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'Too keen Helen, way too keen' – Listener discussions to 11 September 2013

Tayler Cresswell

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Post from @Real_StefP on Twitter

Helen and Rob’s milk curdling close encounter in the mega dairy;  "excruciating" Ray’s Mexican Night; bullying Martyn and hero Neil are all the subject of much debate. 

As Tom and Kirsty tussle over a brownie, listeners wonder "what the eck" they’re playing at. And there’s a loud hurrah as Matt and Lilian arrive back in Ambridge!

Here’s my pick of online discussions between 5 and 11 September 2013


Helen’s liaison with Rob in the mega dairy raised an eyebrow or two. Listeners say she should back off, but not everyone thinks that Rob’s a bad ‘un.

Nothing says I love you like a tour of a megadairy #thearchers (@Real_StefP on Twitter

@BBCTheArchers 50 point rotary parlour! He could charm the knickers off a nun! (@mac1066 on Twitter)

It's enough to curdle all the milk!!! (Jean Bell on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Too keen Helen way too keen #thearchers (@shimmy41a on Twitter)

Helen - at your age you are held hostage waiting for a booty call? Seriously, girl, would you want someone like that as a partner for Henry? Grow up, grow a pair and start setting boundaries of your own. (Descends from soapbox.) (Darcy Jorgensen Adams on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

On my own here, I expect, but I rather like Rob. He sounds deliciously sexy. #thearchers  #teamRob (@archerslistener on Twitter)

Could Rob's story about his mother's birthday be a front? Either he's two timing Helen, or he's going to break it off with his wife at long last! (I think he should do the latter; possibly in a minority here. I like Rob and will be disappointed if he turns out to be a rotter!) (Sue Gedge on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

I'm so looking forward to Jess The Wronged Wife arriving in the village. Or emerging from the attic. One of the two #TheArchers  (@MarieAnneMcQuay on Twitter)


Over at Grey Gables, Ray’s Mexican night gets the thumbs down from most, but will Lynda and Ian save the day?

The more I hear about Mexican Night, the more I HAVE to be there! It sounds brilliant, I love Ray's vision for Grey Gables #thearchers (@lordbothwell on Twitter)  

Lynda hasn't treated Ray to one of her sniffs yet - that should put him in his place.  Is she losing her touch? #thearchers (@busydawn on Twitter)

I see the headline now. "Temporary hotel manager suffers severe bruising when staff member claims she mistook him for pinata." #thearchers (@beckyblackbooks on Twitter

I think Ian might be the saviour for Grey Gables. Might put on a chef's hissy fit and tell Ray where to stick his sombrero. Someone definitely needs to reign him in though, and I don't think Lynda's got enough of a rebellious streak in her against management to land an incapacitating punch. (Gurinder Singh on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

*crosses Grey Gables off weekend away list* #TheArchers (@MUSEmunkey on Twitter)

Just offer Kathy the job and let's all move on #thearchers (@Andreamsmall on Twitter


Kathy’s problems show no signs of abating and listeners hope that Martyn will get his comeuppance VERY SOON.

Martin, you [insert swearword swearword swearword swearword]. PUNCH HIM KATHY. #TheArchers (@ginandcrumpets on Twitter)

If Kathy doesn't lamp Martyn soon - and resign - I shall climb into my radio and do it for her. #thearchers (@MichelleBuckers on Twitter

But she has nowhere else to go (Bill Gill on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

She is being rather weak, I really want her to stand up for herself and her staff. I've said before on here, but it's making me feel very uncomfortable. I don't like to hear bullying. (Tamar Leat on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

Throw a sickie, Kathy. Go out due to stress, and send a solicitor's letter. That'll loosen Martyn's cough. #thearchers (@33andout on Twitter)


Neil is the star of the week after he offers homeless Darrell some practical help.

Has a fictional soap character ever been given a real OBE? I think Neil deserves one #theArchers (@sunrayswench on Twitter

Putting up with Susan should be sufficient grounds, but agree he's become Ambridge’s best citizen. #thearchers (@smithjj62 on Twitter

I said it before and I'll say it again when all you got left is your pride, and that's about what Daryl is down to, it’s hard. (Laura Thornton on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

Please help Darrell (the who on The Archers blog)

I feel sorry for him. He irritates me slightly with his too-proud-to-accept-help attitude, but I daresay I'd tend towards the same in his situation… An all-too-common problem at the moment, and, I think, a very good and relevant storyline. (Roe Z Sandy on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

BTW I just lost all respect for Alan. "Let him know we'll be there for him"??? Darryl doesn't need that kind of support, he needs good food and a job. (Pattipeg Snyder Hario on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

God Darryl is so pathetic. Get a backbone man! #thearchers (@LukeVernon on Twitter)  

You take him in, Shula! Daniel's at university now so you have the room. #TheArchers (@AndromP on Twitter)

Why doesn't Darryl go to Grey Gables? Everyone seems to be staying there for free at the moment. #thearchers (@Jo_dB on Twitter)  


As Tom and Kirsty playfully flirt over a chocolate brownie, listeners wonder whether rekindling their relationship would be such a good idea

Tom Tom Tom, what the eck are you doing?... How many green lights do you want? (Keith Rawlings on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

@bbcthearchers I would love Tom and Kirsty to get back together! They make such a good couple! (@kennykoalabear on Twitter

Hard to believe she'd even go there! The way he dumped her last time was just cruel! But I do think they'll get back together . . . (Lynn Mifflin on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

He cheated on you, Kirsty. A lifetime of testing Ready Meals & serving burgers at Country Fayres beckons. #runaway @BBCTheArchers #TheArchers (@AJBendaker on Twitter)

@BBCTheArchers #Tomstie #Kirsom? How to name the new/old/new Power Couple? (@rosiewithanie on Twitter)  

@BBCTheArchers I think it's time The Archers programme came with a complimentary sick bag! (@JPMEvans on Twitter)  


And there’s a collective cheer as Matt & Lilian arrive back in Ambridge – and another at the news that Anthea is to be offered a permanent position at Amside

@BBCTheArchers. It's so good to have Tiger and Puss cat back again, we've missed you two! (@Jimmyjamas on Twitter

I think interactions between Matt and Anthea will make excellent listening (Sue Tilford on Archers Addicts Facebook page)

My cup of joy runneth over - Anthea is staying! She'll soon be taking over Grey Gables, The Golf Club and the Panto! #thearchers (@leytonmills on Twitter


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