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"The only suitable punishment for James..." - listener discussions to 31 October 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 14:30 PM, Friday, 2 November 2012

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Listeners were delighted to hear James Bellamy getting his comeuppance this week as "Nurse Ratched" (Matt) and a revengeful Brenda took it in turns to look after him. However, the icing on the cake was when Tom turned up to visit.

Paul Morgan's furtive calls to Lilian have divided listeners. Some think he's sexy, others sinister. Should she stick with the devil she knows?

By far the biggest topic of discussion this week has been Ed and Emma and their money worries. Many reported being in tears as Emma struggled to cope. But have they brought it all on themselves?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 25-31 October 2012.

Ed and Emma's money worries have had many chipping in with advice - from ways to save money, cheap meal ideas and which benefits they should be claiming. Many admitted to shedding a few tears at this "powerful" storyline, but some think that it is too miserable for The Archers.

I'm actually beginning to worry about Ed and Emma. Somebody kick me and remind me it's not real. #TheArchers (@SteveDoherty1 on Twitter)

I can't help feeling a bit sorry for her. I wouldn't if they were lazy, but for a young couple to be willing to work hard but not be able to find the said work - that's not right. I can't help wishing for things to go better for them (StargazerwithOscar on the message board)

For those who are squeezed or know of people who are squeezed, people on well below median income are having a horrible time. It's not a coincidence that food banks are blooming around this country. It's not just that incomes are depressed but that the cost of essentials such as fuel and food have been increasing at an enormous rate. (old cath on the message board)

It's difficult to conjure sympathy for someone whose suffering is self-imposed, for someone whose pride, bitterness, jealousy and small-mindedness stops them at almost every turn from being the architects of their own salvation. (Mustafa Grumble on the message board)

It might be odd to say I feel for Ed but not Emma but they both have family and friends close to them! Get over your pride and ask for help (Laura Robjohns on Facebook)

They can't be badly off two lots of family allowance and both working, try living on a pension! She's a whinger big time! (Hazel Hammond on Facebook)

Milk went up 7p in our coop yesterday. I thought of Ed. I hope the increase is going to men like him. (Steve Celebritymonkey Simian on Facebook)

Have your say in the How can Ed and Emma be quite so broke? thread on the message board.

Tom Archer proved that he could talk about more than just his ready meals when he visited his cousin James. Many think they're a match made in...

Tom Archer, the only suitable punishment for James Bellamy #thearchers (@SarahSkelding on Twitter)

James and Tom. Tom and James. No, it's no good, I can't decide. So, they both must die... horribly. There, I feel better now. (Dr Toad Leg on the message board)

I almost feel it's worth putting up with these two ghastly people in order to hear them torturing each other! (Compassrose on the message board)

A good episode. Someone told Tom he was boring and James got what he deserved. What will Ma say, I wonder? (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger on the message board)

You'd think Tom would already know the name of every bacon/sausage related delicacy, wouldn't you. He's a leading expert, after all... Any other Christmas pork novelty ideas, ladies and gentlemen? (Turkey Baster on the message board)

If Tom is looking for a novelty sausage recipe for Christmas. May I suggest adding some minced up James? #TheArchers (@StephenDGH on Twitter)

Who gets your vote? Have your say in the James and Tom thread on the message board.

Listeners surprised themselves on Tuesday night by making positive comments about both Matt and Brenda after they stood up to James

I take back all the bad things I said about Matt recently. Unreservedly. He's a gem. (The devil wears Burberry on the message board)

Matt just made up for *everything* #thearchers (@helenatodd on Twitter)

It's rare for me to cheer on Brenda, but the joint torturing James efforts were magnificent. (EBGB on the message board)

#thearchers Brenda! You're gorgeous when you're angry. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

Join the conversation in the Fagash, Tiger and James thread on the message board

Lilian's furtive calls with Paul have split listeners - is he too good to be true?

Paul and Lillian! Paul and Lillian! Paul and Lillian! Paul and Lillian! I would LOVE it. #TheArchers (@tenderhooligan on Twitter)

I just wonder if Paul's THAT wonderful. His apple has got to have a worm. (Laura Thornton on Facebook)

Tiger and puss were made for each other, Paul would bore her to death. (Sue Pidgeon on Facebook)

Paul's uncannily well targetted phone calls give me the shivers. We haven't had a creepy Halloween SL for a while - Lilian alone in the Dower House, like Ingrid Bergman (haha) in 'Gaslight' .... ? (Eleanora Cornstalk on the message board)

I think it's like "Homeland". He isn't really a builder, he's a CIA operative and he's got cameras all over the house, and in her car. That's how he knows when Matt's just gone out etc. (Minihohum on the message board)

Place your bets on the Is Paul spying on Lilian? thread on the message board

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.


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