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Week 34 Music List

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:02 UK time, Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dan Black - 'U + Me ='
Laura Marling - 'Blackberry Stone'
Blue Merle - 'If I Could'
Badly Drawn Boy - 'The Way Things Used To Be'
Diana Vickers - 'Me & You'
Katy Perry - 'If You Can Afford Me'
Daedelus - 'Fair Weather Friends (Instr)'
The Dead 60s - 'Riot Radio'
Grasscut - 'The Tin Man'
Speech Debelle - 'Spinnin''
Diana Vickers - 'Chasing You'
The Cardigans - '03.45 : No Sleep'
Gravenhurst - 'Hourglass (instr.)'
Eels - 'Eyes Down'
Mumford and Sons- 'Roll Away Your Stone'
Bat For Lashes - 'Trophy'

This week's featured artist - in that two of her songs appear in The Cut this week - is Diana Vickers, who is rather special for a lot of reasons. First of all there's that unmistakeable voice - part crying pixie, part sandpaper-on-glass - then there's the fact that she has managed to turn NOT winning the X Factor into a really helpful step on her way to releasing her own music to a wider audience.

But most unusual of all is the fact that she regularly, as part of her live experience, gets out a trumpet and starts puffing away. Really well too! And let's be honest, when was the last time you saw anything like that?

Do the Saturdays take a 32-bar oboe solo in their songs? They do not. Does Katy Perry whack a bassoon all over 'California Gurls'? Nope. And it's not just the girls. If you look at, well, 100% of current pop performers, the one thing you can say for sure is that none of them play instruments that you have to blow into, as part of their act. Not so much as a kazoo!

So, hats off to Diana for blowing her own trumpet. Let's hope this is the start of a new trend, and that this time next year, we'll see Cher Lloyd tootling away on a piccolo, while playing a bass drum with her foot.

Here's the Spotify playlist. It's kinda trippy this week. Perfect for thoughtful moments.



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