Darren Waters

Spielberg on Seesmic

  • Darren Waters
  • 17 May 08, 19:14 GMT

If you're going to get some celebrity backing for your Web 2.0 start-up then Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are pretty good choices.

Loic LeMeur scored a real coup today by getting the famed director and actor to answer questions via his threaded video conversation site Seesmic.

Not all of the questions were answered live, apparently, which kind of defeats the purpose of Seesmic entirely.

Guardian journalist Jemima Kiss was one of those, however, who did get to ask a question live.

With reviews for the latest Indiana Jones movie still outstanding, the film's producers are leaving no stone unturned in the bid for publicity.


  • Comment number 1.

    ok so you have a tired movie franchise and so much money you can throw it desperately at even the most obscure corner of the the internet and you get how many people to join your conversation? Four - yes four people have joined the Indiana channel conversation on Seesmic so far. Seesmic's staff are usually lined up to make it look marginally popular but I think the weekend and giving control of content and timing to Spielberg caught them out. Do you really believe any of this was live?

  • Comment number 2.

    Mrs Squires,

    Yes, it was live. I was there in the room. We had less than 10 minutes with each of the filmmakers. In that time we got them to answer international journalists' questions (which *had* been pre-recorded for time reasons), then we got them to talk about film-related things we've been discussing on Seesmic for the past week.

    There is no 'Indiana channel' on Seesmic, so I'm not sure what you were looking at. Inside Seesmic and on Twitter it was going insane. If you're not a member of Seesmic, then you wouldn't have seen the insanity in there. There are still conversations going on about it.

    For the record, Seesmic didn't pay for this to happen on their site nor did they do any special 'development' for it. The people who did it (including myself) are all Seesmic *users* who work in online film promotion, but never with each other. We met each other online either at Seesmic or on Twitter and got together to do this.


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