Rory Cellan-Jones

Robbie Bach on mobile

  • Rory Cellan-Jones
  • 11 Feb 08, 13:04 GMT

Robbie Bach is the man who launched Xbox - and as well as continuing to run Microsoft's games console business he's now in charge of mobile too. He is also a very patient fellow. Last night I interviewed him on a mobile phone - and somehow failed to press record. So he agreed to let me try again this morning.

Funnily enough I think we got a more relaxed interview second time around. But I still don't quite see how getting Windows Mobile onto 20 million handsets a year after six years is quite such a triumph....after all Apple's OS is on schedule to be on 10 million phones within 18 months. But Mr Bach, who's now been interviewed three times by me in a visit where he'll see nothing of Barcelona, is one of the industry's nice guys.


I personally can't imagine that this will go too far, Windows won't make the impact on mobile that it has on Desktop, thankfully.

"We're ahead of Apple today", well, technically you are, after 6 years, while Apple is only after a few months.

If you imagine a race on the desktop, where Windows was given a huge head start, well, this is a new race, and Windows has a much smaller head start on Apple.

Should be a little fairer this time.

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