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Stuff Happens..........

Wendy Austin | 13:42 UK time, Friday, 11 February 2011


There are times when you realise how insignificant  the things are that we worry about and which keep us awake daily and nightly.....yesterday was one of those times, when news started coming in about the plane crash in Cork, and it became apparent that people had died and been seriously injured.

Its dominated the news on this island since - and rightly so. And as the story unfolded it was also interesting how the social media started playing a role -  Twitter in particular, with updates constantly appearing on screen.  It set me thinking about how the story would have developed in days gone by - when the "latest" came in on a huge telex machine, or more recently perhaps, was faxed in. Remember the Roneo printer? And no newsroom or office would have been complete without a clatter of typewriters and a switch board.

That's almost all in our smart phones now - and because stuff becomes obsolete increasingly quickly now, it's not just the really old-fashioned gadgets that are ending up in the bin,  the ones which were last year's - or month's - or week's  are there too.

Take the IPad ( if I had one you probably could...!)no sooner is it out , and millions have forked out their hundreds of pounds, than they're announcing the IPad #2.

Meanwhile apparently we're abandoning memory sticks and CDs in favour of storing our stuff on clouds ( great definition of cloud computing from Fine Gael's Enda Kenny by the way - "Its a wireless connection to stored data and information which is very easily retrievable and as a consequence enlightens people like you and I who don't understand what it means" !!). So those estimated 100 million USB sticks rattling around our office drawers will disappear - and maybe stop being sold in as little as a couple of years. Sales of office phones are down an amazing 90%  and as for the Rolodex - who has one of those any more ( did we ever??).

Short blog this week - just been too busy - and now I'm clearing the desk and preparing for the brave new world - laptop, mobile,and good to go!!

What are you getting rid of over the weekend? Tweet @wendytalksback . Talk to you Monday.




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