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The best kind of quiz

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Isla Isla | 14:00 UK time, Saturday, 13 November 2010

It's Saturday and we all know that means just one thing… this week's ep 'Shave My Head and Call Me Britney' is on iplayer now!

It's been a busy week in Cut-land, the cast and crew have started filming the last two episodes of this series! We can't believe how quickly this series is going, but don't worry there's lots more episodes to go until the finale. (But we do know the finale is going to be fantastic).

We've also been busy making another quiz for you, and so if you think you're a bit of a Cut expert then test your knowledge on The Cut's Relationships Quiz right here. You've just got to promise us you'll let us know your scores in the comments below. We like to know how Cut-smart you are.

Keep your fan pics, look-a-likes and comments coming in, and if anyone would like to try making a Cut quiz of their own, send in 10 questions (with 4 options for answers each) and you might well see yours up on the website.

Have a great weekend.

Isla x



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