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Playlist June 17

Stuart Bailie

Late Show Presenter

Tom Waits took us on a fierce departure in 1983. Previous to this he was a jazz-moocher, a squiffy poet, a nighthawk and a beat romantic. But with ‘Swordfishtrombones’ he flung open the doors to Captain Beefheart, Harry Partch, Brecht, Weill, sea chanteys, immigrant music and art house. This was partly the influence of his wife Kathleen Brennan, but it was also the latent strangeness of Waits that blossomed. Anyway, popular music has never recovered and hopefully never will.


Which makes Joshua Burnside his spiritual grandkid. From Lisbane in County Down, he’s been propagating odd, endearing tunes for a couple of years. There’s a plucked banjo here, then a rumble-thump beat that lurches and then heralds the sweetest refrain. There’s a precious lilt that recalls Conor Oberst and the cussed method of Will Oldham. Which is why we are overly expectant about the launch of his new project, ‘If You’re Goin’ That Way’. There’s a video to accompany the track ‘Black Dog Sin’ that finds our hero, lost and blindfolded, a soldier who can't fight any more, bleating out a deserter song. You can enlist at the launch party on June 19, 2013 at White’s Tavern, supported by Alana Henderson and Hannah McPhillimy. A milestone event, surely.


Elvis Costello – Pump It Up (Radar)
The National – Sea Of Love (4ad)
Our Krypton Son – Gargantuan (Small Town America)
Calexico – Maybe On Monday (City Slang)
Edwyn Collins – Carry On, Carry On ( )
Patrick Sweany – Working For You (NMR)
Camera Obscura – Break It To You Gently (4ad)
Dixie Cups – People Say (Red Bird)
Nick Cave – We No Who U R (Bad Seed)
The Duckworth Lewis Method – It’s Not Cricket (white)
Owiny Sigoma Band – Harpoonland (Brownswood)
Graham Parker – Heat Treatment (Mercury)
The Silver Seas – Karaoke Star (The Lights)
The Jepettos – Chemicals (white)
Cornell Campbell – Nothing Can Stop Us (Strut)
Patrick Sweany – It’s Spiritual (NMR)
Daughter – Youth (4ad)
Tree Top Flyers – Waiting On You (Loose)
Gram Parsons – Love Hurts (Reprise)
Grey Reverend – Everlasting (Motion Studio)
Graham Parker – Howling Wind (Mercury)
Anna Von Hausswolff – Sun Rise (City Slang)
Joshua Burnside – Black Dog Sin (white)


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