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"It will be ok Vicky" - listener discussions to 29 August 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 12:12 UK time, Friday, 31 August 2012


Twitter quote

Listeners offered sympathy and words of hope for Vicky Tucker after her call about her amniocentesis test results. Whilst everyone thinks she'll want to go ahead with the pregnancy whatever happens, many doubt that Mike will.

"Nasty" Matt Crawford is thought to be beyond the pale in taking advantage of naïve Darrell, but listeners raised a huge cheer as Lilian returned to sort things out.

They weren't so happy to hear Kathy Perks persuading young Jamie to go back to college. Consensus is that he'll be wasting his time.

And on hearing David Archer's tormentors plead guilty, some admit to feeling cheated out of a court room drama.

Over in Ambridge Extra, Kenton's ears must be burning as listeners dissect his shady past. Should Jolene trust him? And what exactly is Lance up to?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 23-29 August 2012

There were hugs for Vicky on Wednesday night after her upsetting call about her test results. Whilst Sunday lunch at Roy and Hayley's was tense, many thought it made for great drama

I could feel the tension in my living room! Mike can just about cope with the thought of a baby if it is "perfect", but he will not want Vicky to continue with the pregnancy if the baby has Down's syndrome. (MoorlandMinx on the message board)

I think this is the best storyline at the moment by a long way--I hope it doesn't get too neatly wrapped up like too many others of late, although like others here I'm not at all sure how well a long-term story of a child with Down's would be handled. (Amy Bridge on the message board)

I'm finding the Mike/Vicky storyline in #thearchers one of the most touching, heart wrenching pieces of drama I've experienced. (@MrChrisDaykin on Twitter)

Awww. Hope Mike and Vicky realise soon that a baby is a baby, a child is a child - Downs Syndrome or not. #TheArchers (@AnnieBannister on Twitter)

Well #thearchers that was a sad little ending. Be watching closely how this story unfolds (@TheGrumpyBitch on Twitter)

It will be ok Vicky #thearchers (@Sarahurbanmum on Twitter)

Add your thoughts to the Roy, Hayley, Mike, Vicki together thread on the message board.

Naïve Darrell "needs his head examining" for getting in too deep with Matt. Will they both end up back in prison? Whilst some think this storyline is too gritty for The Archers, there was a delighted cheer on Sunday night as Lilian - at long last - came to the Walters' rescue

#thearchers Good old Lillian! CheckMate Matt!!! (@BuddyGB on Twitter)

I usually like Matt, but sometimes forget he has the scruples of a slug. #thearchers (@willemharvey on Twitter)

Matt needs locking up: he exploits the weakness of all about him: Darrell, the Walters and especially Lilian. I wish he'd meet a really serious criminal (or the SFO). (snarklehound on the message board)

If Darryl and Brenda get into trouble because of Matt, they've only got themselves to blame, if you lie down with dogs then you'll get up with fleas! (Angela Stepney on the message board)

Oh, just take the milkround job, Daryl. At least you won't spend Christmas on B-wing playing ping-pong with Matt. #thearchers (@jtwentyman on Twitter)

Darryl's admission to Lil is the perfect prelude to a major bust-up between Tigga and Puss Puss - and isn't Amside funded by the Widow Bellamy? Couldn't she threaten to pull the financial rug from under former lag Matt? (BanquetBangersBaroness on the message board)

Matt, don't forget to bring back the balls from your golfing weekend, when Lillian's finished with you, you may need them #thearchers (@salvatorRosa on Twitter)

Join the conversation on the message board threads: Matt - the pits and Why did Darrell tell Lilian?

If it was up to listeners, Jamie Perks would leave college pronto as he's clearly not the academic type. Perhaps he could take on Harry's old job? Kathy's relationship with her son has been found wanting but listeners are divided on who's to blame

yeah Jamie you're so mature and rational, you're definitely convincing us that you can judge your own best interests #thearchers (@conelraduk on Twitter)

#thearchers Cathy just shut up! Anyone would go to college to get away from you droning on! (@MoiTrez on Twitter)

Jamie is exactly the sort of person who should be "put off" by the prospect of a student debt because university plainly isn't for him. (SredniVashtar07 on the message board)

Just because he has an 'academic' mother does not mean she has brought him up to know the value of hard work and keenness, punctuality and an ability to get on with people. Kathy's mothering skills... have been seriously lacking during his adolescence and where he is at now. To offer an apprenticeship because he's not fit for university rather appears to be the plan. A rude awakening might be in the offing. (libranmeg on the message board)

She shouldn't put up with the way he speaks to her, but do I see where he's coming from. There was one nice moment way back when they were looking out of the window laughing and Joe and Eddie's antics and I thought how rare that was. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger on the message board)

#thearchers but wait, if sullen Jamie goes back to college, who will be Mike's new milkman? (@BeingDoris on Twitter)

Who's to blame? Add your thoughts on the message board

And as news spread about Keith Horrobin and his cohorts pleading guilty, listeners wonder if this is the abrupt end of the Farmageddon story?

#thearchers intimidation plot crashes to the ground as the crooks unsportingly plead guilty..... :-) (@potterwigham on Twitter)

Over in AmbridgeExtra, as "the voyage of the damned" continues, Kenton's shady past is scrutinised. Should Jolene trust him after Mel's revelation about her abortion? And what's up with Lance?

Poor Jolene! Lucy's bitter, Kenton's selfish & Lance, using her as a pawn. Click your heels 3x and go home. #thearchers #ambridgeXtra (@ukdannim on Twitter)

Dump them all, Jolene, and go and have a proper holiday somewhere. (toffee on the message board)

How could Jolene possibly be confident that Kenton is in it for the long haul, whatever he might say. She knows that he walked out on two previous relationships. If she doesn't already know him pretty well for what he is (and isn't) then she's a fool. (PhylisDoris on the message board)

#AmbridgeExtra it seems more and more likely that Kenton may be moving back in with Lizzy on his return from NZ #thearchers. (@iluvthearchers on Twitter)

What is lances secret? What was he doing in that cabin on his own? I couldn't work it out *puzzled face* (@CageyManchester on Twitter)

Is Lance a cross dresser? Or just still in love with Mereil's mum? Couldn't quite make out what Mereil stumbled over (Rosemary Forrest on Facebook)

Catch up with the Ambridge Extra gossip on the message board.

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Down's syndrome - help and advice

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 14:20 UK time, Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Terry Molloy and Rachel Atkins (Mike and Vicky Tucker)

If you've been affected by Mike and Vicky's storyline, you may find these organisations helpful

The Down's Syndrome Association provides advice on best practice for supporting people with Down's syndrome at every stage of life. They have a comprehensive range of resources and targeted support services for people with Down's syndrome, their families, carers and the professionals who work with them.
Helpline: 020 8614 5100 Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm.

bibic is a national charity offering practical help to families caring for children with conditions like autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, developmental delay, brain injury, and specific learning difficulties like ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. They specialise in understanding the causes of challenging behaviour and can even offer support if your child has not been diagnosed with a condition.
Telephone: 01278 684060

Contact a Family is a UK-wide charity providing support, advice and information to families with disabled children, no matter what their disability or health condition. They can also put families in contact with others whose child has the same condition.
Helpline: 0808 808 3555.

Antenatal Results and Choices is a national charity providing specialised non-directive information and support to parents throughout antenatal testing and when a problem is suspected or diagnosed in their unborn baby. They offer help for as long as is needed whatever decision is made about the future of the pregnancy.Their services include a national helpline, a volunteer peer telephone support network, moderated online support forums and a range of supportive publications.
Helpline: 0845 077 2290 or 020 7713 7486 from a mobile (weekdays from 10am to 5.30pm)

NCT (formerly the National Childbirth Trust) is a leading parenting charity. Each year the charity supports hundreds of thousands of parents through a life-changing experience, offering expert information and trusted practical and emotional support through the website, the nationwide network of 300 local branches, free helplines, antenatal and postnatal classes, breastfeeding counselling and peer support schemes.
Telephone: 0300 330 0770
Helplines: Pregnancy & Birth 0300 330 0772; Breastfeeding 0300 330 0771; Postnatal 0300 330 0773; Shared Experiences 0300 330 0774

Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer

Picture shows Terry Molloy and Rachel Atkins (Mike and Vicky Tucker)

Ambridge ups and downs - 27 August 2012

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 09:15 UK time, Monday, 27 August 2012



You can receive this light-hearted round-up in The Archers weekly email newsletter , along with other Archers-related news and features.

Bank holiday weekend

Freddie Pargetter
Following in his father's hoofsteps

Fallon Rogers
Running The Bull her way

David Archer
Won't have his day in court - thank goodness

Bank holiday washout

Shula Hebden Lloyd
Struggling with her ailing former in-laws

Mike and Vicky Tucker
Who'd be in their shoes?

Darrell Makepeace
Not a natural villain

Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer.

"These are the first tears I've shed for Vicky" - listener discussions to 22 August 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 13:17 UK time, Friday, 24 August 2012


Vicky's dilemma has generated a huge amount of discussion with many divided. Is the storyline too dark? Should she go ahead with the amniocentesis test? Will her marriage hold up under the pressure?

Listeners have shared their heartfelt stories. Jamie Perks' exam results are in and there's plenty of debate about what he should do next. Kathy's "oppressive" parenting skills have been criticised. But Rosa seems to have been given cautions thumbs up from some.
Ed and Emma financial woes have elicited some sage budgeting advice from listeners.
And over in New Zealand in Ambridge Extra, some think that Mel's revelations about Kenton's past will be the last straw for Jolene.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 16-22 August 2012.

Will it all end in tears for Vicky? Whilst some listeners fear that this is one dark storyline too far for The Archers, others say that it's really struck a chord by airing issues around older parenthood. Many have shared their experiences of amniocentesis tests and of having children with Down's Syndrome. A few listeners wonder whether her marriage will survive this challenging time.

Is Vicky the most naive person on the planet or just the most uneducated? She has a good heart but everything seems to come as a surprise to her ... she should be a little bit more clued up about life in general shouldn't she? (docklie on the message board)
I hope Vicky ignores all pressure and has her much wanted loved baby no matter what (Threewellsofmyown on the message board)
I've been in Vicky's situation and feel that it was a very brave choice of storyline. I was fortunate enough to have a different test to the amnio being discussed and the results came back in 2 days (wonderful service from the NHS) ... I feel the way the subject has been treated thus far is very realistic and relevant to many women - regardless of age. (Emma Peck on Facebook)
Brings back memories. Hubby and I had to make the same decision 28 years ago. ! :-( (@Rdgfootyfan on Twitter)
I have a daughter with Down's Syndrome - she is brilliant- a young adult who has a very full and exciting life. She certainly does not "suffer" with Down's Syndrome and she is not a "burden". She was listening to tonight's episode with me in the car. I was hoping nothing negative would be said. (jot1812 on the message board)
I really think Vicky would be a fab mother whatever happens. Downs or no downs. #thearchers (@jaynemortimer on Twitter)
These are the first tears I've shed for Vicky, whom I've always disliked, but now I really feel for her, and for all women whose hopes of motherhood have been dashed in any way. (seraphicDigitalis on the message board)
Add your thoughts to the Come on Vickoi and Poor poor Vicky threads on the message board.

Young Jamie Perks' AS results are in and he has decided to ditch college. Perhaps he'd be better off taking over Harry's milk round or training for a career in forestry. Most think that Kathy, the "patron saint of clingy mothers", should back off.
Good lad Jamie. Don't bother with uni. Think of the money! #thearchers (@GorlestonJames on Twitter)
He's obviously gonna take Harry's job and move in with Jazzer. Kathy may never recover from either horror! (toffee on the message board)
Kathy is the patron saint of embarrassing mothers. Cringe #thearchers (@archelina on Twitter)
Isn't there a 3x5ft Photo of Jamie in living room from when he was 6 (minus front teeth) #TheArchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)
I think Jamie would be much better off training in something like forestry or pub management. He doesn't sound all that interested in academic study, so why put himself through this torment and financial hardship to end up with qualifications that will get him no further on than he is now? (Dragonfly on the message board)
Advice has been offered when it comes to Jamie's love life; perhaps he'd be better off with Rosa than 'full-of-herself' Natalie.
And wasn't there an awful lot of 'MY' boyfriend, 'MY' party, 'MY' house? Natalie may have been a bit wasted but success didn't bring out the nice side or her, did it? (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger on the message board)
I like Rosa. She's like a Lillian in training. #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)
Give Jamie the benefit of your advice on the message board.

Ed and Emma's financial crisis has hit a chord and there was plenty of sympathy for their plight
Never thought I say this but I'm feeling sorry for Emma. The scenes between her and Susan are really quite touching. #thearchers (@babyniss on Twitter)
Dare one suggest charity shops for Kiera's new clothes? They do wash and are perfectly good - it's not as if the baby's going to know. (StargazerwithOscar on the message board)
Emma wouldn't be seen dead in a charity shop. She would worry about who saw her going in for one thing. (cherrytree on the message board)
Friends say it is so much harder to be poor in the country than in the town - fuel costs, lack of competition between local shops, high heating costs if one doesn't have a log burner etc etc .... (anna kist on the message board)
Share your thoughts in the Emma and Ed - financial crisis thread on the message board

Over in New Zealand in Ambridge Extra, Mel's revelations about Kenton has had some wondering whether Jolene would be better off without him.
Kenton on the slippery slope again. Kick his backside Jolene. Merri needs a kicked backside as well! #ambridgeextra not fun at the moment. (@cheekiechappy on Twitter)
Does Jolene (Or Aiden for that matter) know that Kenton & Mel married for convenience in the first instance? Might Jolene think that Kenton embarked on a relationship with her partly for convenience? After all, he was living at Lower Loxley at the time. (Dee on the message board)
Jolene certainly does now, with Mel having been quite open about it during her "gosh I really can't help it I can't stop talking oh there I go again" bit yesterday. (Mustafa Grumble on the message board)
Poor Jolene, now she's being tapped for funds to spend a week being seasick and frightened to death by a master mariner who has spent the last 20years as near to the centre of England as you can get (Tellmeboutit on the message board)
Kenton is mad to spend that much on trying to woo Meriel, especially as I have my doubts about his still being in a fit condition to sail a boat for a week, and cater for the trip. Won't they al be tearing each other to pieces in such close proximity after so long not seeing each other? (Lakey_Hill on the message board)
Join the conversation in the Ambridge Extra topic on the message board

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'Fig roll?' - listener discussions to 15 August 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:52 UK time, Monday, 20 August 2012


Lynda once again stole listeners' hearts with her compassion for pregnant Vicky in not one but two episodes - though her immaculately timed offer of biscuits proved she'd only empathise so far. As for the mum-to-be, many listeners are concerned about where the storyline is heading and are hoping that it'll be sensitively handled wherever it ends up.

Meanwhile, Harry's departure via Ambridge Extra and its announcement in The Archers itself left some thinking he'd behaved out of character. The same couldn't be said of Brian who's been as "arrogant" and "untrustworthy" as ever - and listeners didn't seem to want him any other way.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 9 and 15 August 2012.

After her scene-stealing stint organising the Community Games, Lynda Snell was winning even more praise for her selfless acts of kindness towards Vicky.

She was lovely, wasn't she? Said exactly the right things. (Ermintrude on the message board)

For all her faults, I like Linda and would rather have her and Robert as my neighbours than any of the Archer family. I hate it when the SLs make a fool of her. (Ourthora on the message board)

What a great friend you're being to Vicky even when you regret not having children yourself. You're fab! (@cleggyman on Twitter)

Lynda can be very sweet sometimes. I wish we were allowed to hear that side of her more often. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

Great how people have noticed Lynda's pain when so many don't in real life. #thearchers (@bramblejam on Twitter)

Ive just listen to last nights programe and wat great scences between Lynda and Vicky ive allways like Lynda shes a pain but a real friend and may long may she continue (Bryn Hackley on Facebook)

I think it is her very special blend of thoughfulness and then dreadful, irritating bossiness on other occasions, which make her the great character that she is. (Siriol on the message board)

Join the Snell Appreciation Society in the Lovely Lovely Lynda thread.

Despite the compliments, it was noted that Lynda quickly found a way of changing the subject when Vicky's mentions of medical matters got too much.

The fig roll. Always an appropriate biscuit for responding to someone else's gynaecological news. #thearchers (@knittingpenguin on Twitter)

Smear tests and periods? Lynda does the fig roll diversion tactic. #thearchers (@MrsDench on Twitter)

Lynda displays correct R4 response to discussing p*riods: shoving a fig roll in Vicky's mouth to stop her talking. #thearchers #womanshour (@jonreed on Twitter)

Period------ fig roll anyone? Very funny!!!! dear old lynda I know how she felt don't like all this personal stuff! (marg on the message board)

Find out what other listeners have to say about Lynda's story in the Fig Roll thread.

As the story of Vicky's pregnancy develops, speculation is mounting about what the outcome will be, prompting some listeners to voice their concerns about how it's handled.

So The Archers scriptwriters have included an unborn baby who may have Down's Syndrome. Interested (anxious?) to see where they go with this (@stricolo on Twitter)

I know its drama and not real, but i'd like to see this storyline treated properly. its much more common for women to be having children at the 40+ mark than ever before and this could be an opportunity to look at some of the questions that it raises (Rosered_gardener on the message board)

oh I hope she goes to term, it would be so distressing to listen to if vicky loses baby now (dizzyknits on the message board)

I do hope Vicky's pregnancy won't be used to put her in "jeopardy" so we love her more. (Fa-Fa Aweigh on the message board)

Oh no, is Vickoi gonna lose the baby? #SATTC #TheArchers (@hugzee on Twitter)

Here here!!!!! Let's have a positive outcome for an 'elderly primigravida'..... (Margaret Eccles on the message board)

I quickly started to think they're teasing us. Vicky is over-reacting to a statistical risk. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

Read more listener opinions in the Vicky, please don't buy loads of baby clothes thread.

With the return of Fallon and Jazzer came the news that Harry had rekindled a romance with an old flame, surprising some, though definitely not all listeners - and leaving others wondering if it was all a bit out of character.

Harry? Really? Good lord they are all coming out of the woodwork now. Who next Bert Fry? Bartelby? #thearchers (@SmithPeterScott on Twitter)

Harry's gone off with his old boyfriend, who knew! Poor Fallen, unlucky in love again. #TheArchers (@missy_t_k on Twitter)

He's meticulous, orderly, conscientious and above all POLITE. He wouldn't just dump Mike like that. He wouldn't even have just dumped Jazzer like that, since Jazzer now need to assess his accommodation status in a hurry. (Cuddly Giant Squid on the message board)

I'll set my criticism of this storyline out straight away - I don't thnk Harry would run off without working his notice. It doesn't seem in character. But I am pleasantly surprised with the way Harry's sexuality has been handled (in TA and AmEx). (Curiously Frittering on the message board)

Given that Harry had become such a marginal character, I think they could have got rid of him much more simply, perhaps with a decent job offer elsewhere. (Rachel Dunlop on the message board)

As far as I am concerned I heard for the first time last night that Harry was gay. I think they dreamt this up as a way to get shot of him - they want Mike milkmanless for some reason. (Bebopalula on the message board)

I'm with Kathy - I feel robbed in not being able to overhear when Susan found about about Harry. #thearchers (@StevenPerkins on Twitter)

Join the discussion about latest events on the road on the Ambridge Extra board.

Back in Ambridge, Brian's acting true to type and is all the more popular for it, though not everyone's on his side in his ongoing clash with Adam.

Brian gets better and better today! 'He wants me to get down and lick his boots!' whinges Adam. Serve the arrogant spoiled brat right! (Mountetna2 on the message board)

I love Brine and it serves Adam right. About time he realised that he is not indispensable. He threatens to leave and then has a hissy fit when his employer tries to fill the vacancy. (Diamontelil on the message board)

I really wanted Adam to tell Brian to stick his job tonight. And then hopefully Brian would struggle as he said he would to find someone better. (Sue on the message board)

I love you Brian. LOVE YOU. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

Hit him Adam! Arrogant Brian #thearchers (@loracenna on Twitter)

Well Adam, that's what I call instant karma. #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

Adam won't be shortlisted - lacks the essential & desirable characteristics outlined in the person specification #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)

Think Brian is out-of-order. Know many disagree & Adam a bit of a ... but Brian being his usual untrustworthy self. (@DN100000 on Twitter)

Oh Brian, holding all the cards. But not much of a poker face. Glee dripping off him like chlorinated water. #TheArchers (@RadioAmbridge on Twitter)

Show your support for either Team Brian or Team Adam in the Rubbing mAdam's nose in it... thread.

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Ambridge ups and downs - 20 August 2012

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 09:05 UK time, Monday, 20 August 2012



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Golden memories

Pip Archer
Nothing burned down

Rosa Makepeace
Getting closer to Jamie

We are just having fun, no?

Four long years

Vicky Tucker
A shadow is cast

Fallon Rogers
Throwing herself into work instead

Jamie Perks
Not making the grade - as a boyfriend, too

Ambridge ups and downs - 13 August 2012

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 10:12 UK time, Monday, 13 August 2012



This light-hearted round-up of who's having a good, and a not-so-good, time in the village used to feature on our homepage. In the future, you can find it here on the blog. Or sign up for our newsletter and get in your inbox every week, along with other Archers-related news and features.

Harvest Home

Brian Aldridge
Always seems to get his way

Harry Mason
Back with his true love

Matt Crawford
Scheming again

Home Alone

Mike Tucker
Working for two

Adam Macy
Oh, the guilt...

Eddie Grundy
Boar meat, anyone?

Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer.

'Her heavenly cloud has been reserved' - listener discussions to 8 August 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 15:58 UK time, Saturday, 11 August 2012


Twitter quote

Is it all over for Adam and Ian? Listeners pick over their "cracking row" on Friday. And as for Adam's infidelity, they're shocked! Will Pawel turn to blackmail?

Over at Willow Cottage, Phoebe's coming home party had many laughing out loud. They have placed their bets on the baby's date of arrival, weight and name. How about Bubbles Tucker?

Almost everyone thinks that Shula was delighted with her birthday present. Not the lovely handbag from Alistair, but the opportunity to be a "martyr".

Beyond the bypass in Ambridge Extra, some think that Fallon will be making the "walk of shame" the morning after, and others are delighted that Jazzer may have finally got his girl.

And the debate continues about whether The Archers has become too racy of late with some listeners saying they're thinking of switching off, and others that they've been "gripped"...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 2-8 August 2012.

Listeners took sides over Ian's "cracking row" with Adam on Friday. Whilst most were cheering Ian on, some felt that Adam was right to feel unsupported

Ian does a cracking row when he's riled. I was cheering him over the finish line - the door slam. #thearchers (@BeckyIBe on Twitter)

Well said Ian! Adam deserved that! (Rhondda-Flo Harper on Facebook)

Adam has a real chip with regard to Brian and acts like a stroppy teenager rather than talking the matter and options through with Ian. Good grief he's about 45!! (Hayseed on the message board)

Adam should leave the miserable moany git. Ian has offered his partner almost no support. What he accuses Adam of, he is guilty of in spades. He cares nothing about his partner's discomfort and Bryans appalling behaviour towards Adam at work, all he cares about is his nice life in Ambridge and his cushy job with Caroline. (Poorgrass on the message board)

On Sunday eyebrows were raised - not just because we discovered Adam in a hotel with Pawel, but because we were listening in on Saturday's events! Will Pawel spill the beans? Take Adam's job? Blackmail him? Boil a bunny? It's all been suggested...

@BBCTheArchers #thearchers All over the country there are middle class people doing their own impression of "The Scream' (@Martinsconfused on Twitter)

High-maintenance, self-obsessed, needy and now (though you don't know it yet) unfaithful. What do you see in him, Ian? #thearchers (@VibianOldaker on Twitter)

I think Adam and Ian are history. Ian might regret being so honest (Purple_Hay on the message board)

Join the discussion on the I think Adam and Ian are history thread on the message board

Phoebe's welcome home party on Tuesday - and particularly Vicky's herculean efforts to tell everyone that she was pregnant - was likened to Abigail's Party in the cringe-inducing stakes. It was roundly praised

Brian and Jennifer at their dreadful best, Roy being as masterful as soggy wallpaper and Vicky being excruciating. And the barbie caught fire! (sidney-rabbit on the message board)

Ears bleeding, toes curling, cringe factor off the scale, chalk on a blackboard but hilarious. Superb episode. (clarityjames on the message board)

'I think they guessed'. This caused major snorting among the children round the kitchen table last night #thearchers (@parmavi0lets on Twitter)

love the way vicki is able to merrily be without empathy in an almost psychopathic way! #thearchers. (@itsjustahobby on Twitter)

Haven't laughed so much at The Archers in quite a while! (Lynda Robertson on Facebook)

Read all the reactions in the Tuesday's epi and Hilaruim threads on the message board.

Whilst listeners don't think it's a given that everything will go smoothly with Vicky's late pregnancy, they're placing bets on the baby's birth weight, date and name...

16lb 10oz.21st November, 6lb 4oz, Boy, Snuggles Miracle Tucker (claireachuff)

Mike will choose the names just as he did with Roy and Brenda. So I predict twin girls: Doreen and Maureen Tucker. (Lilians twin on the message board)

Place your bets on the message board.

Happy birthday Saint Shula! Whilst Bunty's fall meant that Shula missed out on a trip to the Olympics on Wednesday, some think it made her day

Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Not only smug but a bluddy martyr as well. Just as I think I have run out of ways to hate Shools another one presents itself. (La Sharpissima on the message board)

Her heavenly cloud has been reserved and awaits her saintly posterior! (Angela Stepney on the message board)

Alastair should know by now that there is no better birthday present for Shula than the chance for her to be a martyr. #thearchers (@deborahbowman on Twitter)

Add your birthday wishes to the So long as you're having a good time thread on the message board.

Over in a camper van, somewhere beyond the bypass, Ambridge Extra delivered a few surprises for listeners... But has Jazzer finally got his girl?

Ick, ick, ick - Fallon & Jazzer?!!! No, no, noooooooo!!!!! #TheArchers#AmbridgeExtra (@ConstansFidei on Twitter)

She will be sorry today !#walkofshame (@costlytrinket on Twitter)

About Damn time Jazzer got his girl #thearchers @BBCTheArchers (@tomwilliams1990 on Twitter)

Fallon brings out the best in Jazzer - and I thought he behaved beautifully last night. Maybe he only needs the love of a good woman to make him change his ways. Frogs into Princes etc etc. Let's hope so - I've always had a soft spot for him, anyway. (FancyAnnie on the message board)

@BBCTheArchers loving the Withnail references in #AmbridgeExtra. Jazzer could give Withnail a run for his money! #thearchers (@NessaCarter on Twitter)

Join the Ambridge Extra conversation on the message board.

And finally, there's some debate on whether The Archers is getting too racy of late...

It is all too much! Stop racing through dramatic story lines at the rate of knots. Would the Brian / Siobhan story have been as good if it had not been drawn out over many months? I don't think so. It should be a gentle story about country folk please get back to that. (Kate Elliott on Facebook)

Is it just me, or are things a little boring this week....bring back 'The Terror at Brookfield'..... that had me gripped!!!! (JohnMc on Facebook)

Well I didn't like the Nigel thing or Farmageddon as I don't want to be upset or worried when I come to TA. But I think middle aged pregnancy story is great, and I really don't see why Adam and Ian's upset is any different from The Ruth/David Sam story just cos its gay... and I continue to gain from what the original idea was - as a townie, to get snippets of what is happening in rural life and work. (peacecandle on the message board)

Read all sides of the debate on the message board

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

Ambridge Extra - New Zealand and afloat!

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 11:28 UK time, Friday, 10 August 2012


Yacht anchored in the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand

Having spent time in South Africa and on the road in the Lake District, our spin-off series Ambridge Extra now visits its furthest-flung destination yet. Between now and the end of the series on 6 September, we follow Kenton and Jolene on their trip to New Zealand.

The Characters

As well as Kenton and Jolene, we meet:

  • Mel: Mel married Kenton in 1994 to help him stay and work in Australia. It grew into a love match, but the marriage fell apart after eight years.
  • Meriel: Kenton's daughter, who of course he seldom sees.
  • Aiden: Mel's new husband. He and Mel run an outdoor activities business.
  • Lance: Mel and Kenton's former business partner. They ran a sailing charter business in Australia until Kenton returned to the UK in 2002.
  • Lucy: Jolene is determined to visit the memorial to her husband SId, who died in New Zealand in 2010. But relations with Sid's daughter Lucy have always been difficult.

Photo gallery

You can view a photo gallery of cast and studio pictures.

Get on board

Several of the episodes are set on board a sailing yacht. Meriel is increasingly under the influence of her sporty (but non-sailing) step-father Aiden. So Kenton hopes the trip will re-kindle his relationship with his daughter.

I scripted the final six episodes, after taking the baton from my Archers colleague Caroline Harrington. The sea-going scenes were particularly fun to write, as I used to sail quite a bit. I qualified as a Day Skipper, which is rather lowly and way below the Yachtmaster ticket that Kenton, Mel and Lance possess. But I enjoyed applying my knowledge to getting the sailing technicalities as accurate as possible.

Not that you need to know anything about sailing to enjoy the episodes. It's just the background to a rollicking tale in which we learn a considerable amount about Kenton's colourful past Down Under.


You can hear Ambridge Extra on BBC Radio 4 Extra:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2.15pm.

Omnibus edition: Sundays at 11.15am and 7.15pm

(and for night owls on Mondays at 2.15am)

You can also get it on BBC iPlayer, or as a free download (podcast).

Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer.

  • View the photo gallery

  • Ambridge Extra programme page

  • Picture shows a yacht anchored in the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand, and is used under licence.

"Give that lady a medal!" - listener discussions until 1 August 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 12:20 UK time, Friday, 3 August 2012


archers blog post image



Give that lady a medal! As the London 2012 Olympics got under way, Ambridge staged its own version of the games, giving "trooper" Lynda Snell the opportunity to shine. Meanwhile, Vicky was coming to terms with some unexpected news and wondering how Mike was going to digest it - once he'd finished munching on his toast, that is. After a "pregnant pause" that many listeners thought would never end, a distraction arrived in the form of Phoebe, just off the plane and in for a few surprises - not least of which was that redecorated room! On the subject of overhauls, what's going on with "selfless" Brenda - and what did listeners make of Phoebe's experiences in Ambridge Extra?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 26 July and 1 August 2012.

It was sniffs all round as Lynda got some long overdue appreciation from the residents of Ambridge - and from many, though not all, of the listeners.

Oh Lynda. I've missed that Sniff! (@Wimblebear on Twitter)

Good for @LyndaSnell - they won't admit it, but they can't do without you! (@Mistress_Fiona on Twitter)

So the lovely Lynda comes up trumps - what a trooper - perhaps she can sort out the Olympic seating issues (@annsusanballard on Twitter)

But will Lynda's speechlessness last long? (Glen Berro on the message board)

An evening for those of us who heart Kenton and Lyndibots. Thank you SWs. I loved it. (Dusty Substances on the message board)

And not much of an evening for those of us who regard Kenton as a wastrel and Lynda as an interfering busybody. (Dickie on the message board)

Totally brilliant. Tonight was a real treat. (Lilians twin on the message board)

I heart Lynda. And Kenton. Boo hiss to the Stables Team. Were they drug tested? Al's got form. (Feral Ralph on the message board)

It was a very sweet and funny episode. (JamesJeffreyPaul on the message board)

Vicky's news is out, though it hasn't been rapturously received. It'd be fair to say that Mike's keeping his thoughts to himself, though listeners certainly aren't.

You don't have to the whole world Vicky, just tell Susan. (@Airscaper on Twitter)

I have had to take some deep breaths at the thought of being 80 and having a 17 year old. Nooooooooooooooo! I cannot conceive it and neither should have Vicky! (Locking for Gold on the message board)

That went down well. (Purple_Hay on the message board)

I think Mike needs something stronger than strong cheddar. (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

I think Mike has choked on his chutney. (@BeckyIBe on Twitter)

Make the best of it Mike. You had your fun now man up and support your wife and new family! (Skyebird on the message board)

He's a very conservative sort of bloke who doesn't like unexpected happenings, and it's going to take him a while to work out that he's happy about this (or else). (Chris Ghoti on the message board)

Was Mike's silence longer than Nigel's scream? (@chrisguess on Twitter)

To be fair, Mike's silence is better than his talking-through-toast of ten minutes ago. (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Mike's lost for words. Aka a pregnant pause... (@lauradavies24 on Twitter)

SAY something, Mike! (@modicana on Twitter)

If Mike's acting a bit withdrawn then he could learn a thing or two from Brenda, who's caused a few surprises by offering support to Vicky. Who is this woman? And what have you done with the real Brenda?! This sensitive, thoughful version is giving me the creeps... (CharmingAnnieLynn on the message board)

Brenda's being so kind and selfless. It's really unnerving. (@stevenperkins on Twitter)

Brenda is still redeemable and it was good to see her nice side. I liked her when Betty was still alive. (mistypetty on the message board)

I don't often say this (in fact, I've probably never said it before) but hooray for Brenda. (@janewright on Twitter)

Brenda finally coming through! Yay! (@ElizabethLouisa on Twitter)

Brenda has always been so mean to Vicky it was really nice to hear her be kind and sympathetic. (Dailyfix on the message board)

That scene was brilliant, and both actors excelled themselves. Mind you, I've always had a soft spot for Brenda. (Mieteka on the message board)

If there was warmth for Brenda then there was sympathy for Phoebe, whose ordeal spending time with her mother finally came to an end in Ambridge Extra.
Can we do a petition to the foreign office to 'bring Phoebe home'. Now? (splitnotes on the message board)

Feebs dealt with it very well. Making it clear to Kate that she had gone much too far, but making an effort to help salvage her marriage. Good for her. (Anonymous on the message board)

She seemed to show that she really understood what Kate was like and didn't hate her for it. (Dora Pandle on the message board)

Oh dear. I have to confess I had tear in my eye at the end of that eppie. (Bette on the message board)

Welling up listening to end the of #ambridgeextra I think I have crossed some sort of line, I mean being an #archersaddict is bad enough. (@d_girl77 on Twitter)

Well done to whoever has developed such a thrilling storyline. (alsdouble on the message board)

HUGE sigh of relief as it appears Kate will not be on the plane with Phoebe. I had been getting worried. (@vencut2 on Twitter)

Poor old Pheebs! Ambridge'll be boring after all this! (toffee on the message board)

As if the upheavals of spending time with Kate weren't enough, Phoebe had a couple of surprises in store on her return to Ambridge - and that had listeners worried.
Surely all Phoebe wants is to use the toilet, some space and a sleep. #EveryoneGetOutOfTheBarbieGirlThemedBedroom (@johnjohn21 on Twitter)

Phoebe hates the room and parents hate the vase - love reigns in Ambridge (@Mistress_Fiona on Twitter)

"Different." Oh dear. (@jtwentyman on Twitter)

"And HERE's a picture of your mum with her friend Johan..." (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Phoebe sounds as enthusiastic as her Grandfather. (@Airscaper on Twitter)


Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

The Archers newsletter

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 10:10 UK time, Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Woman with laptop

From next Monday, we will be publishing a weekly Archers newsletter, which you can have delivered by email.

Among other treats, it will contain:

  • a summary of listener discussions
  • links to news about The Archers
  • a light-hearted digest of who's up and who's down in Ambridge
  • occasional audio highlights
  • a link to the latest episodes
  • and, as they say, much more.

It's free of charge, of course, and you can unsubscribe at any time. But if you'd like to give it a try, go to the newsletter sign-up page.

This newsletter replaces the very simple daily mail-out of The Archers synopsis. But the synopsis is still readily available. You can read it on this very site.

How to find The Archers episode synopses

  • A summary of each episode of The Archers appears on the relevant episode page the morning after the programme is broadcast.
  • Click on the Catch Up link in the top navigation bar. (This is also where you'd go to listen to recent episodes.)
  • Click on the date of the episode you are interested in.
  • That will take you to that day's episode page.
  • To make this easier, you can bookmark the Catch Up page so you can go straight there.
The daily synopsis of each show is published on the relevant episode page each morning, Monday (including the previous Friday and Sunday episodes) to Friday.

Please note sometimes the synopsis can take a while to appear on the page. We apologise for any delay.

Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer.

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