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Paying for Parking?

Paula McCann | 15:04 UK time, Wednesday, 30 March 2011

At the minute only Belfast, Newry and Lisburn have it -- but it could be coming to a town near you soon. The Department of Regional Development is looking at introducing on-street car parking charges in thirty towns across Northern Ireland. From Ballycastle to Warrenpoint, from Bangor to Limavady, you could be paying for your parking. And if you don't it'll cost you ninety quid.

And businesses aren't happy -- times are tough enough without shoppers having to pay more? Or should they just accept that paying for parking is the way of the world?

Helen Campbell, the owner of Wardens Department store in Newtownards, told Wendy that anything that prevents people getting customers in and out of the shop easily and for free would be bad for business. Whereas Michael McElroy who owns and manages Main Street - a pedestrianised shopping and entertainment area in Omagh town centre - says if spaces are free then they get clogged up by people who park all day and don't buy anything.

 He was backed up by Mr Mooney a butcher from the Woodvale Road in Belfast. He told Wendy that he sees pensioners parking their cars on the street and getting the bus into town!

Tony phoned to ask why should people who live in belfast have to pay when other towns do not? His point was that It will cost you more to get to these out of town shopping centres and that 30p an hour is cheap.

Would you pay 30p to park on the street outside the shops in your town centre? Is it too much to ask?


  • Comment number 1.

    We all pay enough to use our cars already, and public transport is simply not an option for many of us. Town centre parking? Forget it - we'll go elsewhere - out of town shopping centres, or home delivery services. Buisiness volumes will reduce. I thought this Government was supposed to be "pro growth"?

    If town centre shops want to survive in smaller towns, they should make sure this scheme is knocked firmly on the head.

  • Comment number 2.

    Wendy,i think you should have a look at what theyre saying about the very unchristian bbc over on that wwwplanetxtubecom,..while your having your croissants and morning coffee....dont choke on them,..the truth often makes you gag


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