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The Teleman Cometh

Stuart Bailie | 10:54 UK time, Monday, 7 January 2013

Best record of the year so far is 'Christina' by a new act, Teleman. The deal is compelling love. The guy is drawn across town to meet this significant person, "who makes me to lie down". When he gets back to his own place, everything is quiet and meaningless. Without making a huge issue out of it, the song suggests that Christina is a life-changer.


There's hardly a word in the song that's longer than one syllable. There's a one finger keyboard motif and a vamped bassline that sounds like classic Brian Wilson. The second verse is same as the first, which is normally the sign of weak songwriting, but in this case it
reflects the singer's infatuation. Eventually, the song opens up a little, revealing more of that quiet rapture.

The vocalist is Thomas Sanders. He has a clipped, English enunciation that's not unlike Neil Tennant. It seems that Thomas, brother Jonny plus Pete Cattermoul are all exiles from Reading act Pete And The Pirates, which might explain the maturity of the song, that's produced to swooning effect by Bernard Butler of Suede renown. Whatever, it's a bit tremendous and certain respite from the January blues.


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