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"Open Farm Sunday is just another way of saying Armageddon, isn't it?" - listener discussions to 13 June 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 12:04 PM, Tuesday, 19 June 2012

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Has David make a terrible mistake deciding to go ahead with Open Farm Sunday at Brookfield? After Ben's horrific discovery, many thought so. But surely that was nothing compared to Lynda and Susan's terrible discovery of Will and Nic getting "jiggy" in the woods.

It's Team Usha all the way as Amy goes too far - but as Amy sat outside Carl's empty flat on Wednesday, a few admitted they felt a little bit sorry for her.

In other news, suspicions arise after Matt is nice to Darrell - what's he after?

And as Danny Boyle's plans for the Olympic opening ceremony are unveiled, there's an urgent question: has he booked Joe Grundy for a guest star appearance?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 7-13 June 2012

News of Ben's "horrific discovery" had listeners guessing before Friday's episode. And they debated whether David was courageous or plain stupid to go ahead with Open Farm Sunday. Isn't he putting everyone at risk?

@BBCTheArchers @BBCRadio4 Ben's horrific discovery - He's not adopted :( #thearchers (@singhdasa on Twitter)

Ben makes an horrific discovery. He's not fictional and that is his sister #thearchers (@40lucyjordan on Twitter)

There is no way they should go ahead with bl**dy Farm sunday and if any of the others on the farm - Ed, Emma, Bert, Freda or whoever get hurt then they should sue him for every penny he's got! (NewEssexWoman)

He should certainly not hold an event which (a) puts unsuspecting members of the public at risk (b) gives free access to the thugs to come and case the joint without being observed - does he think they all be wearing stripey jumpers and carrying bags marked 'Swag'? (waslantana)

Should he succumb to threats and refuse to give evidence? That is exactly the same as paying ransoms. We must have the guts to stand up to threats, not give way... (Organoleptic Icon)

Open Farm Sunday is just another way of saying Armageddon, isn't it?#thearchers (@psalotti on Twitter)

Courageous or stupid? Have your say on the Three cheers for David thread on the message board

The other horrific discovery of the week was made by Lynda and Susan. But will they keep the news - and the evidence - to themselves?

It's a sight that would terrify both pheasants and rogue foxes alike, and far more unsettling than any of the supposedly scary nonsense going on at Brokefailed at the moment. The wood must have been full of traumatised wildlife that night. (Liquoricey)

Sex tape? In #thearchers? Brilliant-never thought I'd see the day! (@GoodEggFoodie on Twitter)

At last! Some actual jiggy jiggy has happened in Ambridge sans interruption. Champagne everyone! #thearchers (@connorkindella on Twitter)

I think it's funny that Susan and Linda, of all people, came across this! I wonder how long it will take before Emma hears about it? (charmingAnnielynn)

Read more in the What in the world? thread

There was a sharp intake of breath on Thursday as Amy traded harsh words with Usha. Will there or should there be a reconciliation? Some think Alan should throw Amy out but others disagree. She is his daughter after all

Thank goodness, Alan has spoken up at last. I still find it hard to forget the image of the two of them curled up on the sofa watching Toy Story (siriol)

Amy was so far out of line in throwing this insult at Usha that it's hard to imagine that she'll ever be forgiven. It made my jaw drop (soobeehere)

... it's a hurtful and dreadful thing to throw her childlessness in her face... Amy is a cruel girl, If I were Usha I would not speak to her ever again, stepdaughter or not! (Angela Stepney)

Amy is young and inexperienced... She feels like a 'motherless' child and has no-one to confide in. She really believed Carl. Step mothers can't do right for doing wrong though... (Rosemary Forrest on Facebook)

I think Usha will decide that she's had enough and she will move out. Alan might well make Amy apologise. Why do people always think that making someone apologise will right a wrong? Only a SINCERE apology will do that. I wouldn't want to live with Amy any more. (chris murray)

Usha deserves better, a nice tomboy like Iftikar or Harry (tho,she needs to get her skates on if it's the former now that Tracy's got an eyeful of him) (nesta vipers)

Add your views on the HE FINALLY SAID IT! thread

By Wednesday, as Amy waited in vain outside Carl's empty flat, there was a teeny tiny bit of sympathy for her...

Aww... after weeks of irritation, feeling a bit sorry for Amy now #thearchers (@BeckylBe on Twitter)

Her blubbing inspires not one iota of pity. Stalk on, Amy #TeamUsha #thearchers (@opheliaknee on Twitter)

"I'm outside Carl's flat and he's not here, why's he not here?!" Because he's at home with his wife and child you stupid, stupid, stupid 23 year old teenager! (Gigglemahanaz2)

Love Amy listening to 'Beautiful' as she waits outside Carl's flat. Has she had it on repeat since she got there at 6.00 ??!! #thearchers (@ruggerlad on Twitter)

How do you feel about Amy? Have your say on the message board: I'm outside Carl's flat and...

Is Matt up to something? There are quite a few listeners hoping for a shady deal or two at Amside

Matt has been nice to Darrell two scenes in a row. Does he need a kidney or something? #thearchers (@headlunging on Twitter)

Hope it really is something, I've missed his schemes. (Swedey)

He's up to something this time - if only driving a wedge (take note, Amy, this is how it is done) between Darrell and Elona on the 'by the book' issue. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

He doesn't have to be up to something specific, I suppose, just storing up favours, Godfather like. I've always liked Matt. He's dodgy but interesting. (Skyebird)

At some point in the future, Matt thinks, Darrell may be useful as someone who doesn't mind hard work and can keep a secret... he certainly can spot vulnerability as skilfully as he can spot a ransom strip of land. (Jacks Parakeet)

Add your suspicions to the What's Tiger up to? thread

And finally, as Danny Boyle unveils his vision of the British countryside for the Olympic opening ceremony people think of Ambridge

I'll be disappointed if Danny Boyle's bucolic Olympic opening-ceremony doesn't kick-off with a full live rendition of #thearchers theme tune (@molesworth_1 on Twitter)

Urgent question: has Danny Boyle booked Joe Grundy for the Olympics opening ceremony? #thearchers (@PrueBray on Twitter)

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.


  • Comment number 1.

    Okay...they just need to get the family out of Brookfield until the trial! Then everything will go back to normal. How about a family trip to the Olympics?? :)

  • Comment number 2.

    What garbage! A farmer and his family being terrorized by some city low lives (Including of course Ambridge's very own bad boy Clive Horrobin - on the phone to Pip) how very stereo typcical is that.

    Get some decent writers on the desk! Get some decent storylines that concern 'countryfolk' not back street low life city thugs. If I wanted that type of scenario I would watch Eastenders/Corrie etc etc. I do not listen to The Archers for by dose of pretend inner city living!
    Get back on track NOW. Stop inventing supposedly audience grabbing violent style stories. We don't want them!

    Get back to farming and country file style living - it's why we listen.

    Vanessa Whitburn at her most outrageous didn't demean the content to the extent that Brookfield has been attacked!

    And as for the Amy storyline goes well it went BUT how far out of character was her behaviour??

    Consistency and cut out the 'edgy' it's inappropriate!

  • Comment number 3.

    Hang on though--I'm not convinced that all violence/intimidation/crime etc. is down to 'City Low Life' types and that the country is some kind of bucolic paradise. I seem to be remember that Clive Horrobin has been up to no good in rural Borsetshire for decades, and he's a local, isn't he? I can quite believe that Brookfield would be threatened in this way; you can actually far safer in a London street than in a rural setting where no-one hears you scream.

  • Comment number 4.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 5.

    Did anyone else listening to last night's episode feel frustrated that we are now having to listen to people talking about the merits of one cushion over another and the angonising dilemma choosing which cushion to buy? It was, in my opinion overly drawn out. What a wasteful use of Archer's time.

  • Comment number 6.

    The puzzling questions re: the Vicky/Hayley scenes are a) why doesn't sensible Hayley realise that a teenage girl likes to make her own choices?

    b) why would sensible Hayley ask Vicky's advice when Vicky is a well-known vulgarian with the Midlands equivalent of chav-like taste (teddies, her grotesque wedding dress etc.) ?

    Hope it all backfires and Phoebe throws a wobbler!

  • Comment number 7.

    This beyond a joke. Please put the archers right and ditch all this dross.

    I attach a meassage board thread for more info


    Please read message 23 by Dracs

  • Comment number 8.

    OK, I've read message 23 by Dracs. I agree that AmEx is a mistake and needs to be axed to avoid confusion. Also agree that there's been a hefty injection of 'PC' world into Ambridge, most notable example being Vicar marrying Hindu and no-one really worrying about it. On the other hand, don't think it's that bad. The Archers (which I've heard on and off since the 1950s) has always been a little uneven---swings and roundabouts---but there's a big, loyal audience out there who still enjoy it, warts and all. VW killing off Nigel was a mistake, and she will never be forgiven by some (certainly not by me!) but I still enjoy the programme and I particularly enjoy commenting on it via Twitter. If I didn't enjoy the programme, I wouldn't listen and I certainly wouldn't read these blogs, which I also enjoy when witty comments are quoted.

  • Comment number 9.

    I'm afraid the premise that John Yorke has introduced East Enders-style stories in unjustified. The intimidation story was planned long before his brief tenure.

    And The Archers has always had tougher stories along with the more gentle ones. Two violent killings, assault, horrible death by fire... that was back in the 1950s (along with spies and a plane crash among other things).

    And in more recent years, a major story was Clive's vendetta against George Barford, including horse slashing and arson.


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