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65. Last night I dreamt...

Vicki Vicki | 17:10 UK time, Friday, 13 August 2010

It's the finale of series 2 but will life in The Cut ever be the same again?

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    Hey guys - two of The Cut cast members will be joining The 5:19 lot in the studio in a few minutes, but which two?!! Ooooh. Tune in at 5:19pm on bbc.co.uk/switch

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    OMG!!!!!!!!! WHY OLIVE WHY WHY WHY!!!!!
    NOOOO!!!! WHAT IS WRONG THE WRITERS!!! OLIVE WAS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER!!! should have been Alex if it was going to be anyone, not Olive!!!!

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    NOOO not olive, no no no :/ she didnt deserve to die, no way did she! glad alex is safe now thou and that marla is with elliot again

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    Bloomin' hell!! I'm glad Alex is safe but my goodness!!! That was so so upsetting! Please tell us she landed on an awning and rolled off that and somehow survived or something!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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    nooooooo! how can they do this :( :@ i'm literally crying. i knew it would be olive as soon as she got on the ledge. I hope they get her to a hospital and shes okay.

    why couldnt she have just left? she doesnt have to die, she could just move somewhere else.

    please say she'll be okay :(:(:(:(:(

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    Awesome series, full stop. I am so pleased how the Marla, Amy, Jay, Mack, Toni story ended! Oh my gosh... Olive. I'm not going to go into depth about it all, just; great series finale!

    Y'know those pics of ourself with the cast, are they ever going to be used?

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    i cant believe olive fell :( ! i hope she doesnt die !! where did alex go? thought it was dead nice tha olive got up ther with alex.. i was on the verge of tears at the end there.. and it just shows that stephen realy loves olive when all the flashbacks where shown. best episode of the cut ever!

    i really wanted frankie to tell cameron she likes him :/ hopefully she does next series! and i was so glad that amy&jay where found out and marla got back with elliot - yay !!

    erm, even though olive isn't a character i like, i really liked her in this episode, so i hope she doesnt die, because then alex would blame himself and toni aswell.

    love the cut - cant wait for series three !!!!!

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    that cannot have just happened... she can't be dead, surely... oh my god...

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    @FloodOfGreen on the 5:19 show they said she's left the program, i.e. dead.

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    OMG i didnt like Olive that much but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

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    Wow, i did not see that one coming. I'm really glad Alex didn't die but i never expected Olive to die. Why didn't Stephen grab Olive instead of Alex? But The Cut is just incredible. I can't wait for series 3!

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    its gonna be so strange if olive is dead, and mack was so cute about letting olive and toni stay. the biys like pushed her off though when olive and alex were getting down, if they hadn't of rushed over she wouldnt of fallen.

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    Mmfgh! I literally have no words right now. Incoherent spluttering noises yes, words, no. The Cut is really laying into some serious topics this series - wow... oh god Olive had just sorted herself out ='(( Glad Amy got shown up for who she is though.

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    OMG!!!!!!!!! I Cant believe what just happened?!?!?!
    Why Olive? WHY??????? she cant be dead!!

    I cant get over it. i thought olive would talk to Alex alone and admiTS she liked hom but WOOOW....great ending to the series....5 stars!

    tommy should have grabbed alex and stephen should have grabbed olive
    why dint h? :-( :-( :-( :-(

    she has to be okay?

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    so happy amy's plan didnt work
    Marls and elliot r together

    What will Toni say about it?????

    she's got no family left?
    or has she?

    Can't wait for series 3!!!!!!

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    The heap on the floor at the end shows you olive is dead, and was confirmed in the 5:19 show just now. She will not be in series 3.

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    OMG :( I'm really depressed now. but i'm happy about marla and alex. when does the next series start??? x

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    When does series 3 start????

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    I watched the 5:19 show, and Olive is dead :( I'm so upset. Her, Alex and Stephen are my favourite characters. Poor Stephen loved her so much
    :( I don't like alex so much now, because if he hadn't overreacted then none of this would have happened.
    and poor Toni has no one now. and Frankie has no best friend :( Why didn't stephen and Tommy save her? :(

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    I think the new series comes out on September 27th but i could be wrong

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    :O Noooo! Olive can't die! she needs to be alive to be friends with Alex and Frankie! :( Stephen is gonna hate Alex even more now isn't he and Alex'll hate himself even more as well. Awww

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    can anybody tell me the name of the song when olive falls and the flashbackss are shown to it sounded soo beautiful and emotional & what a beautiful endingg poor olivee
    cant wait to see the aftermath

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    OMG!!! i watched it for the third time and what an ep! it wont sink in
    im so depressed now, unbelievable
    i was almost in tears...poor Toni n stephen

    frankie and camerren! wot about them?

    im guessing that series three will kick off with alex and stephen for some reason
    alex coz it was all his fault and stephen coz he liked her


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    @Ashi it sounded a bit like sigur ros, but I'm not sure.

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    How can you watch the 5:19 show?

  • Comment number 28.

    Nooooooo way im actually in tears when olive fell!!!!!!
    There's absoloute no way olive can die, she's a main character and without her the cut will and will never be the same again!
    why olive she's one of my favorite characters in the cut now i feel so sorry for stephen it was the saddest ending ever.. its all alex's fault!
    and now it's going to be so depressing to wait for series 3 to find out if olive is dead or not hopefully they save her in time.
    Good for mack for throwing jay and amy out and poor toni :[

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    WHAT!!!!!!! When is season 3?!?!?!?!?!? Nooooooo she can't die, please!!


  • Comment number 30.

    For anyone who missed Billie (Olive) and Connor (Alex) on the 5.19 Show you can watch here https://www.bbc.co.uk/switch/videos/3049f5a.shtml

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    Why is it called last night I dreamt?...

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    I just watched the 5:19 show and olive is dead! :"[
    i dont know why the cut her of the the cut because when the main characters go the cut won't be the same again... i dont know if i'll stiill watch it!!! :|

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    Thank you, Isla.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :O Olive can't be dead she just can't :( :( :( She was my favourite character!!! Grr. I could see it coming but still...big audible reaction when it did! NOOO :'O

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    Series 3 is gonna be huge coz Stephen is just gonna want to kill Alex but he's gonna feel bad for him coz he put him on the roof in the first place and he's gonna question why he saved Alex and not Olive and Alex is still gonna like Stephen but he's gonna hate himself coz he is gonna blame himself for Olive's death so both of them are now really messed up! Got all that?! The Cut never gets boring! Love it, and wow who would have thought Alex would become such a crucial character!

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    I was actually crying when Olive fell, it is so sad. You can tell Stephen loved her even if he didn't show it very well. I can't believe she is dead, to be honest if i was writing The Cut I wouldn't have had Olive die, but i'm not so we will have to see what it is like without her. On the bright side there is room for new characters, Mack kicked Amy out and Marla is with Elliot. Not sure what Series 3 will be like, please tell us who the new characters are going to be or give a hint of the actor.

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    Wow....just in shock at the moment, trying to register what just happened. I don't want anyone to be gone, hope Olive survives somehow

  • Comment number 38.

    when does the next series start gosh!!! ;) xxxx ly x

  • Comment number 39.

    On Olive's character profile page, it reads, "One day she’ll bloom, but for now, she’s quite happy to be a hidden gem."
    So she doesn't get to fulfill her destiny?

  • Comment number 40.

    What a fab ending to the series! Nailbiter or what! Love Marla and Elliot - such a cute couple... and the Stephen/Alex twist was brilliant!
    two Q's Though...
    1) i LOVE marla's moustache t shirt... anyone know where it is from?
    2) will the cut be coming out on DVD/download at any point? xx

  • Comment number 41.

    Jónsi - Grow Till Tall This is the song used at the end when Olive falls to her death. Its so beautiful

  • Comment number 42.

    It's raining outside whilst I was watching this. I also have to add that I agree with the others, that Olive is really central to the Cut. She is the one I consistently root for. The character had so much going for her, I want to continue to see her impact on the lives of those around her, especially ALex's, and develop herself and her talents. If she is dead, then that is a disgraceful waste.
    Please come back Billie! You're wonderful! xxx

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    I think the ending was so sad and the worst, i dont think they shouldn't of made olive die instead the writers should of saved her and then maybe alex and stephen and tommy could been closer from the experience and the storyline would of been much better.. i think its really unfair
    how they cut billie out who plays olive and not the other characters who didn't really play a big part. I still cant believe she's dead i wished olive survived and didn't die i think the writers made a huge mistake on it.

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    thankyouu rebeccaking for telling me the song and yess i agree it is beautiful poor olive she will be missed and series 2 starts 27th september (well thats what wikipedia says):) x x xxx

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olive can`t be dead can she?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 46.

    Thats fine meganmcqueen and yes thats what wikipedia says. I can't wait!!

  • Comment number 47.

    teamtommyolive same here.. I think they should bring billie back and instead pretend she survived cause its nott to late...
    anyone else agree???

  • Comment number 48.

    Everyone is saying they should bring back Olive. Although i did love her i think her time was up on the cut. She had practically done everything she could of done on the cut and there was no point in making her character pointless. She was an amazing character and she will be missed but she went out with a bang...well more like an explosion and i think because she died a lot more can happen on the cut now as before it was all olive this and olive that. More characters can now come out and shine

  • Comment number 49.

    I agree Torie.

  • Comment number 50.

    Thank you alex, at least someone agree's with me on this :*]

  • Comment number 51.

    Yeah I do. She is way too important a character for her to just ...... die.

  • Comment number 52.

    OMG she can't be dead but from a fall that high she has to be. Poor Alex he is gonna totally blame himself but he is not to blame if Stephen hadn't said what he said to Alex she wouldn't be dead. I'm in tears now Toni has no-one left oh god this is gonna effect Everyone in the cut.

  • Comment number 53.

    That really made me cry! So much. I can't believe Olive is dead! Poor Stephen! I feel so sorry for him. I kinda hope him, Alex and Tommy become friends now.
    I'm so dissapointed in the whole Marla/Jay/Elliot thing. I just think the writers decided they liked Marla and Elliot together and just bought Jay back to make people dislike him. I watched this series waiting for Jay to come back and it's been pointless. He was brought back to make people like Elliot and Marla even more and for the truth to come out about Amy. Jays my favourite character and I love him and Marla together. I really hope he's in the next series and actually gets a good storyline and hopefully makes things up to Marla. Elliot is so boring!
    I also hope Cam and Frankie get together! and I love Goerge so I really want him to stick around!

  • Comment number 54.

    I think a great storyline for Series 3 would be if Toni had a male cousin who was about the same age as Olive, who turned up for the funeral and stayed with Toni, as a sort of replacement for Olive, and then he would sort of help the other characters to get over the loss of Olive... Oh, and the reason that she'd said that she has no family was because this cousin's family had always been dead harsh to the Toni/Olive side of the family...
    And the cousin would help Alex deal with stuff and end up going out with him. That'd be epic. And I should play the cousin!! Yeah, I am just desperately trying to create a storyline so that I could play Alex's boyfriend... haha xD

  • Comment number 55.

    has anyone else notcied how she told steven previously the he was her first love but not her lastt when he actully was i dont know how he will cope maybe he does fancy alex that would be a good storyline kinda ahaha il miss olive thoughh:(

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    olive was my fave charater plz sai she isnt ach dead, shes great and arrrghs tht ended reali did make me cry =[ cnt beleieve tht now i have to wait for series 3 ¬¬

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    and in reply to lucy, marlas t-shirt is from topshop, cause my friend has it:)

  • Comment number 58.

    Im so upset, thank god alex is ok, and stephen shud take care of him :)

  • Comment number 59.

    OmG she should have choose Tommy they make such a better couple stephen you idiot omg i want tommy to do a blog

  • Comment number 60.

    Isn't the cut supposed to be for young people and to help us? Cos no offence but olive was the one I related to, I don't connect to any of the other characters so unless they bring in someone just like her.. :'(

  • Comment number 61.

    Another sad thing is how Olive said to stephen 'You are my first love, but your not my last.' when actually, he was her first and last :(

  • Comment number 62.

    NOOOOOOOO!! OhMyGod!! I cried for the whole of the episode! Why olive??? It£S great that Alex is ok, but why olive???? noooo! I'm still half crying now. :'(

  • Comment number 63.

    @ FloodOfGreen : Omg, i never noticed that, but your so right. that makes it even worse..:S :(

  • Comment number 64.

    Oh wow, that was so depressing!
    I admit I thought the Cut was a bit too Olive-centric for a while but I didn't want her to die!! Maybe get sent away like Tommy or something.
    Not sure how to feel about that ending.

    However I liked how the whole McKinnons thing played out although I thought some things were a bit rushed..?

    I'm not sure. I'm just not sure.

    Oh well, still will be waiting for 27/9/2010

  • Comment number 65.

    OMG OMG still in shock :( OLIVE ? want to belive she survives but i dont think she will :( explosive ending i'll defo be watching series 3 :D x

  • Comment number 66.

    When writers get desperate to push up ratings they kill off a member of the cast. The trouble is that when they have done that once anything less is an anticlimax so they keep on doing it until what was a series about every day life starts to look like it's set in a war zone.

    And Jay story line was pretty dumb too. I was waiting for some plausible explanation for Jay's behavior but no - the tough honest Jay we first met has been transformed into a two faced wuss who allows himself to be bullied into doing something he knows is wrong. Such a transformation is simply not believable.

    Finally The Cut is supposed to be set in Britain. Even if Jay and Toni do not have a written agreement, just by the fact that Toni has been paying rent she has a shorthold tenancy. Hence Amy must give 2 months notice to evict them. Haven't the writers heard of Google? This place where a landlord can evict someone from their home with 24 hour notice is not in Britain.

    I was looking forward to series 3 - no longer.

  • Comment number 67.

    noooooooo, poor ol. also my favourite character. but i dont really understand how she slipped off the ledge?x

  • Comment number 68.

    Rach I agree with you, I felt something with Olive myself and it feels-I know this sounds silly-but as if I have lost a dear sister /or/ Freind!!!!! Pinkiecharm I also agree with you saying it isn`t too late to bring Olive back, she HAS to come back. It just wont be the same without her!!!! I thought the music they had on when she fell was so sad, I basically cried for two hours after that! I have to say Tommy didn`t seem to bothered at all, it was Stephen who was bothered. I don`t know if any of you guys noticed something beautiful in the part when Stephen was thinking about Olive once she had fallen. It was from around the time when him and Olive were going to run away to Paris. She had told him she loved him, and he had replied that just because he hadn`t said it didn`t mean he didn`t think it. She smiled at him, then I actually thought what a beautiful smile she atcually has-awww-I already miss her-uh-oh, I am crying again!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what Toni, Frankie, Cameron, Catherine, etc will think of Olive dieing. I am not being funny but apart from Cameron-who is entranced with Catherine-Frankie dosen`t really have anyone now at all! No new character will ever take the part of Olive in The Cut-NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 69.

    Vicki or Isla is Olive really dead?!

  • Comment number 70.

    I wish al smith the writer of the cut> could read this and bring olive back because it can never be the same without her in the cut and no one can ever replace her..
    rach - same i could relate to her but not really the other characters i think many people could.
    Sooooo Saddddddd i wish it was a dream and this never happened! :|

  • Comment number 71.

    This is so sad i cried and i NEVER cry it's just so hard to get your head round. @Ella its called "Last night I dreamt" because they are the first words of the song Frankie's singing. I think Olive's time on the show was up and it's a good way to go (for Billie not Olive) and everyone's sayign she could come back but I think the damage is done and anyway maybe Billie wanted to leave, she didn't seem to upset on the 5:19 show. Was it Tommy or Stephen that grabbed Alex and jolted Olive? You can tell Stephen really loved her from the flashbacks awwk it's too bitter sweet. :'(

    Can actually not wait for 27th september and new characters!! Oh and I was so pleased with the Marla,Elliot,Jay,Amy,Mack,Toni thing and Mack's gonna realy have to help Toni through this and I hope we get to see Ol's funeral. xx :]

  • Comment number 72.

    Having had time to simmer over this..I can't help but to feel disappointed.

    @Daivid: I agree that the Jay character is a bit spoiled for me now. And I was a huge fan. That just wasn't Jay. Like I said that was a bit rushed. Amy was kind of sitting there like a pretty little useless doll until around Marla's party and then all of a sudden she's ruling everything.

    I don't like how 'easy' it was for Marla to leap back into Elliot's arms, for Amy to have the café, for Amy to get chucked out, for Toni to move in, for Jay to side with Amy and to leave like that again (bet they're not coming back!), for Rosa to get rubbed out of the show with no explanation... for Olive to die.
    I feel like some of the characters have been spoiled and now because Olive's dead they're all going to change. The little things I like about them are probably gone and ruined forever.
    And I hope Series 3 won't be weighed down with to many new characters, one or two yeah but hopefully it won't be crazy.

    Olive could have just run away or something like she would have done in series 1. It's not the fact that she won't be in The Cut again, it's how she went.

    Sorry if anyone disagrees but that's my opinion
    I know writing The Cut must take a lot of hard work and that work has impressed me as I've been watching but as for the way Series 2 wrapped up..
    I'm still feeling let down.

    But I don't know, I'm hoping for some redemption in Series 3.
    I'll be watching.

  • Comment number 73.

    @black_vine i agree, if olive had just left it would have been easier, because at least she would still be alive we just wouldn't see her anymore. The fact that she died is horrible.

    I also agree with whoever said that they related to olive the most. I miss her already.

    It's strange that people get so tied to a fictional character isn't it?

    An Olive is sort of the centre of everything. Almost everyone relates to her in some way, shes stephen and tommys ex girlfriend, alex and cams close friend, toni's sister, frankie's best friend.

    Maybe the Cut will surprise us by letting Olive survive. I think it would actually make my year :L

  • Comment number 74.

    @Flood - thanks for the agreement. I was thinking for a while maybe if she'd just been in a coma or on life support or something..and then die? But now she's definitely dead that way I think it would be the mark of a crappy soap if she miraculously came back to life now, no offence - and The Cut definitely isn't a crappy soap.

    I was even thinking of the possibility of Stephen dying and Olive leaving..? IF a death had to be included for an impactful finale then maybe that..?

    Olive's death was extremely morbid.
    I don't knows maybe I need to sleep on it.

  • Comment number 75.

    Thanks to everyone who agreed with me about relating to olive :) I'm worried now cos shows never work when they kill off the main character (that's basically what she was everything revolved around her).
    Could you tell me where olive gets her clothes? I adore them and won't be seeing them anymore is there a specific place or..? Also if rosa comes back and gets with stephen or tommy i will scream.

  • Comment number 76.

    Series 3 is due to air September 27th 2010 according to BBC Switch. I'm so exited! I can't believe Olive is dead I loved her. Poor Stephen, Tommy and Toni, not to mention Cameron and Frankie. They all loved her soo much. She is definately dead though they mentioned it in the 5:19 show. But we love her dead or alive right? I'm so exited to see what happens. I wonder I Alex, Stephen or Tommy blame themselves for what happened to Olive? We'll just have to wait and see . . .

  • Comment number 77.

    olive can't die!!!
    she's got to be still kinda alive or something
    if she is dead every1 will feel all guilty
    can't wait till the next season!

  • Comment number 78.

    I spent the whole night nearly thinking about The Cut and how Jay from series 1 can come back. Does anyone know if he's in the next series? I'll be so gutted if he's not. I think the whole Jay/Amy thing was really rushed. I don't believe Jay would have just sold the caf for Marla. The old Jay would have come back and won Marla fairly. He should have known she still loved him. And Jay was good friends with Olive and Toni. Also why did it take so long for Jay to come back? And after all the build up of the attacks the truth came out because Jay blurted it out as an excuse for selling the caf. And it was obvious Marla still loved Jay yet she went back to Elliot so easily. Marla and Jays realationship was so much deeper than Elliot and Marla's. I really wish the writers would do a blog and explain the story or answer some questions.
    I've also decided I'm still gonna watch the next series of the cut because i'm really looking forward to see how Alex, Tommy, and Stephen deal with Olives death seen as they are all probably gonna blame themselves. I'm also hoping Olive's death brings Cam and Frankie together. And I'm hoping Rosa will come back seen as her and Olive were good friends before the whole Tommy thing. Anyway I'll stop ranting now. Lol. I'm looking forward to the next series!

  • Comment number 79.

    i cant actually believe ittt !!!
    why olive????
    im happy alex is safe but oh my gosh they killed the main person in the cut....
    they could have killed marlas mum off :'(

    it was a great season fanale although im gonna miss olive like mad

  • Comment number 80.

    @ xoxhkxox
    i sooo agree with yu bout the whole tommy, alex and stephen thing ;D
    cant wait to see what happens with toni and mack :D

    its gonna be great :D

  • Comment number 81.

    I thought that was a brilliant series finale, totally unexpected. I do hope Olive lives, but is this the wrong time to hope that maybe Stephen went to save Alex because he likes him back? Probably just wishful thinking but i think Stephen and Alex would be great together :P

  • Comment number 82.

    She cant die shes my favorite :'(
    i hope she's just critically ill in hospital cus never wana watch the cut again if shes dead :(

  • Comment number 83.

    NOOO OLIVE :( she must be still live she cant die she is the best :(

  • Comment number 84.

    Omg are all the other characters going to kill themselves now

    Alex has no-one as olive said She was her for him
    Steven loves her

  • Comment number 85.

    OMG I still can't believe that they killed off Olive. I cant wait till the next season to see how stephen, tommy and alex deal with Olive's death

  • Comment number 86.

    NoSaneManWillDance8 : i agree, stephen and alex should be together, hopefully they help each other deal with olives death :(, sad times. Tommy wont be happy, which shud create even more drama. Im sure alotta blame will happen due to her death, and next series will prbly start with her funeral mayb. I feel really sorry for toni who now practically has nothing, but mayb she'll get pregnant or sumin, that shud keep her busy haha :) (mac's baby btw)

  • Comment number 87.

    Omg,That was SO unexpected. I'm so glad alex is okay but was that really necessary with olive? Seriously, She gets cheated on by her only two serious boyfriends, finds out her sister had an affair with her ex's dad and then finds out about alex's suicide plans and for what? She falls off a building. I so hope she's okay though. If she dies though I hope tommy goes back to northern ireland and i really hope that stephen wants a bit more from alex. They could help eachother deal with it. But honestly, Alex is way out of his league.

  • Comment number 88.

    wow, i cried for about 30 mins after i watched it!!! olive was pretty much the only reason why i watched the cut.. i really expected steven to be the one who ended up off the edge, or like him do it at the end after olive.. but as soon as she stepped nearere the edge i knew it - was awful!!!!
    so.. im confused with how both tommy and steven went to pick up alex - because he had the plan and was crying and shaking?? yeah but OLIVE!!!
    gosh, i dont know how it is all guna pan out with everyone.. frankie cos if olive sang she wouldnt have done it.. toni because she was her carer/sister.. steven cos its his fault.. tommy because alex is his brother? alex cos he had the idea..

    i was expecting steven to go.. failing that then both olive and alex when they held hands to just go.. but still
    heartbroken! well sorta!
    lets just hope there are some good storylines and not more than 2 new people otherwise it will drive me mad. i wasnt keen on frankie and others when they came and still not keen but mainly just her.. feel bit mean about that but hey!

    what i reckon, kinda

    opening scenes will be where it left.. steven looking like a troll in disbelief.. tommy looking like he could do with an acting class (i didnt think he did well this epi! sorry!)
    then toni getting a call.. view down is the ambulance and then people coming out of where they were in shock and crying.. marlah going to find steven... steven blanking everyone and will stop talking... i think he should develop an eating disorder from it or go recluse or kill himself..
    alex i think will go off the rails and dabble in drugs or something but actually after wtahing the 5... show i really like him!!!
    marlah and elliot seemed very quick and easy at getting back together but they are cute.. i would love for marlah do get a new hairstyle now and then.. it is starting to bug! then she could go back to her 'old ways' as they keep going.. shel try to help steven but they will all be in grief becs toni will be living there too
    toni i think will either turn to drink - i hope not! - i reckon/hope she or marlah OR katherine HAHa gets pregnant..
    frankie should say her feelings but i dont like her so dont mind either way!
    toni to have macs baby but there will be some problems no doubt and if its downs or she has a threat miscarraige i could see him going to find someone else...

    ahh we wil see.. hey what happened with amy and jay!? how rushed was that.. i didnt like it much but hoped it would drag enough to be realistic..
    so will toni now live in the cafe and where olive was? i reckon that would cause so much problems with toni and stephen grieving stuff.

    hmmmmmmm a month and a week to go!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i have to admit unless someting DECENT happens i will not watch it.. i loved olive in it :(

  • Comment number 89.

    keep re-watching it think she fell when she tried to hold alexs hand and he moved round to much.. im suprised there was no scream and alex didnt look over - tommy did but stopped..
    shows stevens side which i really liked actually but not sure... maybe it will affect his work and he will drop out or soemthing
    oh how sad.

    bring back olive pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? coma or anything.. least we would watch the bits where the boys and toni say goodbye and talk to her when she is motionless with wires.. :(

    poor marlah actually i want to see her get a good deep storyline rather than a kiss from a sporty boy and her being posh and spoilt.. i think there is a really delicate side to her i think it should be explored more

  • Comment number 90.


    I kinda knew what was coming when she told Stephen and Tommy what she thought of them. Dead is a bit extreme! Poor Olive! She was trying to save Alex, wish Stephen would have saved Olive. She didnt deserve that. She is all that Toni had! Ah its unfair. Especially how she told Stephen how he was her first love but wouldn't be her last. Kinda hope (even though I know it wont happen) that Olive will come back! :( Want Stephen and Olive together! They were perfect.

    I'm really glad Jay and Amy were found out, especially as Toni has Mack to console her. :(

  • Comment number 91.

    Had tears in my eyes... What a twist. This last week has had some of the best eps ever.
    Also, saw the guy who plays stephen in real life walking around in london! Very exciting.
    Can't wait for next series. I suppose, in a way, stephen is kind of to blame for her death, since he was the one who provoked alex to kill himself in the first place... Ohh, i don't know. Series three where are you already?! The tension!

  • Comment number 92.

    I cryed so much, I couldn't believe it, I really didn't want her to die, but such a great storyline, I wonder what will happen in series 3. Also I got my friend to watch this clip and she cryed even though she doesn't watch the cut(I am trying to convince her though) It was sooo sad, no offence to Alex but I think they should of tryed harder to save Olive than him, cause he can be quite mean, even if he doesn't mean to be. RIP Olive :(

  • Comment number 93.

    OH MY GOD what if Stephen ends up with alex that would be so freaky, if he did, if I was Olive i would haunt them both, that is if ghosts exist ;)

  • Comment number 94.

    i keep crying i should get a hold of myself

  • Comment number 95.

    If Stephen ends up with alex that would be great! I think Olive will understand them.Alex is the only reason why I watched the show!

  • Comment number 96.

    I just read through all your comments, @Flood, thats awful 'You are my first love, but you're not my last.'

    I never really could relate to Olive :l so it didn't effect me too much. I feel very sorry for Alex though because now it looks like he only has his half caring brother unless Stephen changes (which is about as likely as him sticking to one girlfriend D: )

    Can't wait for September 27th, I hope the cafe stays open.

  • Comment number 97.

    It makes it more interseting if they kill of a main charater, and by the way Olive was not the only main character, but i hope they don't make another character to replace to like become bffs with Frankie and Cam and date Stepen that would be mean

  • Comment number 98.

    Stephen was soo sad, and when she fell she screamed ALEX wonder what stephen thought of that ( I think Olive actually loved Alex, like as a friend, maybe more???

  • Comment number 99.

    Olive didn't fancy Alex, otherwise she would have said so when she thought he fancied her.

    Woo, one more comment and it's The Cut blog's first hundred-comment post!

  • Comment number 100.

    Sorry what were you saying George? LOL


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