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"GROW UP, AMY & ALAN!" - listener discussions to 16 May 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 16:10 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2012


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Amy's vying with Tom for the top spot on the list of characters that listeners would most like to slap with a wet fish. Most think Usha has been treated shabbily and say she should walk out - some have offered to put her up if she needs a place to stay. Amy's attitude has exasperated almost everyone - surely it's about time she grew up?

Lynda's efforts to tidy up the village for Britain in Bloom have had listeners taking sides; and there's some debate about Elona's husband Darrell. Can he be trusted?

And listeners say a fond farewell to Home Farm's dog Fly and ask "Where was David on the night he died?"...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 10-16 May 2012.

Listeners are queuing up to help Usha. They think it's time she moved out of the vicarage. They've offered her a weekend away and the loan of a wet fish...

Usha's finally taken the hint - there's only room for two in Alan and Amy's seriously messed up father/daughter relationship... #thearchers (@mymates263 on Twitter)

Usha was ALWAYS going to be deep in the doodoo for not telling tho wasn't she? If I was her I'd move out..... (Jane Willcocks on Facebook)

I worry that Alan and Amy give Christians a bad name and I am not even a believer of any denomination... In short, holier than thou. Never a good look (R4ophile on The Archers' blog)

I'm off to Paris at the weekend. Usha could come with me. We'd have some LOLZ. #thearchers (@MsAlliance on Twitter)

I would prescribe for Amy a bang on the bonce... I may not work, of course, but it would bring great pleasure to many MLers [Mustardlanders aka message board folk]. In fact, the way she is going, Amy may well be in line for some ceremonial thwacking with a hallibut. We haven't had one of those for quite some time............. (Dr Toad Leg)

A nice wet pollock would be ideal for administering a little corrective therapy to the Rev Bunter. A pollock for a pillock. (StargazerwithOscar)

Please give generously: add your offer of Help for Usha on the message board.

Amy's lambasted for focusing her anger on the wrong person, and for carrying on for so long. Consensus is that it's time she grew up. Some find her relationship with her father a bit intense - Amy needs to grow up, and Alan should start to practice what he preaches

Flipping Nora Amy... you were with him about eight weeks! Give it a rest! (ermintrude)

GROW UP, AMY & ALAN (yes, I am shouting) #thearchers (@psalotti on Twitter)

Wallowing in self pity and driving a wedge between her father and his partner is the worst type of juvenile selfishness. Carl's not the problem now it's TVOA [The Vicar of Ambridge]. (Feral_Ralph)

And he's using every cliche in the book to placate her, his sermons must be nauseating. (mademoiselldecompost)

I THINK it's starting slowly to occur to Alan for the first time that he may not be able to allow Amy indefinite leave to behave so churlishly to Usha. Good decision on Usha's part to leave them to it. I think he's starting to feel a tiny bit uncomfortable about his own behaviour. I hope so, anyway. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

Read more on the Flipping Nora Amy thread.

Lynda's Britain in Bloom plans have earned her some new fans and a few enemies (depending on where they stand on Tom Archer)

Public enemy number one Lynda Snell #TheArchers. No untidy garden is safe. (@Dewinters on Twitter)

Go Lynda!!! Get the arrogant sausage eating, dad killing sod to do some real work #thearchers (@Terry_Ea on Twitter)

I love Lynda - and Lynda a touch drunk and being competitive about winning Britain in Bloom after waxing lyrical about the scars of being left out as the non-sporty one was bloomin brilliant! (PaulHammond26)

Lynda is incapable of understanding that other people have priorities which do not match hers - why can't someone tell her to briefcase off? (dickie)

I seriously hate that woman and will happily be first in line to tell her where she can put her jubilee party/flowers in bloom/f&p show/pantomime or whatever bee she has in her bonnet currently. (NewEssexWoman)

#thearchers I'd love to see Lynda Snell's face if everyone decorated their gardens with Eddie's gnomes (@annsusanballard on Twitter)

I think we #thearchers fans have to be honest & admit there's a little bit of Lynda Snell in all of us. (@BeckylBe on Twitter)

Love her or hate her? Have your say on the Appalling b....y woman thread.

Is Darrell Makepeace on the straight and narrow? Listeners aren't sure whether they should trust him and wonder if he'll accept Matt's offer of cash-in-hand work.

Don't do it Darrell! (Sandra Greenhow on Facebook)

Beggars can't be choosers. Matt wouldn't take him on on the books, and if cash-in-hand is all he can get, he's got to take it. Jobsseeker's Allowance for adults is currently £70 a week, and I doubt if Elona's eligible. (Another Horrobin)

it's so much cheaper - no tax, no national insurance, no holiday pay, no sick pay etc etc ... And then god knows what Darryl 'claims' for - jobseekers? - could be a slippery slope! (mick-the-miller)

He sounds like a shifty person, who is willing to dodge paying tax on ... who thought it was acceptable to steal from his former employer because some other fool told him the employer would not mind (and he believed him!!!). (Dinah Shore)

Something about the way Darrell asked after Adam. Did he have something to do with the attack! #thearchers #villagevillain (@Jay4Jennifer on Twitter)

Join the debate about Darrell on the message board.

As listeners say goodbye to Home Farm's dog Fly, some were suspicious. Did he really die of natural causes?

Oh Fly {sniff} (Marmalade Drizzle)

God said 'come by' (Perkin Gherkin)

I did wonder, was there anything sinister in Fly's demise. Was it natural. Who knows. Is Clive back and picking on dogs now? (pigsrlovely)

Fly wasn't black and white was he? Where was David on the night he died? #thearchers (@Beakboo on Twitter)

Add your condolences to the Oh Fly (sniff) thread.

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'Time to bail, Carl! - listener discussions to 9 May

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 16:23 UK time, Friday, 11 May 2012


twitter quote

There's been a huge debate about Amy, the intensity of her conversation with Carl about moving in together, and Usha's revelation that Carl was married. Is Amy acting like a teenager? Was Usha at fault for not speaking up sooner? And is Alan taking an unchristian attitude to it all?

There's been some surreal conversation about the "Beast of Ambridge" and concern at Pip joining the Tom Archer empire.

Plus "My Big Fat Horrobin wedding"...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 3-9 May 2012.

Poor jilted Amy? Has she brought this all on herself? Her insistence that she and Carl move in together had listeners cringing - even if he wasn't a married man, surely she was taking things too far too fast.

Listen to the panic in Carl's voice! #thearchers @BBCTheArchers (@Tootinginnit on Twitter)

*MOVING IN TOGETHER KLAXXON* Time to bail, Carl! #thearchers (@archelina on Twitter)

Poor Amy, my heart was actually pounding #TheArchers (@DaleVee on Twitter)

If I was Karl I'd run a mile from Amy, whether I was married or not, intense or what!? #thearchers (@gilldinadoll on Twitter)

You can't tell from the script but Amy is wearing a wedding dress in these scenes. #thearchers (@headlunging on Twitter)

Is Amy treating Usha as a "handy scapegoat"? Whilst most think that Usha didn't deal with the situation particularly well (having refused to pay attention to countless listeners shouting "TELL HER!") she's getting quite a bit of sympathy. Will she be the next one to beat a hasty retreat from the vicarage? Perhaps it's time Mabel came back to bang a few heads together.

Unbelievable developments! The whole world riveted. No I don't mean France, I mean Amy finding out Karl is married on #thearchers. (@yokelbear on Twitter)

Amy - don't let this wreck your family. They are all you've got #thearchers (@quilterin24 on Twitter)

Rev Alan Franks - Lifting piousness to a whole new level #poorUsha #thearchers (@VivianOldaker on Twitter)

Alan should be helping, not making things worse by skulking in his study being distraught. Of the three of them I find his conduct the most counter-productive. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

Oh dear I bet the poor parishioners in Darrington got fire and brimstone in the sermon #thearchers (@CEMichael on Twitter)

Usha should have told Alan and Amy, but she barely had the chance...her situation was awkward, to say the least. Amy is behaving typically, everyone blames everyone except the man who caused the heartbreak. Such a pity...he deserves the whipping, not Usha! (Fiona Siobhan Powell on Facebook)

I think it was quite wrong for her to tell Ruth before she told Alan &/or Amy. (Dragonfly)
If I hear any other TA 'parent' utter "It's not your fault" when it clearly IS the offspring's fault, I will hurl the radio into the garden. (returnmigration)

Amy was conned. Lots of people are conned in this world, lots of them are a good deal older than 23. It's easy to assume that people who are conned are stupid but it ain't necessarily so. (old cath)

Join the debate in the It's not your fault or I'm supporting Usha threads.

Lynda's sighting of an animal that she said was "bigger than a squirrel" has fuelled much speculation about the "Beast of Ambridge". Jim suggested it was a "giant hedgehog" but others think it could be a muntjac deer, a wild boar, a werewolf or even "Lilian in a fur coat". This has spawned some surreal conversation...

'bigger than a squirrel' - my new favourite measurement of scale. #thearchers (@knittingpenguin on Twitter)

OK I am so stopping trying to attract hedgehogs into my garden if they come in #BBC #BorsetshireBigCat sizes #TheArchers (@MUSEmunkey on Twitter)

Is it Tony the Dinosaur? #thearchers (@Noelgoodboo on Twitter)

The Hob-hound of Edgeley, it portends great disaster. (Midas)

Such a shame James and Leonie's book is toast,the morbidly obese unidentified animal would have made a great cover photograph. (mademoiselledecompost)

I don't know how significant this is, but I understand Joe was seen heading in the general direction of where the beast was seen, clutching his trusty Ferret-Hammer. (The Leech Pedlar)

Read the surreal conversation on the bigger than a squirrel thread.

Pip's been appointed chief burger-flipper for Tom, but surely Pip and Tom talking business will make for uncomfortable listening. And has Brenda had enough? Is this the beginning of the end of their relationship?

Shove his face onto the hotplate, Brenda. #thearchers (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Mr Self-Important Tarm is back - moaning so much even Brenda's fed up with him. I wish someone would whack him over the head with that blasted computer! (toffee)

I have been making rude hand gestures at the radio. (Auntie Molly)

Poor Brenda. It is a hard life coming second to the sausage empire. #thearchers (@katierosemary on Twitter)

Don't think tom's head will fit in the burger van much longer #thearchers (@monx61 on Twitter)

I think it would do Tom's ego a world of good if he was stranded somewhere for a couple of days, no cell phone, and the farm managed beautifully withouth him, and everyone smilingly told him so when he returned. (charmingAnnielynn)

Have your say on The peace is shattered thread.

With the arrival of Keith Horrobin, listeners have asked how many more Horrobins will come out of the woodwork for his daughter's wedding? Listeners think little Chelsea Horrobin should raise her sights if her "number one ambition" is to be a bridesmaid.

Gawd, how depressing, the poor little moppet. Whither feminism, eh? (Freda Fry)

Why are you surprised given the family which spawned the child? (ANDROMEDAKRAKEN)

Let's hope Keira will buck the trend when she older - she is apparently strong-minded after all. (anna kist)

Far too many Horobins in one will all end in tears...#thearchers (@martin_hilton on Twitter)

Samantha? Ash? Blimey. Whole new world. Is this My Big Fat Horrobin Wedding? #thearchers (@TonysConsultant on Twitter)

Join the conversation about Chelsea Horrobin in the Her number one ambition thread.

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"Oh Ian! You're breaking my heart!" - listener discussions to 1 May 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 14:48 UK time, Friday, 4 May 2012


Twitter quote

Listeners have been gripped by Adam's plight. There were tears as Ian and Jenny kept a vigil by his bedside, and fury at Debbie's reluctance to fly in from Hungary. There's been some speculation that Jenny favours Ian over Chris, but why? Surely it can't be because Chris is part Horrobin?

Usha's inability to speak out about Carl's wife has sparked a huge debate. Whilst almost everyone thinks Carl's a rat, they're not sure whether Amy knows he's married.

And finally, there's a poem in honour of this summer's village fete, in keeping with the Olympic theme: "If there was a medal for Soldiering On, We'd give it to Jill since Phil has gone..."

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 26 April and 1 May 2012

With Adam at death's door, listeners offered Ian hugs and most crossed their fingers hoping that Adam would soon wake up. There was much praise for Stephen Kennedy (Ian) and Angela Piper (Jennifer) for the touching scenes in the hospital. A few noted with suspicion that David Archer was once again at the scene of a crime...

My heart is pounding ten to the dozen after that! #theArchers (@pollypanad on Twitter)

David does seem to be at the scene at a number of fatal & near-fatal accidents doesn't he? *Columbo face* #thearchers (@flamingnora on Twitter)

#thearchers Oh Ian!!! You're breaking my heart! Sobs (@MoiTrez on Twitter)

I'm in tears. I can't bear this. (Skyebird)

Yes and I have just realised with horror that of course there is no epi tomorrow.. Stephen Kennedy made it so real I can visualise him drinking blooming awful coffee all weekend as he keeps his vigil... (Ginslinger Redux)

Jennifer is incredibly touching in this episode. #thearchers (@BeckyIBe on Twitter )

Add your thoughts on the Aw thread on the message board

Debbie's refusal to rush to her brother's bedside was seen as typical, selfish and, for some, a practical decision. Would Adam have done the same in her shoes?

Debbie, what's the going rate for a soul these days? #TheArchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)

Shame on Debbie. She's turned out to be quite her step-father's step-daughter, hasn't she? #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

What is Debbie going to do if she comes back? Another one hanging around being miserable! Jenny, stop trying to make her feel guilty. (Chris Vickery on Facebook)

I expect she'll email: Dear Adam, sorry I can't get away from my very Important Work but don't worry, I'll definitely come to the funeral when I can multitask by Helping Dad Sort out the Mess you've left behind. Love Debsxx (old cath)

Madam was happy enough to see the back of her so he could be the one who ran the deer, exploited Polish workers, etc. Would he have gone to Hungary if the position were reversed? I'm sure the graceless, miserable git would have had hundreds of reasons why he couldn't make it. (Thomas_Bosque)

Add your two pennyworth in The return of Debbie (or not) thread.

A Medical Bulletin from Tony's Consultant at the "Ambridge Wellbeing and Wellness Clinic" has appeared online, kindly asking visitors to behave while they're at the hospital:

"The young lady who unplugged Adam's ventilator in order to power her laptop must not return. We don't care how important Facebook marketing is to her boyfriend's empire"

Does Jenny favour Ian over Chris? Is it favouritism? Snobbery? Or...?

Chris is Susan Carter's son - nuff said! (mick-the-miller)

Adam is Jenny's only son.....I think he's her favourite! (Angela Stepney)

Ian treats her civilly. Did not marry Adam in secret and barge in to her house. Did not destroy Adam's career prospects. Did not expect her to do his laundry... He also has the advantage that his mother is dead and doesn't keep inviting her to ghastly parties. (Ginslinger Redux)

Join the debate on the Does Jenny prefer Ian to Chris? thread.

Listeners think Usha's in an impossible position, but is she being a bit of a wuss when it comes to telling Amy and Alan about Carl? Some think Carl needs warning about "Red Mist Amy" once she finds out about Carl's wife, but is she really ignorant of the facts? Or is there another twist to come and Carl will be found to be blameless after all?

#carl #thearchers Gives rats a bad name.... (@potterwigwam on Twitter)

I don't think it's as simple as it appears. Carl may yet turn out to be cool. (Martin Cross on Facebook)

A seeming love rat can have good reason to cheat. Open relationship, going through an amicable divorce, etc (@roifield on Twitter)

#thearchers When did Usha lose her mind? This is ridiculous! TELL HER! Idiot! (@CookieLouise on Twitter)

How on earth can a Solicitor, who is described as level headed and clever, who must surely be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, be so wet and weedy? Limp Lettuce has more get up and go than she has with her dilemma! Why can't she tell Alan? (Eyeorelady)

I don't think she should tell Amy, the messenger always get shot! (June Hurst on Facebook)

If I was in Usha's shoes, I wouldn't want to tell Alan either. He just gets so blooming up-tight about everything and agonising about things - especially when it comes to Amy. He can create a problem where there is none. (Bette)

#thearchers but who will 'Red Mist Amy' try to do away with first when she finds out? Carl? Usha? Mrs Carl? Alice? Rev Dad? (@johnjohn21 on Twitter)

Should Usha spill the beans? Have your say on the message board: For goodness sake Usha.

And I'll leave you a poem inspired by the coming village fete

"Ambridge Olympics" by Bert Fry:

I am the best at Ploughing
Freda's the best at Frying
Tony's the best at Moaning
Carl is the best at Lying.
If there was a medal for Soldiering On
We'd give it to Jill since Phil has gone.
Alan Franks should win the prize
For eating all the cakes and pies;
Usha Franks deserves one too but
There isn't a prize for keeping your mouth shut. (Minihohum)
Read more on the Village Games, Cultural Olympiad thread.

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"An entire nation screams at their radios" - listener discussions to 25 April 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 11:31 UK time, Thursday, 3 May 2012


Twitter quote

"Spoiled, obnoxious, arrogant, ignorant, self-obsessed" Leonie has induced listeners to scream at their radios this week. And with Peggy sticking up for grandson Tom, they're wondering why she's so reluctant to support her son, Tony.

Rumours have been flying about Amy's new boyfriend Carl - from being a long-lost relative, a woman, an undercover reporter... now we know he's married, listeners want to know if Amy's in on the secret.

And finally, it's Lily versus Freddie. Whose side are you on?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 19-25 April 2012 (with apologies for the late publication, which is due to technical problems).

Love her or hate her, selfish Leonie Snell has fuelled plenty of discussion this week.

"You really don't want me here, do you?" An entire nation screams at their radios, "No Leonie, we bloody don't." #thearchers (@katbrown82 on Twitter)

Spoiled, obnoxious, arrogant, ignorant, self-obsessed and so dislikeable she makes my teeth itch. If only she would suffer some sort of illness or accident that removes her voice... (deckmonkey)

"She drank a whole bottle of wine and got maudlin." I am starting to love Leonie. #thearchers (@marzillk on Twitter)

I really, REALLY, *REEEAAALLLYY* want Leonie and Tom to get together. #thearchers #karma (@lordbothwell on Twitter)

Never mind the fate of the mega dairy - what happened to the afghan rug? I think we should be told #thearchers (@_AnneBell on Twitter)

@BBCTheArchers (Covers ears) Has Leone gone yet? (@MartinMcMame on Twitter)

Get it out of your system on the Leonie, the new Hellqueen? thread.

As Peggy speaks out for Tom and his (shelved) ready meals, some wonder what she's got against Tony and Pat?

What a fantastic MIL. Wouldn't you just love her to come round and tell you were you were going wrong. (binocular)

I think she despises Tony for not being a successful businessman. She only really likes those types. She has no karma with hands-on Tony and ungroomed Pat. (Rose Sal Volatile Parade)

She has absolutely no idea what kind of a cock-up Tony's making in the office, (which I loathe to admit, must be trying for the SLT [Tom]) and is suddenly describing as 'humdrum' the work her son's done all his life. What in the name of god can she know about 'ready meals'? (TufTanya)

I'm still reeling at the fact he's been paying LIST PRICE for cattle feed all these years. #thearchers (@KiriThomas on Twitter)

Tell us what you think on the What an interfering old baggage thread.

The mystery surrounding Carl has had listeners guessing. Would Carl would turn out to be Carla, related to Mabel or an undercover reporter? Would Carl turn out to be Clive Horrobin? Whilst most guessed that he was married, they're not sure if Amy knows - is that why she was keeping him away from her family and friends?

There has to be something wrong with him? Let's start a sweep-stake. #thearchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)

thearchers Bet they're related...(@SardineTin on Twitter)

Did Carl's granny steal Mabel's boyf before they left Jamaica? #thearchers (@MrInch on Twitter)

Carl and Usha, kissing by Christmas? #thearchers (@duncanrsteele on Twitter)

OMG Annabelle lifts the lid #carlsarat #thearchers (@paul_clarkson1 on Twitter)

Mince him up for a Tom Archer sausage..........the cad, the bounder!! (Angela Stepney)

You'd think he'd want to keep his distance from Amy's family. I'm surprised he agreed to go and meet them. Leon quite rightly avoided Plague Farm like the plague (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

Either Carl is remarkably bad at this whole 'leading a double life' thing, or Amy knows he's married #thearchers (@archelina on Twitter)

I'm a bit disappointed that this storyline appears to be coming to a head so quickly... I suspected that all was not as it seemed with the gorgeous Carl, but I would have liked to see it stretched out for a few weeks with hints and suspicions before being categorically informed that he is a cad. (Giant Cuddly Squid)

Read all about it on the message board: OMG He is married

Here comes interfering Jennifer. Are her frequent visits to Alice's cottage because she's lonely? Some suggest she should have an affair if her family have so little time for her. Perhaps one of Chris's new clients would fit the bill?

Chris needs two big padlocks. One for his van and one to keep the mother in law out #TheArchers (@Jay4Jennifer on Twitter)

Presumably Jenny doesn't want any more grand-children the way she keeps turning up uninvited at Alice & Chris's! #theArchers (@SocialistGreen on Twitter)

I feel sorry for Jenny, I don't think that I've ever perceived her to be mean spirited yet she is often dismissed as if she is of no consequence. How rude to make your mother the object of derision. Vile (Sylvee)

I do feel a bit sorry for Jenny as well. No one seems to really want her around or have any time for her. Including her husband. (Auntie Molly)

Time for a Jenny affair I say. Brian's being even more obnoxious and blind to her than usual. Would it kill him to even pretend to listen to her talk? She listens attentively whilst he rants on for hours on end. (beligerent_londoner101)

Join the conversation on the message board threads: How rude! and Time for a Jenny Affair I Say

Lily and Freddie have divided listeners. You can sign up to Freddie's fan club on the message board, or give Lily a round of applause...

Hooray for Lily. Winding up the Young Prategger. Tee hee (Dinah Shore)

Yes, I gave a small cheer at that. I have high hopes of Lily causing mayhem in future. (Tadpole)

I like Lilly, she has a bit of spirit in her... I couldn't bear a life of saccharin sweetness. Of course there's a bit of sibling rivalry, but as she herself said she knows when to lay off. (Nelson_G)

I think Freddie comes out well compared to his 'mummy clone' sister, I hearted Nigel, and Freddie is much more like his dad than his ghastly mum.... (esmeandsebastiansgrannynic)

Freddy could win Hickstead, have a number one record and win the Nobel Prize for Literature and still they would be wittering on about Lily. have you noticed how everything that ghastly child does is wonderful - first hockey, then bell-ringing, now French. No doubt this weekend she will find a cure for poverty and starvation (Mieteka)

Take your pick: Hooray for Lily or I HEART Freddie

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