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Creative Camp, Good Vibes, Holy Pictures

Stuart Bailie | 18:17 UK time, Sunday, 7 September 2008

Saturday was busy in all the right ways. The early afternoon provided a chance to revisit Blick Shared Studios in Belfast, where good people are pulling together imaginative plans. The new instalment was a get-together called Creative Camp, a place where artistic heads, multi-media folk and various twitter-bugs were encouraged to confer.

creative2.pngI saw many of the people who were keenly present at the Irish Blog Awards a few months back, including Phil O' Kane the photographer and Andy McMillan from goodonpaper. Greetings also to Nick Fitzsimmons, who is bringing fresh energy to the domain of digital music sales via Penny Distribution and to the folks from A:Muze and Kitty And The Can Openers. You can hear a podcast here:

A few hours later and we'd taken a steer to the Good Vibes record shop on Winetavern Street, where Terri Holey was celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'Teenage Kicks' and a vinyl re-pressing of that mighty Undertones single. Mickey Bradley was there to represent the band, while folks such as Glenn Patterson, Petesy Burns and the Panama Kings kept things interesting.

Next stop was The Menagerie, revived and re-opened for one night at least to launch the new David Holmes album. The decor is still fabulously dingy, reminding us of fearsome nights with The Make Up and The Gossip, while David had decorated the back wall with his own fragments and icons, a kind of pop art detritus that gave some physical shape to the record. Glasses were tilted in celebration, Cashier No. 9 played some tunes and the cheer was palpably great.


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