Closure of the Talkback Blog

Paula McCann | 15:04 UK time, Thursday, 5 May 2011


This will the last post of the Talkback Blog.

The programme will concentrate on twitter rather than the blog. Try these blogs, if you haven't already.


Should Sean Quinn be given a second chance?

Paula McCann | 14:49 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011

 Should Sean Quinn be allowed to repay what he owes?

He left school at 14 and borrowed £100 to start a business selling gravel from the family farm in County Fermanagh. He went on to become Ireland's richest man, creating jobs for thousands of people in both the Republic and this side of the border....but he now owes the Anglo Irish Bank almost three billion euro, a bill the Irish taxpayer is having to pick up... last night, Sean Quinn blamed bad advice and an over-reliance on the banks for his downfall.

Sour, very expensive grapes or a fair assessment of where it all went wrong in this modern-day rags to unimaginable riches story...

On Talkback today, we spoke to Charlie Weston, personal finance editor at the Irish Independent who says that Sean Quinn gambled alot of money and lost.. as simple as that. He says every taxpayer in the Republic will now have to pay a 1,000 Euro as a result.

But Bertie Kerr, a friend of Sean Quinn and UUP councillor says the banks are to blame for Mr Quinn's downfall.

Some of our texters had little sympathy for him. Bobby said

"Greed got the better of him. Don't blame bad advice" while John Bell said "greed defeated all in business".... but we took loads of calls supporting him. Many keen to point out that he'd created work for people. Samuel in Dromara said that Sean Quinn should be made prime minister... He told Wendy that for a man who started with nothing he deserves a good chance.. He blames the worldwide recession.

Do you think Sean Quinn should be given another chance?

Will Catholics still want to join the PSNI?

Paula McCann | 14:48 UK time, Monday, 4 April 2011

When Ronan Kerr's mother went before the television cameras, she pleaded with everyone not to let her son's murder be in vain. She wants those responsible to be caught and dealt with. The murdered police officer's grandfather was on Talkback today speaking about the loss his family had suffered. As he looked through family photographs he talked about how Ronan's father, his son Brian, died of cancer three years ago. He said he was surprised when Ronan decided to join the PSNI because it was such a dangerous job, but that that was Ronan's choice.

The phone lines rang red hot with sympathy for the Kerr family.

We also heard from a woman worried for own family. She didn't want to be named but said she was married to a police officer and had five children. She told Wendy that she was terrified that her car would be targeted. It has three child seats in it and she said she'd never forgive herself if anything happened to her children.

We also heard from a 24 year old Catholic woman from west Belfast who said she'd thought about joining the PSNI but didn't because she was worried about her parents safety. She said she was glad she'd decided not to apply.

Will the murder of Ronan Kerr make Catholics think again about joining the PSNI?

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