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Shock this week at the news of poor Arthur's death - listener discussions to 21 November 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:33 AM, Monday, 26 November 2012

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There was shock this week at the news of poor Arthur's death. Listeners put the blame squarely at Matt's door.
The growing romance between Fallon and Rhys elicited a cry of "FINALLY!" from listeners. But not everyone's pleased for the happy couple.
And while there were tears for Ed as he hit rock bottom, a few feel that Neil and Susan are doing the wrong thing giving them money.
Plus there are predictions for Christmas and beyond; and a look at how the old masters, from Picasso to Reubens, see The Archers.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 15-21 November 2012

Has Matt got "blood on his hands" over poor Arthur's death? The ensuing row with Lilian had many cheering her on, with listeners lining up a huge round of G&Ts for her as a reward. But will we hear more from Joyce?
Well, Matt'll be pleased, his plan worked better than even he probably hoped for! Killing off Arthur must be a bonus for him. (toffee on the message board)
Goodness, #TheArchers just made me hold my breath for a moment. How terribly sad. Poor Joyce (@dlsmithies on Twitter)
Arthur's blood is on Matt's hands *shakes fist* *stands behind Lillian*#TheArchers (@CelloSuze on Twitter)
Ha! "Don't you Pusscat me." Lillian, have a gin on me. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)
Tiger had better watch out. Lil's refused to make his tea - it's serious! (Shirley Knott on the message board)
And Lil's stormed out. No doubt for a few G & T's and then off for consolation by Paul. Wimmin, eh? (The Famous Eccles on the message board)
Quite a shock for Lilian- will this be the death knell to end her relationship with Matt? I sense her fury..... (Sue on the message board)
Go for it, Lilian! You're a long time dead! #thearchers (@archerslistener on Twitter)
@BBCTheArchers a cracking episode this evening that left me just as gob smacked as Lilian. More twists and turns just LOVE IT! Pure therapy. (@jco0872 on Twitter)
Joe is just the right age for Joyce, and a late romance will give him a new lease on life. Otherwise what a waste of his new teeth... (The devil wears Burberry on the message board)
Add your thoughts on the Arthur dead! thread on the message board.

As Rhys "FINALLY!" asks Fallon out on a date, listeners are both excited and disappointed
Please God, NOOOOOOOOOO ... been absolutely dreading Fallon and Rhys "getting together" now it seems sure to happen - my God how desperate is Fallon? (SredniVashtar07 on the message board)
They are a nice couple, but that's the problem, too nice. Fallon needs someone with a bit more oomph. A good episode last night though. (Stephen Āh Burroughs on Facebook)
Jazzer has always seemed genuinely fond of Fallon, but all she can do is pursue bores like Harry and Rhys. I'd like to see Jazzer find someone, rather than just one night stands. (JudithL on the message board)
Yay, Rhys has asked Fallon on a date at last!! And she said yes!! Inordinately chuffed!! #R4 #TheArchers #SaddoRomanticHere (@19Hope60 on Twitter)
Far too excited about @BBCTheArchers - finally Rhys! Thank you very much for providing my romantic "naw" moment of the day. (@theatreofwords on Twitter)
I have enjoyed this storyline and I actually think they are quite well matched. Fallon has not always had life easy and I think she deserves some happiness. See them buying out and running Jacks in years to come. I like the way the SWs have had them moving around each other with neither being sure that this is right for them. Go on girl, go for it! (ian_wilts on the message board)
Read all the reactions on the message board threads: Please God, NOOOOOOOOOOOO .... and I really can't understand why everyone is finding this so difficult to accept

With an offer of help from Neil and Susan, listeners debated whether they should give their hard earned money away. They're split, with many seeing Ed and Emma as having brought this on themselves, and others feeling that they're victims of circumstance
Ed is breaking my heart-please don't cry! #TheArchers (@jcrowther9 on Twitter)
More tissues needed, this is worse than Arthur's death, poor Ed. #thearchers (@SarahCardy on Twitter)
Neil and Susan - why should they reduce their standard of living in order to help out their daughter who has brought misfortune upon herself? I don't see it at all. To judge from their discussion, they have precious little spare money. They should look after their own interests first. This may seem harsh but, to resort to a cliché, life isn't a dress rehearsal and they might need what reserves they have in future years. (dickie on the message board)
I wonder at the wisdom of giving money. giving help, advice and support is a more positive stance. Also when the money can no longer be afforded the recipients are in the same boat, only more disgruntled and dependent. Help Ed with his business, help them both learn cooking skills. Get Emma out of her depression. (Lynda Everington on Facebook)
I think most parents would try to help their children, regardless of how badly off they were financially. After all, Ed and Emma have been trying to make ends meet - it's not as if they're down the pub every night, is it? (siriol on the message board)
Join the debate on the message board: Neil and Susan - why should they reduce their standard of living ...

Looking to the future, listeners offer their predictions for Christmas and beyond in Ambridge
Mike's article in Borcestershire life will increase orders for milk... Joy Carol Tucker to be born on Christmas day. (elizabeth church on the message board)
Fast forward about 5 years and both Josh and Daniel will be duelling for the affections of Phoebe... Brenda, Alice and Amy will all be with child by the end of next year, but 2 of the children will have the same father! (GrannySarah123 on the message board)
Rhys to be indisposed & unable to take part in the Christmas production. Jazzer to step in. Fallon so impressed she falls into his arms. (antique acorn on the message board)
I think the Jazzer / Fallon scenario is spot on - it is only a matter of time...Rhys is but a detour round the valleys... Kate returns (and as usual) causes havoc (EmilyBronte on the message board)
Add your Predictions for Christmas / 2013 on the message board

And finally, visit the message board to find out how The Archers would look to the old masters - that's Boticeli, Reubens, Hieronymus Bosch, Picasso and Constable to name but a few...

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