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"Why doesn't Will buy George off Ed and Emma? Win win" - listener discussions to 7 November 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 19:38 PM, Tuesday, 13 November 2012

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Ed and Emma's plight has touched many, and whilst some are finding it "too depressing", others say it represents "the struggles of so many of us". Will, Ed and Emma have all come under listener scrutiny and been found wanting, whereas Nic has had almost unanimous praise.

Horrified would best describe reactions to Leonie's appearance at the Dower House on Sunday night. Are listeners being punished?

There were plenty of suggestions for Lynda when it came to casting her Lord of Misrule. And what do Christine's "revelatory scones" really mean?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 1-7 November 2012.

Ed and Emma's troubles have really touched a nerve with many. Is it too depressing for The Archers?

This Ed and Emma storyline is so good. Real life in Ambridge- and the real struggles of so many of us. #thearchers (@novascotianboy on Twitter)

Isn't everyone feeling poor all of a sudden? Personally I'm finding Ed & Emma's struggles are ringing a bell. Everything has gone up, except wages. Food, petrol, rent, bills, my rail fare... It's a horrible feeling, looking around at things and knowing you can't afford them, and wondering at who can. Emma's storyline is making me feel like at least I'm not the only one feeling this way. (Laura's Knitting on Facebook)

It's so depressing listening to Emma's woes! Can we have some fun back please? A juicy affaire for lovely Lillian???? (@kobijojo on Twitter)

Some resourceful listeners have rallied round and offered their help...

What about the new Megadairy, Ed? Must need labourers. Go and see Brian Aldridge! #thearchers (@orpheliaknee on Twitter)

I keep looking round the house to see how many odd jobs I can find for Ed. #thearchers (@skywoman on Twitter)

Had I won the lottery last night I would have shared it with Ed and Emmur. #thearchers (@Carolmgw on Twitter)

Why doesn't Will buy George off Ed and Emma? Win win. (@ChirpsEstonia on Twitter)

Will's row with Ed had listeners pondering who - if anyone - deserved their sympathy

Oh Will, the air must be very rare up there on your high horse #TheArchers (@declarationball on Twitter)

Who would you really prefer as a son or even, son in law, Ed or Will? Easy choice....Will of course. (bring back nelson on the message board)

I can't wait for the episode where Will will realise that he has cash, but his soul has gone rotten with hatred for his much more likeable brother (Kevin O'Doherty on Facebook)

Ed is far more genuine than Will and he has worked hard to pull himself up by his shoe strings. Working hard with his cows. His Granddad is very proud of him and so am I. Will had it handed to him on a plate. Emma did wrong in marrying him as she was in love with Ed for far longer. But let him who has never made a mistake cast the first stone. Come on Ed we are all rooting for you. (megamoggers on the message board)

Of course George should be with Will, clearly he is the better parent and better able to provide for George's emotional as well as physical needs. Emma has made some very bad life choices, she is not fit to be a mother, I feel sorry for Ed having to put up with her. (Christine Jones on Facebook)

Shall I start making up the t-shirts then? #TeamEd #thearchers (@LRed82 on Twitter)

Who would you invite round for tea? Will or Ed? Add your thoughts on the message board.

"Splendid" Nic has had praise all round for her calm handling of the situation between Will, Ed and Emma over George

Nic was splendid tonight. She is the voice of reason in the midst of all this family angst. (JudithL on the message board)

Absolutely. *AND* Will listened, too. He's not an ogre. He seemed genuinely to be engaged. He responds to love, which Nic really does feel -- in the care she takes, the concern she has for him, and his son. A great scene (Redbookish on the message board)

Yes - he's so unused to Nic challenging him, especially in the way she did - so fair & incisive, that he was like a gasping fish out of water. Good for her! (Carolyn on the message board)

Read more on the Nic thread on the message board.

Sunday's unexpected visitor at the Dower House had some running for cover


I feel we're being punished. (Nelson_G on the message board)

OMG, can't decide whether to vomit or commit hari kiri at the thought of James & Leonie back together... #TheArchers #CircleofHellnumber? (@OxonClearout on Twitter)

I enjoyed Matt's reaction - finding them about to get going, in the sitting room I assume, wild horses weren't going to drag him back in there for a coffee. I've no sympathy for Lil, she made her son into the horror he is. (old cath on the message board)

There is one good thing about it. They will hopefully disappear back to London together PDQ. Please Please Please ! (fabsupergran on the message board)

Another whingeing man, as if we have not enough with Will. Perhaps Leone could help him down stairs in the old Western film tradition! The sound of splintering banisters would be music to my ears. (Lynda Everington on Facebook)

Add your thoughts to the message board discussion: James and Leonie together again?

There were plenty of suggestions for Lynda's Lord of Misrule for her Christmas show, but not so many votes for Kenton

TILLY BUTTON! #thearchers #lordofmisrule (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Jazzer Jazzer Jazzer! Has to be Lord of misrule. #theArchers (@AnnaEdwa on Twitter)

Kenton is too unreliable- he could be the Lord of Not Turning Up. (Earldunda)

Add your vote on the message board: Lord of Misrule

Were Christine's "revelatory scones" hinting at a romance with Jim?

Jim and Christine up a tree/E.A.T.I.N.G (A cheese scone) #TheArchers (@Wimblebear on Twitter)

Love the idea of Christine's revelatory scones. Is there a recipe? (@AlisonMeaden on Twitter)

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