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"I had visions of an uneven, edible pavement..." - listener discussions to 6 June 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 17:06 PM, Thursday, 14 June 2012

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As the jubilee preparations got underway, listeners struggled with the enormous cake Clarrie was organising. Was this to be a gravity-defying "leaning tower of sponges?" Perhaps the WI should have stepped in to take control?

Over at Brookfield, there's some anticipation about whether the children are to suffer at the hands of David's mystery caller. But far more serious is the threat to listeners' radios as they risk being hurled through kitchen windows as Amy's meltdown continues. Some wonder if Amy is pregnant - or will it be Carl's wife who turns up at the hospital needing the services of a midwife?

And as Mike and Vicky Tucker talk retirement, listeners debate the pros and cons. Is Vicky too young to give up work? Can they afford it? And why is Brenda so upset?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 31 May - 6 June 2012.

As Ambridge prepared to celebrate the Jubilee with a cake made of 60 sponges, listeners scratched their heads wondering what it would look like. Many were very impressed to hear that Jill had baked an extra six sponge cakes, just in case...

Is it supposed to have 60 layers? Won't it be like the Leaning Tower of Sponges? (Minihohum)

I had visions of an uneven, edible pavement, sort of yellow-brick road, but done as a square. (Gnome de Plume of Dun Lissnin)

The best I could manage was a single bed, covered in a candlewick bedspread. (Dirigibles)

Why for heaven's sake is the WI not in charge? They would have enlisted the right number of people, planned the finished article to the last crumb and nobody like Jean Harvey would have got away with letting anybody down. (cherrytree)

Hurray Jill saves the day, but who has 6 spare cakes just in case I ask you? Only in #TheArchers (@marob23 on Twitter)

Just roasting chicken for Sunday dinner. But I'm doing an extra half dozen 'just in case' #thearchers(@BeckyIBe on Twitter)

Make yourself hungry by reading The cake crisis! and Call me stupid but ... threads about cake-making on the message board.

There's some debate about the Brookfield children as Ruth and David step up security at the farm. Listeners wonder what's in store for them, and most agree that they shouldn't be left in the dark about the threats.

Mr Knuckles and his henchman pal are going to kidnap one of the brats. PLEEEEEASE let it be Pip! (The Famous Eccles)

No ~ it's definitely going to be *Ben* ~ I feel it in my bones. (ooo--Misty ---ooo)

I think David and Ruth should tell them what's going on. I know it will probably frighten them, but at least then they'd understand why their parents are being so neurotic about them going out and about (Roots)

Every time David says " Where's (Ben, Pip etc) I get excited. #TheArchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)

Fun & games at Brookfield Farm! Ben Archer: "Who are those scary looking men outside??" David Archer: "Sausages" #TheArchers (@nigenet on Twitter)

Read all about it on the message board: Something's gonna happen

By far the most conversation has been about "bonkers" Amy, with listeners crying "enough!" But where is this storyline heading? Will Amy harm Carl's wife, Rochelle, their pets or even herself?

Oh waaah, waaah, waaah Amy. Change the bleeding record. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

If #thearchers continues to feature Amy & her arrested development heavily, all the radios in the house will end up in pieces. (@Jo_dB on Twitter)

It isn't only Carl who needs a thump-so does Amy! (Deborah Collett on Facebook)

yay! The hunt for Carl's wife is on! #thearchers (@MrsDench on Twitter)

I'm wondering if it's going to turn out that Rochelle a) is pregnant and b) the baby was conceived while Amy wasn't yet sleeping with Carl (Miriam Moules on Facebook)

Oh please make Amy pregnant. Please oh pretty... (Carole Bressington on Facebook)

Trouble is - I am finding this all too scarily real.... That awful, dull, self-obsessed whine - it fair freaks me out ... I believe that such people are called toxic friends - so watch your back Alice! (Vicki's Bra)

Add your thoughts on the message board threads: Amy is bonkers and SHUDDUP YOU BLUDDY LUNATIC

As Mike Tucker talks of retirement, some think Vicky is living in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to her dreams of giving up work at the same time. And when it comes to Brenda's reaction - calling Vicky selfish - perhaps this is more about her looking ahead to a life playing second fiddle to Tom than any fault of Vicky's.

#TheArchers So Vicki intends to retire when Mike does. How is that anything to do with Brenda? (@nottsKath on Twitter)

This is about winding Brenda up - realising her life with Tom is ruddy dull and will remain so. Stand by for big friction between her and Tom (hopefully). (returnmigration)

Brenda is bang out of order. It's not up to her how her step mother lives her life... Or maybe she was just in a really bad mood because she had been trapped in a metal box, flipping stinky burgers and onions with the awful Pip. That would be enough to do send my naturally sunny disposition heading for the hills! (Marmalade Drizzle)

Why shouldn't Vickoi retire early? I think it's a good think for her and Mike to be able to enjoy life together. (Perkin Warbeck)

Let them have fun skiing - as in (Spending the kids' inheritance) (careen)

She's 46ish. Bit young to think of retiring. She wouldn't have much of an occupational pension even if she worked until she was 65. She must think Mike is loaded. (Auntie Molly)

I cannot believe that Mike as an ex-bankrupt farmer with presumably no capital and a tiny pension (if any) from his forestry work can possibly hope to retire (snarklehound)

Does anyone else think Vicky might be pregnant? Too tired to help build the jubilee Beacon? Looking forward to spending more time with Mike when he retires?? (Sue Linin on Facebook)

Have your say on the Pension fairy? and Why shouldn't Vicky retire early? threads.

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