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In Training - Week Five

BBC Strictly Sarah

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As each week passes and the number of celebrities dwindle, the pressure mounts, bubbling away like a red-hot volcano ready to erupt!  Last week’s shock result saw Rachel and Pasha in the dreaded Dance Off, reminding our couples that no matter your position on the Leaderboard, you’re never entirely safe. Had this spurred them into action this week?

Fiona felt disappointed with her Rumba on Saturday, but will dancing the very tricky Quickstep give her the opportunity to impress the Judges this weekend?

The Quickstep however, proved a winner for Natalie, even after missing two days of rehearsal due to a back injury. The Corrie actress topped the Leaderboard in first place with Sophie and Abbey, showing that the girls are the leaders of the pack this week.

Find out how all of the couples have been getting on by watching the clip below, then let us know who you think will be top of the Leaderboard at the end of Saturday’s show and who will be plunged into the dreaded Dance Off.

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