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Brown Rivers – Silt run-off


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  • Comment number 14. Posted by farmideas

    30 Sep 2014 19:36
    A hugely useful article from Graham Harvey. Farmers are on the cusp of major changes, and one of these is a move from chemical to biological farming. It's a big change, involving very different field work - far less - management which involves looking at what is going on under the soil surface, a concentration on getting the fields to utilise the sun's energy, which means keeping them green, not having bare soil so there are plants which can photosynthesise the sunlight transforming it to energy. This continual growth, of cash crops such as wheat, oil seed rape, potatoes etc which are harvested for crops for sale is combined with plants grown to improve the soil, adding N from the atmosphere, nutrients brought up by their roots etc etc.

    It's a whole new learning curve. It may contradict what has been considered as received wisdom. It may not accord with the thoughts of some businesses involved in farm supplies. There is information available but I can't tell you where it is because that goes against the house rules of the BBC, but maybe I would be allowed to suggest googling Soil+ Cover.
  • Comment number 13. Posted by RosieT

    29 Sep 2014 10:34
    I've banged on about this on Facebook for weeks, Keri, since Jill mentioned it when John died.
    . You cannot really alter the backstory to say she is Known as Anna, when she wasn't, can you? So, formerly known as Ann, which Jill would call her by, even if absentmindedly? Now calling herself Anna instead of the Ann she was known as all her life. I await this with interest
  • Comment number 12. Posted by Keri Davies

    24 Sep 2014 18:02
    I've checked this. We're going with Anna, so I'll amend that page. Thanks for noticing it, Chris Fish.
  • Comment number 11. Posted by Chris Ghoti

    23 Sep 2014 16:17
    Not about the soil (the answer doesn't lie in the soil) but about a new character in The Archers.

    "Anna" Tregorran, Carol's daughter and Jill's god-daughter.

    As it says i Carol's page in the Who's Who on the website, Carol's daughter is "Anna-Louise , known as Ann (Daughter, by John Tregorran)"

    Does her mother not remember that her daughter was always called Ann, or what?
  • Comment number 10. Posted by U2254029

    22 Sep 2014 15:56
    " If AH is going to flood, Robert and Lynda should think about soak aways in the garden with run offs into the Am"

    That is no help if Ambridge Hall actually lies in the floodplain (which I believe it does). You can't simply drain the water away, you have to pump it.
  • Comment number 9. Posted by Fenny

    21 Sep 2014 16:00
    I'm surprised that the older buildings are the ones flooding. Back when they were built, people understood about how floods worked. As we saw at the beginning of the year, places that got flooded badly had the older houses - church, vicarage, etc - on slightly higher ground, which effectively became little islands. If AH is going to flood, Robert and Lynda should think about soak aways in the garden with run offs into the Am.

    And who leaves the front door open when it's raining and flooding!
  • Comment number 8. Posted by U8122321

    21 Sep 2014 12:07
    Lakey/Leaky Hill needs Rewilding aka Monbiot - in fact let all the Ambridge animals out to take revenge and put Carol in charge
  • Comment number 7. Posted by Keri Davies

    21 Sep 2014 11:29
    The Leech Pedlar - Ambridge Hall was by no means the only affected house. Didn't you hear Jill and David dealing with the flooding at Brookfield?
  • Comment number 6. Posted by U2234232

    19 Sep 2014 19:55
    Thanks fotw, I didn't hear that. So presumably that was run off on its way towards the Am through Lynda's house. Frightening stuff. I suppose that's the same sort of thing Jill was dealing with at BF when David got back.
  • Comment number 5. Posted by flameofthewest

    19 Sep 2014 17:57
    The water that flooded Lynda's garden was run-off from the road. Lynda said that the Am was rising, but she didn't say it actually flooded.