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Online Promo Premiere on The 5:19 Cut Special

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Grant | 20:00 UK time, Tuesday, 17 November 2009

This week's Cut special was a very sweaty affair indeed, as Vicki got all the goss from behind the scenes of The Cut promo, which was all filmed under a ma-hussive* sheet.

Find out who Marla had her very first on screen smooch with, and stick around to the end to watch the brand new promo vid in full!

If that's not enough to make you wanna watch, there was also a 60 second update (with an animated Vicki), and you can check out the new challenge from Olive and Stephen... What are they trying to be? I'm thinking a rock underneath a windy tree. I could be wrong. I probably am.

Anyway, have a look-see at the entire show right here...

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In last week's challenge, Party Horse told you three 'facts' about themselves, of which one was a lie, and I can reveal right here right now, that the lie was (drum roll please) B!

David does NOT make a living as a foot model, but that does mean Ursula's first crush was 3T. Unbelievable! No, I didn't know who 3T were either, but a quick search tells me they were a 90's boy band who were all Michael Jackson's nephews! Who knew The Cut blog could be so informative?

*A mixture of the word massive and huge, basically it was VERY BIG!


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    not too sure about animated vicki, when i read the post before watching, i just thought you meant animated as not standing still :S

    umm first thought was they kinda looked like waves [stephen] and rocks/shore [olive]. but then it seemed like a bonfire with olive as the base of twigs and sticks and stuff and stephen as the flames, how apt seeing guy fawke's night was a week or so ago. BUT I DUNNO! i know i'm probably wrong. this is why i didn't take drama as a GCSE.

    suprised about the party horse thing, i thought the foot model was real and the tattoo and maybe not the 3T [who btw i only found out about a few weeks back, tito's sons or something right?]

    switch live was cool, saw vicki in the office [busy working...]

    suprised jay didn't kiss, got VERY close to marla in the promo and they really look good together tbf. i didn't see the marla/tommy kiss the 2 time si've watched :S lol ohwell

    can someone remind me of that tune around vicki's sheet interview bit, i really can't remember and feel dumb, cos that's some old tune lol

    sleeping with your mic eh vicki, very 'normal' of you. and in your clothes aswell. OH i see it was just pretend sleep on a real bed. [sarcasm btw]

    thanks for the post grant, much enjoyed.

    O/I/R -fcauznet x


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