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"I want Emma to go to her London wedding" - listener discussions to 17 October 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 01:10 AM, Friday, 19 October 2012

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Was Will Grundy's gift (a guinea pig) to George just a kind gesture? Some listeners have their doubts. And as Ed and Emma are left with another mouth to feed, there's a whip round on the message board to get Emma to her friend's big London wedding.

Kenton's job swap idea was met with much derision - he really hasn't thought this through, has he? Poor Fallon. Perhaps she could find solace in Rhys - or Ed - or Jazzer?

As Lynda prepares for Ambridge's Elizabethan Christmas, Robert is praised and Lynda's "hectoring" efforts are lambasted.

And finally, many faced a Sunday night dilemma as Felix Baumgartner mis-timed his epic leap into the record books.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 11-17 October 2012.

Will Grundy has come under the spotlight this week, castigated by some for "scoring points" when it comes to young George. But perhaps Ed is at fault too?

Where there's a Will, there's affray #thearchers (@2ndcitysuit on Twitter)

I so thought Will had got himself together due to the love of a good woman and was over trying to score points on Ed and Emma by using George as a pawn in his game - how very wrong I was. (Scarlett the Harlot on the message board)

Will can't ever forgive Ed and Em, he probably spends his spare time hatching plans rather than birds. (Purple_Hay on the message board)

Ed does exactly the same thing, it was petty of him to veto Will's suggestion of keeping the guinea pig at his house. (Auntie Molly on the message board)

If Ed really cared about George he would realise Will has an important role to play in his life rather than trying constantly to curtail it. (bebopalula on the message board)

Have your say on the message board: Will, you have reverted to being bitter and twisted

There was a big discussion about Emma's wedding invitation - and a whip round on the message board. Should she treat herself or would the money be better spent on George's trainers and jeans?

I'm quite touched by the Emma/Ed wedding storyline. I'm sure many young mothers end up feeling like cinderella. #thearchers (@BeckyIBe on Twitter)

Well, *I* want Emma to go to her London wedding. I know she`s done some shocking, selfish things in the past, but she IS a grafter and she does worry about feeding and clothing the kids... So I`m passing the hat around here. I do realise that I will probably be funding the whole expedition myself, but I thought it was worth a try. (Ambridge Forever Frittering on the message board)

I think they BOTH should go. They don't get much fun. (Elizabeth Church on the message board)

Oh my word. Over the decades it's always been the Grundys to bring the lump to the throat. #thearchers (@SJG99 on Twitter)

To treat themselves while the kids need shoes or meat for dinner would be unforgivable in my book. (Dailyfix on the message board)

She needs to grow up, stop being so selfish and get a job instead of moaning about having no money. She has created her own problems, George would be much better off with his dad. Emma has become every bit as irritating as her mother. (Christine Jones on Facebook)

By the way, Emma, you know that bed you made? Well, you're lying in it. #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

Please give generously: Well, *I* want Emma to go to her London wedding

Kenton's job swap idea gets the big thumbs down from most listeners. What was he thinking?

Honestly, Kenton, you are the limit! You can't just hand out jobs in a business you don't own. #thearchers (@SpareMousie on Twitter)

Kenton the Obnoxious - that's what he is (Arthur Vezin on Facebook)

#TheArchers Can't see Kirsty would be too chuffed. Shouldn't she have 1st dibs at managing Jaxx? (@MeAndMissMcGee on Twitter)

Everything Kenton touches is a total mess- except he never takes responsibility himself. (Earldunda on the message board)

If Kenton had stopped to think about all this and how it affected him in particular, he might not have proposed the daft idea. What happens if his relationship with Jolene founders? He has given up a reasonable position which marks him out as an independent man who works in the same industry as his partner. (atalik on the message board)

Join the debate: Jolene and Fallon won't be happy about it?

Is Rhys a catch for Fallon? Her recent conversation with Ed raised some hopes that perhaps they'd get back together. But maybe a reformed Jazzer would be a better bet?

Too cute. Rhys and Fallon. #thearchers (@SueHomeyard on Twitter)

now jazzer is being housetrained by jim he may become quite the catch. And then what will fallon do #thearchers (@ElizabethJane55 on Twitter)

I'm still hoping for Fallon and Ed. #TheArchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)

Seriously if Fallon doesn't get with Rhys, I'm going to Ambridge and snapping him up myself. #thearchers (@janemortimer on Twitter)

As Lynda prepares for Ambridge's Elizabethan Christmas some think Lynda's recruitment techniques leave something to be desired

The Snell woman is the worst sort of nosey parker, busybody. (clarityjames on the message board)

La Smell is a royal pain in the butt. I bet she was chased out of Sunningdale by enraged neighbours who had enough of her incessant but carefully judged bullying and hectoring; the sort of selfish railroading she used on Kirsty. (barwick_green on the message board)

Every village has a Linda, my own included... the harsh fact is that the Lindas of this world do quite a lot to support and cement village life and we are all conscious of this. Therefore, and somewhat grudgingly, we will do the village panto and we will pitch up for the village tidy up etc. I do think the character is accurate and it is a good sign that I can love her in one episode and loathe her in the next. (ian_wilts on the message board)

Love her or loathe her? Add your thoughts to the Why can't somebody... thread on the message board.

They were much more positive about Robert's ideas for the show..

Linda and Richard creating a @the_globe in the village hall for their Much Ado, my new favourite storyline #thearchers (@charliemorley on Twitter)

Go Robert! #thearchers. He is brilliant, awwww lyndie... (ElizabethLouisa on Twitter)

No one has ever said to me I'll build you a Globe Theatre....wanna Robert please! #thearchers (@40lucyjordan on Twitter)

And I'll leave you with the dilemma listeners faced on Sunday night as Austrian Felix Baumgarten prepared to enter the record books with the highest ever sky dive.

Wait - is this jump from the edge of space thing going to clash with #thearchers? That's just bad planning! (@beckyblackbooks on Twitter)

Looks like Nigel finally lost his longest freefall record #thearchers #stratos #baumgartner (@coatgal on Twitter)

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