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The Archers 60th anniversary live

Steve Bowbrick

Head of Interactive, Radio 3

Spend the big day with us here on the Archers Blog. We'll be publishing your tweets and comments about the big anniversary storylines and sharing pictures and stories from the history of the drama all day until the end of this evening's special double episode. We'll also keep you up-to-date with the schedule of archive programmes on Radio 7 all day.

  • The picture is from The Archers Archive. The caption reads: "Bill Payne and Ned Larkin, Bob Arnold as Tom Forrest, Hilary Newcombe as Polly Perks, Denis Folwell as Jack Archer, Chris Gittins as Walter Gabriel and Alan Devereux as Sid Perks. The Bull, Ambridge, a game of crib watched by the Landlord and Polly."

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Well, that was exciting...