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Doing your A Levels or GCSEs and worried about The Cut auditions?

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Vicki Vicki | 15:39 UK time, Monday, 8 February 2010

Hi y'all!

With The Cut auditions well underway, a lot of you have been asking A-Level-and-GCSE-related-questions, so in response I have decided to pull out all the stops and (WAIT FOR IT)... post a Monday, mid-afternoon blog! I know. Cause for celebration, right??

I'm now being side-tracked by the thought of balloons, cake and dancing but before I get stuck into that 'Happy Monday Blog' Gateaux (what do you mean you don't have one in your fridge?), I'll clear a few things up that we've been asked about on the blog:

Please note: most of the following need only be taken into consideration if you make it through to the later stages of the audition process (i.e. the recalls), so I wouldn't worry TOO much about the following for now, but do bear it all in mind.

1. If you are taking your A levels, you may still apply for the filming job in London. However, as stated, the job is full time. We wouldn't recommend you to be taking any exams at the same time, and if you did want to, it's huge decision which should not be taken lightly and we advise you to talk it through with your family. If you do make it through to the later stages, then we'll require permission from both your family and the school that they are happy for you to film and sit your A Levels at the same time.

*Interesting Fact of The Day* Matt Kane, who plays Stephen Mackinnon, was just completing his A Levels when filming for The Cut, Season One started! He said it was really difficult, but do-able if you're dedicated. Apparently he had to study on set in between takes.

2. If you are doing your GCSEs, things get a bit trickier - we wouldn't advise you auditioning because, unlike A Levels, these exams are mandatory. It's highly unlikely you'd be able to act in The Cut and sit the exams.

3. In terms of specific filming dates, they'll be confirmed to the successful applicant. But for now, do bear in mind that although it will only be a few weeks filming at a time throughout March-April, there'll be lots of meetings and rehearsals in between. So once again, it would be extremely difficult for you to be taking any form of exam.

4. Lastly, and not exam related, it's important for us to make clear that if you choose to upload your video, you'll have just as much of a chance of being cast as those attending the live auditions in Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and London. If you've uploaded your video and are pleased it shows off your acting talent, there's no need for you to attend the live auditions.

Phew! I think that's everything. And now for the gateaux... anyone for a slice? 
Vicki x


PS. If you've signed up for an audition but are yet to receive details, don't worry - the emails with all the info you need are being sent out this week, including location and your audition time. 



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