful. They'll just ruin him if they explore him any more.

    Matt Kane is an amazing actor though, he will go far :)

  • Comment number 18.

    I agree with everyone about Marla's self harming - this needs to be explored more cos we still don't know the full story!! And is she like self harming now, and at the very start of series 1 was she, and when did it start?

    I think it would be a good idea to have a character who is bisexual/confused with their sexuality a bit like Alex, but you either need to expand on Alex's story or create a new character cos I think its an issue thats quite common nowadays.

    I also think we've forgotten about Marla's pregnancy, I mean how far along is the pregnancy?? and I think if she has a baby, she should keep it and all the cut fans could vote on a name -that would be awesome!!

    And can someone please fill me in on the Marla and Tommy situation, cos I'm a bit confused about it!!

    Just to say, I'm addicted to The Cut and think it's reeeeeeally good, and it explores issues that don't come up in any other programmes on tv and i think the BBC would be mad not to make a series 4!!

  • Comment number 19.

    Just like many others, I think Alex should accept his sexuality. 'Cause right now he's like... halfway out of the closet. EMBRACE THE RAINBOW, ALEX!! EMBRACE THE RAINBOW!!!

    I also think Taylor should be like Kenny from South Park. So she could die in every single episode. MWAHAHA. No, just kidding... kinda.

  • Comment number 20.

    EmmaRuth124 - I don't think there should be another person confused about their sexuality. I think if they are going to have a character who can help Alex, they have to be the exact opposite to Alex - that is, someone who is very openly gay or bisexual, and not closeted at all.

    Voting on the name - could work, but we might come up with something awful - like Tinkerbell! But I hope they don't call the baby Olive or Oliver, that's so predictable...

  • Comment number 21.

    Marla Marla Marla! :D wayyy more about her.

    LESS Taylor (the actress is amazing I just hate the character)

    Alex should just man up and get a boyfriend :D

    Frankie and Cam :D :D

    Rosa and Noah :D

    Maybe a new guy thats all kinda Mattish I miss Stephen :(

  • Comment number 22.

    Hi Cutlets :) Well if there is a series 4 (which there better be)

    - I would love to see the whole aftermath with Marla and Elliot and the baby :D and see if Elliot's swimming and sponsorship works out
    - I would also like to see Alex being able to accept his sexuality and my idea would be like Tommy would be there to help Alex come to terms with who he is and then they would start to get closer and be like brothers again :) and maybe Alex may have a crush on someone other than Stephen (Well i wouldn't mind if it was Stephen) but i would love if Alex did get a boyfriend
    - Oh and also this whole thing with Jack i want to see what happens. Does he get away with it? does he get caught by the police? Does Stephen try to track him down and sort out this whole thing?
    - Deffo more of Noah and Luke's bromance

    I am a major fan of the cut and I think there really does need to be a series 4 because there is so many questions that have been left unanswered and too many story-lines that haven't ended .... Please guys make series 4 :D

  • Comment number 23.

    okay in series 4,
    stephen and frankie both start to see olive!
    frankie goes kinda crazy and cameron is there for her as he is the most loving sexy boy on the planet.
    elliot and marla get married but then marla has her baby and it turns out MIXED RACE! was jays baby all along.
    noah and rosa get it on! make more little mixed race babies.
    find out more about cameron...

    olive should be a figment of stephen and frankies imagination and makes them go mad. MWAHAHAHAHA

  • Comment number 24.

    LESS TAYLOR! She needs to get her comeuppance...

    Definitely more Alex! We didn't really get to see much of him at all. I don't think we ever even learned why his dad kicked him out? So, yes, more Alex! Would love to see Tommy come back and have them work on their relationship... I really loved the bit at the end of series 3 with Alex and Stephen as well. Alex was right: Stephen totes kissed him back. ;)

    Answers about Jack/Andrew. He was an interesting character.

    Not everyone needs to be in love with Frankie...she had like 3 or 4 love interests this series. Maybe a new hairstyle for her too. It was out of control at the end of the series.

  • Comment number 25.

    This show needs to come back with a Series 4!

    My story ideas:
    - We need a resolution to the wedding cliffhanger.
    - Tommy returns and is saddened that Alex didn't go to him for help when their dad kicked him out of home. The brothers repair their relationship. Noah feels insecure when he learns of Rosa's thing for Tommy.
    - Taylor begins to become a nicer person ... until her mum comes for a visit and reveals exactly why she asked Mack to let Taylor stay with him in London. Nine months before Taylor was born, her mum had a drunken fling with her husband's brother, Mack. She doesn't know which of the Mackinnon brothers is Taylor's biological father. This revelation sends Taylor into a tailspin and sets up a true sibling rivalry with Marla.
    - An improvement in Frankie's circumstances: the girl has been through the mill. Absent father, crazy mother, dead brother, stalker friend, and poor (with no Jack to help out anymore?) I would like her to reach out to Jack and he helps her out in return. But no romantic story with them - that would be just weird. Cam/Frankie is the way to go!
    - A new male character who's slightly mysterious and very flirtatious with the girls. Alex is stunned when he's kissed by the new guy, who reveals it's not just girls he likes. It would be interesting to see Alex try to get this guy to commit to just him.
    - Luke and Catherine have nice chemistry, and I'd like to see them date.
    - Ruby finds out about Taylor kissing Ryan, blames him and kicks him out. She quickly comes to regret it and goes to find Ryan, but alas, a drunken Ryan is being seduced again by Taylor, more successfully this time.

  • Comment number 26.

    Justin, that is brilliant! You should comment on here more often...

  • Comment number 27.

    I totally agree we should kill off taylor, she bugs me, but i can't quite work out why. more stephen and more jack, and the whole story on frankie please! and alex, there should definitely be more alex, his sexuality and please give him some decent friends who he totally trusts, fin maybe? sorry, i've been a bit talkative.

  • Comment number 28.

    but there again, i agree with justin's ideas, you should become a novelist or something!

  • Comment number 29.

    and what is it with these school boys and sixth form girls ?? :) , Cam liked Marla, the Cam and Catherine got together, Noah and Rosa , oh and Alex loved Stephen who is not a girl but he is still in sixth form, they better not set up Luke with an older girl, bring in a girl his age :)

  • Comment number 30.

    Defo an Alex coming out storyline! Especially with the recent It Gets Better Campaign. I wouldn't mind if they made Stephen his boyfriend or introduced an openly gay (but not to stereotypical) character for him.
    Plus, Luke should defo get a girlfriend - one that is just like him: mischevious, daring, money maker. Kind of like a Batman/Catwoman relationship!
    And of course it would be great if Marla's child was actually Jay's, which prompts Jay and Fin's return!
    There's so much to tell you...But not here

  • Comment number 31.

    Oh, and there could be a Finnish exchange student. Played by me!!! 8D

    ...okay maybe not. *sigh*

  • Comment number 32.


  • Comment number 33.

    Pleasure - how come you didn't know?

  • Comment number 34.

    I want a return for the Loxley family! But not Toni! Oh yes! A brand new section of the family! So, I'm thinking Toni and Olive's Uncle and Aunt, and their son. We'll call him... Will. I like that name. And as opposed to Toni and Olive, these Loxley's are vastly wealthy, possibly even richer than Mack! The reason that they've never been mentioned is because Toni and Olive resent them for their lack of financial assistance when their parents died. But the new Loxley's wealth sets up the rivalry between the families again.
    Then Marla and Elliot get written out, because surely those two should have gone to university by now or something? I mean, Marla was 18 in series 2 and yet she's still in the same sixth form after the summer break. Someone failed her exams methinks... But yeah, they leave after the resolution to the wedding cliffhanger.
    Taylor and Mack are now the only Mackinnon's left to face the new wave of Loxley's, and what should happen - Taylor realises that she fancies Alex. But so does Will. And so the pair go head to head in all out tactical schoolyard warfare in order to win his heart. Each trying to out manipulate each other.
    I also want Greg to resurface as the love interest for Fin, who's back in town since she's got a job working for Amy (as a way to spy on Mack). Meanwhile, Catherine and Noah get closer (but she's playing hard to get), so Luke feels left out and starts to try to find a girlfriend for comic relief, until he finally finds one who is one of... THE NEW LOXLEY'S!! And those two are made for each other, but Uncle Loxley isn't impressed and tries to split them up.
    Cameron and Frankie get together officially, and Frankie finally makes her peace with Taylor, leading to those two becoming the school's new hot couple who are super popular, but it goes to Cameron's head and he acts different and she isn't impressed so she dumps him eventually, but they get back together.
    Ryan and Ruby's relationship is going from strength to strength until Aunt Loxley decides that the cafe is right fully hers and does some digging to find out about Taylor, then decides to tear the pair of them apart to claim the cafe. Eventually her plot will be foiled though.
    Finally, I want Jack back, but I want him fixed fully. He apologises to Frankie's mum and decides to make ammends by helping care for her so Frankie isn't tied down. He'll never forgive himself, but he'll get some absolution.
    The series ends with Uncle Loxley finding out about Will's sexuality and getting in a furious drunken rage and chasing down his son and beating him to the ground, where Alex finds him in a 'will he die/will he survive?' cliffhanger ending ready for series 5 to begin...

    As you can see, I've been planning this for a while... one more request: can I play Will Loxley?! Pretty please :P

  • Comment number 35.

    Too many ideas with little time to post.

    I might post them in a few days

  • Comment number 36.

    Theycallmejack - that's amazing! I think after what I believe is the longest post anyone has ever written on here, you deserve to join the writing team as well!

    I also think if Fin comes back, she'd be a good ally for Alex. I don't think she'd fancy him necessarily - they could just have a brother/sister thing like she had with Jay

  • Comment number 37.

    George - Oh god yes! That'd be AMAZING!! It'd be like my dream job! Isla and Vicki - pretty please with a cherry on top?
    I think they should do that for The Cut! They have teen writers for Skins, why not The Cut as well?! It'd certainly add to authenticity :)

  • Comment number 38.

    firstly, i think that surely the cut has to return for series 4, i think this website just shows that there is an overwhelming support for the show, and i think the actors should be comended for their portrayals :)

    right onto the characters:
    i think frankie and cameron are cute together, but that there should be less of a focus on them, as in series 3 they appeared quite frequently.
    i would love the marla and elliot relationship to develop, because their connection is lovely and still needs to progress, especially with a baby on the way, amy should be left out as she doesn't really add much to the show imo.
    i really would love a toni and mack relationship, and although the feuding families was good, they should 'join forces' with each other. ryan and ruby are adorable too, and i think the introduction of some forgotten relative would be great, and the whole taylor ryan kiss forgotten.
    alex definetly needs more of a focus and his sexaulity is something that should be involved in the show more :) - perhaps another gorgeous boy as his love interest? ;)
    catherine and rosa also deserve more screen time, and i think they'd be great friends and amazing characters to explore more.
    two issues i think that haven't been addressed a lot are stds and drugs. school is always pressing on these subjects and this would be a great thing to include. weed was touched on with tommy, but that didn't seem to promote it as a problem for him, which i guess it isn't in moderation, but still..something to consider?
    noah and luke add the comedy, but i think we should begin to involve their backgrounds more :)
    finally, stephen is a great character, and i think he could have another breakdown and return from university with some sort of secrecy? sort of melodramatic but he's such a versatile character something else needs to be done with him!

    wow i wrote a lot, guess i had a lot to say, and i hope my comments were at least a tiny bit helpful :)

  • Comment number 39.

    Okay, well, I only started watching like, in December and I was instantly I hooked.
    I think for definite Rosa needs to come back I liked her character. Obviously Marla's baby is kind of a big thing and there would have to be focus on that :)
    and Stephen and Alex ;)
    Frankie, judging by the end of season 3, obviously needs more focus and we never really found out what happened with the letter of eviction?
    Oh, and a new character would be cool :)

  • Comment number 40.

    I LOVE the idea of more Loxleys, and Justin's amazing idea for Taylor's parentage.
    I'm not entirely sure how, but I think Marla and Elliot do get married, but they're about to zoom off for an exotic honeymoon, when Elliot gets sponsorship and he ends up touring the world, doing meets or whatever, and competes in the Olympics. Meanwhile Marla doesn't want to live with Mack, even though they've made up, plus she can't stick Taylor, so they move into a small, but cosy flat and Elliot's home when she has the baby. But soon after he leaves she starts to develop Post Natal depression, and it takes over her life, alienating her friends and slightly neglecting the baby. (Whose name we should definately vote for!!!) Tommy comes back from exile in Northern Ireland, because he's finished with school and gets a local job, working for Mack in a corporatey one, not like Jack's handyman post. He's sent to see how Marla is, by Mack initially, and she puts on a pretty good front, not wanting him to realise. But her facade cracks and she has an emotional outburst. He begins to help her get better, and through this we hear their story, maybe even with flashbacks!! But no new romance with them, Marla just needs a stable friendship.
    While Tommy's over, him and Alex sort out their differences, and after trying and failing to persuade their Dad to take Alex back in, they get a flat together, and have brotherly tiffs but nothing too huge. Now Alex certainly needs to be hauled out of the closet, and this mysterious guy Justin mentioned does just the job. But not before he's charmed every girl in town, single or otherwise. He also puts the charm-offensive on Luke's mum, who takes him in as a lodger. And anyway, they could do with the extra cash. Rebecca Atwood is a successful executive manager, and they live in a biggish house. But money's tight, so she puts on a rich exterior for the outside world. Having inherited the house from her late husband's great aunt Lucinda this is possible, but explains why Luke is always looking for more cash, and besides Rebecca doesn't believe in spoiling her children. Luke's younger sister, Lucy (named after the generous old woman) only appreciates the finer, and therefore more expensive, things in life. She's forever nicking money from her mum's purse, and immmediately idolises Taylor when she starts at Deaconsfield, having transferred in her 3rd year. She takes to swanning about like Taylor and becomes manipulative and selfish too. On realising what effect she's having on the younger girls, Taylor is at first delighted, but begins to realise how she must really act. On discovering the chance that Mack could be her father, she starts to develop from the materialistic snob, into a friendlier, more humble person. But old Taylor occasionally rears her blonde bombshell head, so she's not quite the saint she makes herself out to be.
    Noah and Luke's hilarious bromance continues to bring us the very much required comic relief, and though Luke has yet to find himself a girl, he's forever teasing Noah about his relationship with Rosa. They're still going strong, despite the odd difference of opinion. And although they are at total opposite ends of the spectrum, they work. The same can't really be said for Cam and Frankie. They are still together, but their realtionship is still quite rocky. Cam doesn't know about Frankie's mental health issues, but he knows there's something up, and everytime he asks, she just pushes him further away. Frankie's schizophrenia escalates and "Olive" starts to have Frankie thinking some scary things. Suddenly everything and one is against her, even though it's nowhere near what it has been in the past. After a crazy and scarily close suicide attempt she is finally diagnosed, and begins to be treated. Cam stays with her, worried leaving would push her off the edge again but he begins to feel trapped and very unhappy. That's all for now sorry for clogging up the page, not that anyone'll read this now since it's old. :)

  • Comment number 41.

    I read it! And I like it...


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