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The History of Dance : Argentine Tango

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The Argentine Tango came to Strictly Come Dancing in series 4 and took the glitterati by storm.

Ian and Karen take us through it's origin's, and check out that movember moustache Ian is rocking in the video:

The Argentine Tango is a more sensual and intimate routine than the Ballroom Tango and is about the relationship between the performers.

It can either turn into a battle of wills with the man and woman using different ways to prevail over one another, or a dance where the partners become so close they almost move as one entity with four legs. 

The frantic movement of this dance is contained in the lower part of the body with the top half remaining fairly static and calm.

In the early 20th Century, a more socially acceptable and "cleaned up" version evolved from the then risque Argentine Tango. This was the Ballroom Tango as we know it now. 


A favourite with Strictly audiences across the world, the Argentine Tango has had a few tops and tails. Here are our highest and lowest scorers of the dance as of Thursday 29th November 2012:

Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihanoff - Series 9, week 11 - 40/40

Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy - Series 4, week 11 - 39/40

Rachel Stevens and Vincent Simone - Series 6, week 13 - 39/40

Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe - Series 7, week 13 - 49/50

Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler - Series 5, week 11 - 38/40

Kara Tointon and Artem Chigvintsev - Series 8, week 7 - 38/40


Matt Dawson and Lilia Kopylova - Series 4, week 11 - 30/40

Patsy Kensit and Robin Windsor - Series 8, week 11 - 30/40

Tina O'Brien and Jared Murrilo - Series 8, week 5 - 28/40

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