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"Time to launch Exocet Mabel at Amy" - listener discussions to 30 May 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 14:53 PM, Wednesday, 13 June 2012

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As Usha gives it to "Blamey Amy" with both barrels, there's a resounding cheer (and some relief) from listeners. As one put it: "that was utterly, splendidly cathartic."

We've had debates about Brookfield's mystery caller, Tony Archers' sandwiches and Adam and Ian's future.

And as republicans appear in Ambridge, listeners reveal their true colours...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 24-30 May 2012

"Blamey Amy" is still raising listeners' blood pressure. There was a loud virtual cheer as Usha told Amy some home truths on Monday.

Amy sounds like a stroppy 13 year old, even Feeby is more grown up! (Daniel Piggins on Facebook)

Anyone else think Qarl faked his entire marriage because Amy's father issues were doing his head in? #thearchers (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

I'M HIS WIFE!!! ... unlike you love, that were nout but a bit of fluff on the side, and thrown aside like a crumpled empty crisp bag when he was done with ya! Oh, that was good, so good, on soooooo many levels :- ) (bruxilda)

that *was* utterly, splendidly cathartic. Poor poor Usha--she'll be exhausted and fraught after that. (RedRepublicanBookish)

I hope she doesn't get a case of the guilts and apologise, I LOVED it. (maggiesaes)

Time to launch Exocet Mabel at Amy in #thearchers, I think... (@dustshoveller on Twitter)

Join the Team Usha crowd in the I'M HIS WIFE!!! thread on the message board.

As fear grips the inhabitants of Brookfield Farm, Ruth and David's judgement has been called into question. Why didn't Ruth call the police herself? Are they putting the children in danger? And will their mystery caller turn out to be part of a quite different story?

Now THAT's what you call a threatening phone call! #thearchers (@boorach2 on Twitter)

Archers is getting scarey. Call the cops David. (@TheRealJackDee on Twitter)

Why not tell the kids? They must know about the attack on Adam, and that David is going to be a witness. I would have thought that keeping them in the dark about the threats just makes them more vulnerable. (Freda Fry)

I have worries about matey on the telephone. The fact that he didn't fall into the cleverly laid trap when David and Ruth both asked him 'who is this?' shows he is intellectually superior to most of the denizens of Ambridge. (peter-francis)

I bet the badgers have paid him to do all this and it's nothing to do with the low-loader people at all! (Marmalade Drizzle)

It's David!! Hasn't Ruth seen Dial M for Murder?? Or Gaslight?? #thearchers (@Slanky71 on Twitter)

Add your thoughts on Ruth and David to the Why not tell the kids? and The caller threads.

Bridge Farm relationships came under the spotlight after "vile" Pat and Tom turned their noses up at Tony's sandwiches. Then again, some listeners weren't too keen either

Brie and mushroom sandwich? Did I hear this correctly? Why would people who are meant to produce saleable food think this would be a good combination in terms of texture, colour, taste, well, anything really. (waslantana)

The sneer in sausage boy's voice as he said brie and mushroom made me want to drown him in rancid yoghurt. (Phostoxin)

Moany is not a complete fool. He gets full marks out of ten from his vile family for being ever so thoughtful, but in the process, he makes sure that they are all eager to make their own sarnies in future, so he can go tinker with his MG. (Dr Toad Leg)

@BBCTheArchers Please can you confirm that the Tony Archer cookbook will be in the shops in time for Christmas #beefandavocado (@SkyuserUK on Twitter)

Would you eat a brie and mushroom sandwich? Join the debate on the message board.

On Wednesday, with Adam brooding about what might have been if he'd stayed in Kenya, listeners debate Adam and Ian's future. Should they make a break with Home Farm and start their own business?

#thearchers Adam is having a mid life crisis. Cue much soul searching and general whining. (@Jen2012 on Twitter)

I so wish Adam and Ian realise they could run a restaurant/market garden and move out of area. Bit of turmoil and up-heaval for Brian and Jenny. (El Shambo)

fear that if Ian were to run his own restaurant he would insist on making frequent front of house visits which would ensure that no-one ever booked a second time for fear of being bored almost to death again. (Polly Tunnell)

But money isn't everything is it and they are unlikely to have any heirs to leave it to. Maybe Adam could start to sound a bit happier if he got away from Brian and his smothering mother. (Pahnda)

I wondered if Ian was going to suggest developing a farm shop and upmarket cafe at Home Farm and a make all the fruit pick your own rather than have the bother of taking them to local farmer's markets.. (Sixties_Relic)

Should Adam move on from Home Farm? Have your say on the Adam and Ian moving on? thread.

And as republicans arrive in Ambridge, listeners show their true colours...

Hooray for Jim! (and about time too). Signed A, Republican. (mike)

I am not a republican but I am absolute monarch of my front garden and I would tell [Lynda] what to do with her vulgar and obvious planting. Not changing my soft pinks and lavendery blues for anyone. (Ginslinger Jubilant)

I can see the headline village of the damned plants yellows in the jubilee planters arrrgh #thearchers oh those commuters at no.8 (@satnav2012 on Twitter)

'Lynda Snell: My Yellow Flower HELL' #TheArchers (@grimbletweets on Twitter)

Nail your colours to the mast in The jubilee thread.

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