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Hannah Riley's return to Ambridge

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Hannah burst back onto the Ambridge scene in Spring 2018, a whole decade on from when she first arrived in the village. Back in 2008 she was an agricultural student keen to build up her practical skills.

She worked for Tom with his pigs which were based at Home Farm at the time. It was the hands on experience she was looking for but unfortunately she got caught in the crossfire between Tom and Brian. Brian then owned half of Tom’s sausage business but Tom got annoyed at his uncle’s interference.

During this time, Hannah worked alongside Jazzer who became smitten with the no-nonsense Lancastrian. Chris Carter was more Hannah’s type but he was already in a relationship with Alice, a fact somewhat laboured by Jazzer.

Lovelorn Jazzer poured out his heart to Kenton who told him to get back into the saddle and try again. So, Jazzer offered Hannah a night of passion that she’d remember for the rest of her life. Hannah turned him down gently, saying that her mum always said to never work with pleasure. The pair remained friends and when Hannah left to return to college they parted on good terms.

'Completely mystifying'

Ten years on, Hannah returned to Ambridge after securing a job at the Berrow Farm Pig Unit. The manager, Neil, was impressed with her application which included experience on a large scale pig facility in the United States. However, they aren’t the most harmonious of colleagues.

Helen Longworth, who has returned to the Archers cast to play Hannah again, said, “I think Neil finds Hannah completely mystifying. She wrong-foots him all the time. She’s got a slightly different way of doing things because of her experience in America. Sometimes that’s causing a bit of friction because she has a bit of a different idea of how things should be run.”

Does Neil rue the day he introduced Hannah to Ambridge? It was he who lined up Hannah for the work placement with Tom back in 2008!

'Be careful what you wish for!'

A decade on from his zealous offer, a flame still burns for Hannah in the McCreary heart but Hannah is yet to show any kind of reciprocal feelings. Instead, Hannah has pursued a ‘no strings’ arrangement with Tom.

“She’s been very clear to Tom that she just wants a physical relationship but not anything else and she’s said it to him so many times that he has actually gone off and pursued something else which she told him to but now she’s quite sad about now, I think”, said Helen Longworth.

She added, “The advice I would give to Hannah about relationships would be “be careful what you wish for”. It’s all very well being forthright but I would say to her “maybe thing about the consequences about being so honest and forthright””.

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