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Shock this week at the news of poor Arthur's death - listener discussions to 21 November 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:33 UK time, Monday, 26 November 2012

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There was shock this week at the news of poor Arthur's death. Listeners put the blame squarely at Matt's door.
The growing romance between Fallon and Rhys elicited a cry of "FINALLY!" from listeners. But not everyone's pleased for the happy couple.
And while there were tears for Ed as he hit rock bottom, a few feel that Neil and Susan are doing the wrong thing giving them money.
Plus there are predictions for Christmas and beyond; and a look at how the old masters, from Picasso to Reubens, see The Archers.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 15-21 November 2012

Has Matt got "blood on his hands" over poor Arthur's death? The ensuing row with Lilian had many cheering her on, with listeners lining up a huge round of G&Ts for her as a reward. But will we hear more from Joyce?
Well, Matt'll be pleased, his plan worked better than even he probably hoped for! Killing off Arthur must be a bonus for him. (toffee on the message board)
Goodness, #TheArchers just made me hold my breath for a moment. How terribly sad. Poor Joyce (@dlsmithies on Twitter)
Arthur's blood is on Matt's hands *shakes fist* *stands behind Lillian*#TheArchers (@CelloSuze on Twitter)
Ha! "Don't you Pusscat me." Lillian, have a gin on me. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)
Tiger had better watch out. Lil's refused to make his tea - it's serious! (Shirley Knott on the message board)
And Lil's stormed out. No doubt for a few G & T's and then off for consolation by Paul. Wimmin, eh? (The Famous Eccles on the message board)
Quite a shock for Lilian- will this be the death knell to end her relationship with Matt? I sense her fury..... (Sue on the message board)
Go for it, Lilian! You're a long time dead! #thearchers (@archerslistener on Twitter)
@BBCTheArchers a cracking episode this evening that left me just as gob smacked as Lilian. More twists and turns just LOVE IT! Pure therapy. (@jco0872 on Twitter)
Joe is just the right age for Joyce, and a late romance will give him a new lease on life. Otherwise what a waste of his new teeth... (The devil wears Burberry on the message board)
Add your thoughts on the Arthur dead! thread on the message board.

As Rhys "FINALLY!" asks Fallon out on a date, listeners are both excited and disappointed
Please God, NOOOOOOOOOO ... been absolutely dreading Fallon and Rhys "getting together" now it seems sure to happen - my God how desperate is Fallon? (SredniVashtar07 on the message board)
They are a nice couple, but that's the problem, too nice. Fallon needs someone with a bit more oomph. A good episode last night though. (Stephen Āh Burroughs on Facebook)
Jazzer has always seemed genuinely fond of Fallon, but all she can do is pursue bores like Harry and Rhys. I'd like to see Jazzer find someone, rather than just one night stands. (JudithL on the message board)
Yay, Rhys has asked Fallon on a date at last!! And she said yes!! Inordinately chuffed!! #R4 #TheArchers #SaddoRomanticHere (@19Hope60 on Twitter)
Far too excited about @BBCTheArchers - finally Rhys! Thank you very much for providing my romantic "naw" moment of the day. (@theatreofwords on Twitter)
I have enjoyed this storyline and I actually think they are quite well matched. Fallon has not always had life easy and I think she deserves some happiness. See them buying out and running Jacks in years to come. I like the way the SWs have had them moving around each other with neither being sure that this is right for them. Go on girl, go for it! (ian_wilts on the message board)
Read all the reactions on the message board threads: Please God, NOOOOOOOOOOOO .... and I really can't understand why everyone is finding this so difficult to accept

With an offer of help from Neil and Susan, listeners debated whether they should give their hard earned money away. They're split, with many seeing Ed and Emma as having brought this on themselves, and others feeling that they're victims of circumstance
Ed is breaking my heart-please don't cry! #TheArchers (@jcrowther9 on Twitter)
More tissues needed, this is worse than Arthur's death, poor Ed. #thearchers (@SarahCardy on Twitter)
Neil and Susan - why should they reduce their standard of living in order to help out their daughter who has brought misfortune upon herself? I don't see it at all. To judge from their discussion, they have precious little spare money. They should look after their own interests first. This may seem harsh but, to resort to a cliché, life isn't a dress rehearsal and they might need what reserves they have in future years. (dickie on the message board)
I wonder at the wisdom of giving money. giving help, advice and support is a more positive stance. Also when the money can no longer be afforded the recipients are in the same boat, only more disgruntled and dependent. Help Ed with his business, help them both learn cooking skills. Get Emma out of her depression. (Lynda Everington on Facebook)
I think most parents would try to help their children, regardless of how badly off they were financially. After all, Ed and Emma have been trying to make ends meet - it's not as if they're down the pub every night, is it? (siriol on the message board)
Join the debate on the message board: Neil and Susan - why should they reduce their standard of living ...

Looking to the future, listeners offer their predictions for Christmas and beyond in Ambridge
Mike's article in Borcestershire life will increase orders for milk... Joy Carol Tucker to be born on Christmas day. (elizabeth church on the message board)
Fast forward about 5 years and both Josh and Daniel will be duelling for the affections of Phoebe... Brenda, Alice and Amy will all be with child by the end of next year, but 2 of the children will have the same father! (GrannySarah123 on the message board)
Rhys to be indisposed & unable to take part in the Christmas production. Jazzer to step in. Fallon so impressed she falls into his arms. (antique acorn on the message board)
I think the Jazzer / Fallon scenario is spot on - it is only a matter of time...Rhys is but a detour round the valleys... Kate returns (and as usual) causes havoc (EmilyBronte on the message board)
Add your Predictions for Christmas / 2013 on the message board

And finally, visit the message board to find out how The Archers would look to the old masters - that's Boticeli, Reubens, Hieronymus Bosch, Picasso and Constable to name but a few...

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Ambridge ups and downs - 26 November 2012

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 08:57 UK time, Monday, 26 November 2012



X Factor

Rhys Williams
No taming required

Hayley Tucker
Put down those sits vac

Ruth Archer
The start of a new regime

Ex offender

Ed Grundy
His pride's on the rack

Oliver Sterling
He's not a poet and he knows it

Lilian Bellamy
Matt's really done it this time

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Oliver's sonnet

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 19:15 UK time, Thursday, 22 November 2012


Michael Cochrane (Oliver Sterling)

Perhaps William Shakespeare should get a co-writing credit for this week's scripts, as two of the episodes featured extracts from Shakespeare (thanks, Will...)

This is the poem that Oliver was having such trouble with. It's Shakespeare's Sonnet 25:

Let those who are in favour with their stars
Of public honour and proud titles boast,
Whilst I, whom fortune of such triumph bars
Unlook'd for joy in that I honour most.
Great princes' favourites their fair leaves spread
But as the marigold at the sun's eye,
And in themselves their pride lies buried,
For at a frown they in their glory die.
The painful warrior famoused for fight,
After a thousand victories once foiled,
Is from the book of honour razed quite,
And all the rest forgot for which he toiled:
Then happy I, that love and am beloved,
Where I may not remove nor be removed.

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"Is it International Canoodling Week?" - listener discussions to 14 November 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 16:28 UK time, Monday, 19 November 2012


twitter quote

Is there something in the water in Ambridge? As Tom wooed Brenda with lovehearts and Andy Williams; and Lilian walked in on James and Leonie up to... we're not sure what, listeners covered their ears.

Peggy celebrated her 88th birthday this week and her party was declared "deliciously painful" as Tom and Brenda went head to head with James and Leonie.

Over in Borsetshire, Emma's trip to the food bank had many in tears as she finally admitted her problems to her mum. Listeners were relieved to see her get help at long last.

And with the consultant's report on Lower Loxley suggesting that Elizabeth focus on adult education courses, listeners have come up with their own suggestions.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 8-14 November 2012.

It all got a bit steamy in The Archers this week - there was Tom's surprise for Brenda; Lilian setting up a get-together with Paul; and Kenton and Jolene making Rhys feel like a gooseberry - not to mention James and Leonie in the bathroom at the Dower House...

Is it International Canoodling Week? #thearchers appears to be a hotbed of steamy couples. (@ruththevet on Twitter)

Has someone put Viagra in the Ambridge water supply? #thearchers (@hoogervaaner on Twitter)

Tom's efforts to communicate with Brenda were a masterclass in bad timing, and many still think he's on his way out of that relationship, despite his lovehearts, music and candles on Sunday.

#thearchers thanks for this mental picture #Nnnnnnnnooooooooooooottttttttttt (@nicwat81 on Twitter)

#TheArchers Poor Andy Williams must have turned in his grave there (@monx61 on Twitter)

He's boring, self obsessed and doesn't listen to anything Brenda has to say and when he does decide to inject a bit of romance into his relationship... he's embarrassing and naff! Stud muffin? More like a slab of stale fruitcake! (Angela Stepney on the message board)

c'mon, points for trying, surely! (Perkin Warbeck on the message board)

Tom's in a world of his own. It's a world consisting entirely of sausages, meatballs and ready meals. #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

Is Tom the worst boyfriend in the world? Tell us what you think on the message board.

There was a lot of sympathy for Lilian after she walked in on James and Leonie in the bathroom...

Leonie is a great character. What was she doing with James in the bathroom? Is it what I think? (Christine Wilson on Facebook)

Made me giggle so hard I nearly fell over (Cas Sanders on Facebook)

Now there's a mental image I REALLY didn't want! #lalalalala #thearchers (@TheTeasLady on Twitter)

Great acting by Lillian actress Sunny Ormonde. You can feel the frisson as she tries desperately not to lose her temper! #thearchers (@potterwigwam on Twitter)

Dear @BBCTheArchers I think we have made our views on bathroom-based sex scenes clear no? #thearchers (@40lucyjordan on Twitter)

Happy birthday Peggy! Surprise party guest, Leonie "when-is-she-leaving" Snell, has certainly made herself at home. Her overly familiar remarks (calling Jennifer "Jen" and Peggy "gran") were felt to be beyond the pale. A few were surprised to find themselves laughing at Tom and Brenda's put-downs. And whilst most want to see the back of the gruesome James and Leonie, they do have some supporters

As Elona would say, hippy biirthdee Pig-gy. (Mark Jones on Facebook)

Hahaha! Jen! Classic. More Leonie please. #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)

Jenny ought to call her "Lee" in future - payback for that "Jen"! (TotallyMadCat on the message board)

Leonie is special. She said what a lot of posters here have felt.... In a world where no-one likes to say anything for fear of embarrassment she is a breath of fresh air... I also detect a bit more bite from James with his asides about there not being a joke and interrupting high-powered sausage summits. I hope he goes head to head with Tom. (snarklehound on the message board)

Deliciously painful episode, though. Now what we really need is some unavoidable event where Brian & Matt can spend the entire time swapping one-liners. (EBGB on the message board)

This is worrying. I've started to appreciate Brenda, recently. Now am finding Tom funny (with, not at). #thearchers (@thearchersfan on Twitter)

Add your thoughts to the party thread and the Lay-own-nee? thread on the message board.

As Emma hit rock bottom, there were tears from listeners. And whilst many feel that Ed and Emma should know about the benefits they'd be entitled to and be claiming them, many praised Emerald O'Hanrahan (Emma), Barry Farrimond (Ed) and Charlotte Martin's (Susan) acting.

OMG Emmur. I can't stop crying. #thearchers (@Lol58Milne on Twitter)

I've found a lot of the Ed and Em storyline really moving, never more so than tonight. (whitejude on the message board)

Toast and finest marmalade turns to ashes in my mouth as I listen to Emma's plight. This is awful. (@defsmith on Twitter)

I am appreciating this SL, but wish it was toned down a bit. It does rather descend into Charlie Chaplin eating his shoes scenario. I don't think that is necessary for the listeners to 'get the point'. (Bette on the message board)

I found the episode moving and the build up of desperation over months was realistic. When I was working as a social worker in London in the 1970s and 1980s desperate families would ask for help as they had no money for food... It was extremely rare to find that they were spending money on non-essentials and given that we could only provide one-off payments I was always concerned as to how they were going to manage in the future. (rockroad on the message board)

very often the understandable 'pride' merely makes things worse. Then along comes an unforeseen large expense like the car, a virtual necessity in rural areas, and over the edge you go. (peter-francis on the message board)

I can understand Susan's shock. I'd be devastated if a family member thought they couldn't come to me for help #thearchers (@lukevernon on Twitter)

A huge big hug for Emma (Philippa Vereker on Facebook)

Join the conversation on the Alternative view and the You can feel the shame of Emma 'n Ed thread on the message board.

And I'll leave you with a Fantasy Archers thread detailing new adult learning courses at Lower Loxley, including...

Watch and Weep Alvin Hall - making a success of your business during a recession
Course tutor: T Archer
Course components will include How to get started (Thanks Gran)Moving your business on(Cheers Brian), Asserting your Brand (Sorry Mum, Sorry Dad), Looking to the Future ( Christmas Novelty Food and The Easter Pork Bunny).
(Vicky S on the message board)

Tutors: E Pargeter and P Archer.
Lower Loxley proprietor Elizabeth explains how she never pays an employee if she can get them to work for free, whilst Pat relates the renaissance of the Ambridge Community shop...
[After the event, Pat and Elizabeth will both be available, if you would like to sign up as one of their volunteers.]
(Pat_Clifton on the message board)

Find out about all the wonderful Lower Loxley courses on the Fantasy Archers thread on the message board.

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Ambridge ups and downs - 19 November 2012

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 09:26 UK time, Monday, 19 November 2012

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Ploughing ahead

Fallon Rogers
So Rhys *does* feel the same!

Josh Archer
Cleared for hen action

Daniel Hebden Lloyd
Look out world, here he comes

In the slurry

Emma Grundy
Caught at the food bank

Hayley Tucker
About to be outsourced?

Lilian Bellamy
No sign of Leonie leaving

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A month in Ambridge - Down the plughole

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 15:34 UK time, Thursday, 15 November 2012

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A month in Ambridge

Nancy Banks-Smith casts her eye in our direction again.

"... you never saw a family further down the plughole..."

And to which couple does she liken the erotic twang of a snapped suspender...?

Keri Davies is an Archers scriptwriter and web producer.

Read the full article in The Guardian

"Why doesn't Will buy George off Ed and Emma? Win win" - listener discussions to 7 November 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 19:38 UK time, Tuesday, 13 November 2012

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Twitter quote

Ed and Emma's plight has touched many, and whilst some are finding it "too depressing", others say it represents "the struggles of so many of us". Will, Ed and Emma have all come under listener scrutiny and been found wanting, whereas Nic has had almost unanimous praise.

Horrified would best describe reactions to Leonie's appearance at the Dower House on Sunday night. Are listeners being punished?

There were plenty of suggestions for Lynda when it came to casting her Lord of Misrule. And what do Christine's "revelatory scones" really mean?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 1-7 November 2012.

Ed and Emma's troubles have really touched a nerve with many. Is it too depressing for The Archers?

This Ed and Emma storyline is so good. Real life in Ambridge- and the real struggles of so many of us. #thearchers (@novascotianboy on Twitter)

Isn't everyone feeling poor all of a sudden? Personally I'm finding Ed & Emma's struggles are ringing a bell. Everything has gone up, except wages. Food, petrol, rent, bills, my rail fare... It's a horrible feeling, looking around at things and knowing you can't afford them, and wondering at who can. Emma's storyline is making me feel like at least I'm not the only one feeling this way. (Laura's Knitting on Facebook)

It's so depressing listening to Emma's woes! Can we have some fun back please? A juicy affaire for lovely Lillian???? (@kobijojo on Twitter)

Some resourceful listeners have rallied round and offered their help...

What about the new Megadairy, Ed? Must need labourers. Go and see Brian Aldridge! #thearchers (@orpheliaknee on Twitter)

I keep looking round the house to see how many odd jobs I can find for Ed. #thearchers (@skywoman on Twitter)

Had I won the lottery last night I would have shared it with Ed and Emmur. #thearchers (@Carolmgw on Twitter)

Why doesn't Will buy George off Ed and Emma? Win win. (@ChirpsEstonia on Twitter)

Will's row with Ed had listeners pondering who - if anyone - deserved their sympathy

Oh Will, the air must be very rare up there on your high horse #TheArchers (@declarationball on Twitter)

Who would you really prefer as a son or even, son in law, Ed or Will? Easy choice....Will of course. (bring back nelson on the message board)

I can't wait for the episode where Will will realise that he has cash, but his soul has gone rotten with hatred for his much more likeable brother (Kevin O'Doherty on Facebook)

Ed is far more genuine than Will and he has worked hard to pull himself up by his shoe strings. Working hard with his cows. His Granddad is very proud of him and so am I. Will had it handed to him on a plate. Emma did wrong in marrying him as she was in love with Ed for far longer. But let him who has never made a mistake cast the first stone. Come on Ed we are all rooting for you. (megamoggers on the message board)

Of course George should be with Will, clearly he is the better parent and better able to provide for George's emotional as well as physical needs. Emma has made some very bad life choices, she is not fit to be a mother, I feel sorry for Ed having to put up with her. (Christine Jones on Facebook)

Shall I start making up the t-shirts then? #TeamEd #thearchers (@LRed82 on Twitter)

Who would you invite round for tea? Will or Ed? Add your thoughts on the message board.

"Splendid" Nic has had praise all round for her calm handling of the situation between Will, Ed and Emma over George

Nic was splendid tonight. She is the voice of reason in the midst of all this family angst. (JudithL on the message board)

Absolutely. *AND* Will listened, too. He's not an ogre. He seemed genuinely to be engaged. He responds to love, which Nic really does feel -- in the care she takes, the concern she has for him, and his son. A great scene (Redbookish on the message board)

Yes - he's so unused to Nic challenging him, especially in the way she did - so fair & incisive, that he was like a gasping fish out of water. Good for her! (Carolyn on the message board)

Read more on the Nic thread on the message board.

Sunday's unexpected visitor at the Dower House had some running for cover


I feel we're being punished. (Nelson_G on the message board)

OMG, can't decide whether to vomit or commit hari kiri at the thought of James & Leonie back together... #TheArchers #CircleofHellnumber? (@OxonClearout on Twitter)

I enjoyed Matt's reaction - finding them about to get going, in the sitting room I assume, wild horses weren't going to drag him back in there for a coffee. I've no sympathy for Lil, she made her son into the horror he is. (old cath on the message board)

There is one good thing about it. They will hopefully disappear back to London together PDQ. Please Please Please ! (fabsupergran on the message board)

Another whingeing man, as if we have not enough with Will. Perhaps Leone could help him down stairs in the old Western film tradition! The sound of splintering banisters would be music to my ears. (Lynda Everington on Facebook)

Add your thoughts to the message board discussion: James and Leonie together again?

There were plenty of suggestions for Lynda's Lord of Misrule for her Christmas show, but not so many votes for Kenton

TILLY BUTTON! #thearchers #lordofmisrule (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Jazzer Jazzer Jazzer! Has to be Lord of misrule. #theArchers (@AnnaEdwa on Twitter)

Kenton is too unreliable- he could be the Lord of Not Turning Up. (Earldunda)

Add your vote on the message board: Lord of Misrule

Were Christine's "revelatory scones" hinting at a romance with Jim?

Jim and Christine up a tree/E.A.T.I.N.G (A cheese scone) #TheArchers (@Wimblebear on Twitter)

Love the idea of Christine's revelatory scones. Is there a recipe? (@AlisonMeaden on Twitter)

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Ambridge ups and downs

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 09:08 UK time, Monday, 12 November 2012

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Team Barack

Paul Morgan
Loving seeing Lilian again

Kenton Archer
Happily ensconced at The Bull

James Bellamy
Two women at his beck and call

Team Mitt

Ed Grundy
Hates giving in to Will

Elizabeth Pargetter
Big decisions to make

Brenda Tucker
Feeling the strain in the office

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Ambridge ups and downs - 5 November 2012

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 08:53 UK time, Monday, 5 November 2012

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Fallon Rogers
Cracker, Jaxx

Jim Lloyd
Write on!

Josh Archer
Henman hero, without a racquet

Damp squibs

Emma Grundy
The car's gone. Will George go too?

Matt Crawford
James is bad enough, but Leonie as well...

Nic Hanson
Caught in the middle again

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"The only suitable punishment for James..." - listener discussions to 31 October 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 14:30 UK time, Friday, 2 November 2012


Twitter quote

Listeners were delighted to hear James Bellamy getting his comeuppance this week as "Nurse Ratched" (Matt) and a revengeful Brenda took it in turns to look after him. However, the icing on the cake was when Tom turned up to visit.

Paul Morgan's furtive calls to Lilian have divided listeners. Some think he's sexy, others sinister. Should she stick with the devil she knows?

By far the biggest topic of discussion this week has been Ed and Emma and their money worries. Many reported being in tears as Emma struggled to cope. But have they brought it all on themselves?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 25-31 October 2012.

Ed and Emma's money worries have had many chipping in with advice - from ways to save money, cheap meal ideas and which benefits they should be claiming. Many admitted to shedding a few tears at this "powerful" storyline, but some think that it is too miserable for The Archers.

I'm actually beginning to worry about Ed and Emma. Somebody kick me and remind me it's not real. #TheArchers (@SteveDoherty1 on Twitter)

I can't help feeling a bit sorry for her. I wouldn't if they were lazy, but for a young couple to be willing to work hard but not be able to find the said work - that's not right. I can't help wishing for things to go better for them (StargazerwithOscar on the message board)

For those who are squeezed or know of people who are squeezed, people on well below median income are having a horrible time. It's not a coincidence that food banks are blooming around this country. It's not just that incomes are depressed but that the cost of essentials such as fuel and food have been increasing at an enormous rate. (old cath on the message board)

It's difficult to conjure sympathy for someone whose suffering is self-imposed, for someone whose pride, bitterness, jealousy and small-mindedness stops them at almost every turn from being the architects of their own salvation. (Mustafa Grumble on the message board)

It might be odd to say I feel for Ed but not Emma but they both have family and friends close to them! Get over your pride and ask for help (Laura Robjohns on Facebook)

They can't be badly off two lots of family allowance and both working, try living on a pension! She's a whinger big time! (Hazel Hammond on Facebook)

Milk went up 7p in our coop yesterday. I thought of Ed. I hope the increase is going to men like him. (Steve Celebritymonkey Simian on Facebook)

Have your say in the How can Ed and Emma be quite so broke? thread on the message board.

Tom Archer proved that he could talk about more than just his ready meals when he visited his cousin James. Many think they're a match made in...

Tom Archer, the only suitable punishment for James Bellamy #thearchers (@SarahSkelding on Twitter)

James and Tom. Tom and James. No, it's no good, I can't decide. So, they both must die... horribly. There, I feel better now. (Dr Toad Leg on the message board)

I almost feel it's worth putting up with these two ghastly people in order to hear them torturing each other! (Compassrose on the message board)

A good episode. Someone told Tom he was boring and James got what he deserved. What will Ma say, I wonder? (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger on the message board)

You'd think Tom would already know the name of every bacon/sausage related delicacy, wouldn't you. He's a leading expert, after all... Any other Christmas pork novelty ideas, ladies and gentlemen? (Turkey Baster on the message board)

If Tom is looking for a novelty sausage recipe for Christmas. May I suggest adding some minced up James? #TheArchers (@StephenDGH on Twitter)

Who gets your vote? Have your say in the James and Tom thread on the message board.

Listeners surprised themselves on Tuesday night by making positive comments about both Matt and Brenda after they stood up to James

I take back all the bad things I said about Matt recently. Unreservedly. He's a gem. (The devil wears Burberry on the message board)

Matt just made up for *everything* #thearchers (@helenatodd on Twitter)

It's rare for me to cheer on Brenda, but the joint torturing James efforts were magnificent. (EBGB on the message board)

#thearchers Brenda! You're gorgeous when you're angry. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

Join the conversation in the Fagash, Tiger and James thread on the message board

Lilian's furtive calls with Paul have split listeners - is he too good to be true?

Paul and Lillian! Paul and Lillian! Paul and Lillian! Paul and Lillian! I would LOVE it. #TheArchers (@tenderhooligan on Twitter)

I just wonder if Paul's THAT wonderful. His apple has got to have a worm. (Laura Thornton on Facebook)

Tiger and puss were made for each other, Paul would bore her to death. (Sue Pidgeon on Facebook)

Paul's uncannily well targetted phone calls give me the shivers. We haven't had a creepy Halloween SL for a while - Lilian alone in the Dower House, like Ingrid Bergman (haha) in 'Gaslight' .... ? (Eleanora Cornstalk on the message board)

I think it's like "Homeland". He isn't really a builder, he's a CIA operative and he's got cameras all over the house, and in her car. That's how he knows when Matt's just gone out etc. (Minihohum on the message board)

Place your bets on the Is Paul spying on Lilian? thread on the message board

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Quiz time - and not at The Bull

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 17:03 UK time, Thursday, 1 November 2012


Charles Collingwood (Brian) and Charlotte Martin (Susan) in the Eggheads studio

My thanks to Tim Bentinck (David Archer) for these photos, taken at BBC Scotland's headquarters where a team of Archers actors took on the Eggheads in the popular BBC Two quiz series of that name.

As well at Tim, the team comprised Charlotte Martin (Susan Carter), Rachel Atkins (Vicky Tucker), and Andrew Wincott (Adam Macy). It was captained by Charles Collingwood (Brian Aldridge).

The Eggheads team and The Archers team

We're told that the programme will air shortly before Christmas (we'll announce the date here) but the result is a firm secret.

It's been a quizzical time for Tim, who was also approached by his alma mater, the University of East Anglia, for a University Challenge team. Sadly didn't work out - but he does have a Celebrity Mastermind appearance coming up!

Keri Davies is an Archers scriptwriter and web producer.

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