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Keri Davies

Writer, The Archers

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  1. The Prince of Grundys

    Archers scriptwriter Keri Davies write about The Prince of Grundys, a song he's written for the event of Eddie Grundy’s birthday. He talks about how it fits into a decades-old tradition of Archers music.

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  2. Borsetshire Folk Songs

    Writer Keri Davies explains the genesis of the ‘authentic’ Borsetshire folk songs which Eddie and Joe Grundy plan to sing at Ed and Emma’s wedding.

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  3. Freda Fry RIP

    Freda Fry RIP

    Memories of Bert's departed soulmate

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  4. Cardiac arrest or heart attack?

    Of all medical conditions, cardiac arrest and heart attacks are perhaps the best known and least understood. Mark Cox of the British Red Cross explains.

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  5. Will Troughton on Tom Archer

    Will Troughton on Tom Archer

    As Tom Archer celebrates his birthday, we caught up with Will Troughton, who took over the part last year.

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  6. Kate, Roy and Phoebe – the early years

    Kate, Roy and Phoebe – the early years

    How an unlikely combination produced a lasting result

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  7. Barry Farrimond on Ed Grundy

    Barry Farrimond on Ed Grundy

    The actor on why things going wrong for Ed are good for him.

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  8. Matt Crawford

    Matt Crawford

    A word from the actor, and a brief history of Matt.

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  9. Ed, Emma and Will

    The epic Grundy love triangle.

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  10. Pat Gallimore (Pat Archer) on 40 years of Pat and Tony

    Big stories past and present - and a new 'husband'.

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  11. 1, The Green

    The house where Emma Grundy grew up - and how her ex-husband Will came to own it.

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  12. Peggy’s will

    How Peggy decided who would inherit - and how it may have led to a chilling accident.

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  13. Hear Lynda's Blithe Spirit in full this Christmas

    A Boxing day treat for fans of The Archers, Noel Coward - and Lynda Snell

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  14. William Troughton takes over as Tom Archer

    Our new Tom is the son of David Troughton, who plays Tom's father Tony!

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  15. Tommy Croker and his band

    The tuneful history of Jack Woolley's favourite bandleader - and the music dynasty he spawned.

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  16. Early Archers this Sunday!

    As usual, we are moving out of our usual time slot.

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  17. Bid for an Archers VIP experience

    Bid for a chance to visit The Archers in studio.

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  18. Ernest Dowson – the ‘days of wine and roses’ man

    The poet who inspired John Tregorran - and much of popular culture

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  19. Brian, Jennifer and the other women

    One of the longest - and most volatile - marriages in Ambridge.

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  20. Archers editor Sean O'Connor interviewed

    One year on, Sean speaks about his vision for The Archers

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