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Harry is crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion!

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BBC Strictly Nora | 21:32 UK time, Saturday, 17 December 2011

Harry Judd has been crowned Strictly Come Dancing champion 2011! The McFly drummer and his partner Aliona triumphed in an evening that saw them perform a dazzling display of four different routines including a sizzling showdance which finished with Harry back banging out a beat on his drum kit.

Len Goodman told him fittingly for the Blackpool final "If you were a stick of rock you'd have talent written right through you".

Harry also danced his way into the hearts of the other judges and the whole country with Alesha remarking ""The nation has fallen in love with you" whilst Craig Revel Horwood added "Harry I've fallen in love with you too..."

We were first on the dancefloor to film an exclusive interview with Harry and Aliona after the result was announced.

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  • Comment number 1.

    One of the best strickly so far what a fabulous show well done to all the team and the dancers and judges. STUNNING

  • Comment number 2.

    Well done Harry! You are a worthy champion. I would have preferred it if Chelsee had won but I was a winner either way as I have gone on record as saying that if Chelsee was to lose to anyone I wanted it to be to Harry and I got my wish. A special mention to Aliona also for the way she improved Harry and this must be a special moment after narrowly missing out with Matt Baker last year to Kara & Artem

  • Comment number 3.

    Harry Judd you legend!!!!!!! I have rooted for you every step of the way - you've cost me a fortune in phone votes, but well worth it! You were sublime this evening, a worthy winner and I'm so happy for you!

    BTW your bandmates can move! They must have leap frogged the audience to get across that dance floor to you! Family for you...

  • Comment number 4.

    What a fantastic series this has been ending with a worthy winner. Harry has been consistently great and always improving. I am so pleased he won and what a wonderful speach he made!! Brilliant

  • Comment number 5.

    What an absolutely fantastic series, Jason was my favourite but I loved the final none the less. I cried when it finished, I'll really miss my Strictly Saturday nights!

  • Comment number 6.

    well done Harry. A very dedicated dancer, not always the best but certanly comitted throughout. Briliant Argentine Tango-good choice for a winning formula. Commisserations to Chelsee and Pasha-what a wonderful combination. Chelsee went from a humble jobbing actress to star performing dancer. Holly stunned me to with her incredible comittment. Jason was brilliant for adding the essential camp to his dancing and didn't burn out like I thought he may have done at the start of the series. And of course a special well done to Russell for doing perfectly what Ann Widdicombe tried to do last serries-providing excellent comedy. I have always respected Russell, now he is a notch higher in my estimation. What a series-the Worthy Brucie becoming a Knight during it as well. His rescue dance with Holly was so brilliant it should long be remembered. Definitely the King of Entertainment. Long may he reign, especially over SCD.

  • Comment number 7.

    What an amazing series!! I have to say it was one of the best series thus far!! Everyone wanted to be there and do the best they can be.. We will always remember the Grant for his entertaining dances!! All the finalists deserved to be there!! Roll on Strictly live and the show next year!
    Also Zoe and it Takes 2 was brilliant! I did wonder what it would be like with Zoe taking the reins, but it has also been fun, entertaining and fresh!!

  • Comment number 8.

    2011 : a super great SCD year. Congratulations to all the dancers. Obviously, Harry and Aliona did deserve the trophy for the constant quality of their performances, BUT, the 5 couples in the semi-final were all so good. None of them was unworthy of the final : they would all have made perfect winners, although our favourite couple were Holly and Artem for their daring choreographies in the Argentine tango, the paso doble and of course the American smooth on the Swan Lake, which we will never forget. Thanks to the judges and to Bruce for the good times we had watching the programme.

  • Comment number 9.

    Well done Harry. I'm sure you won't mind if I say I was rooting for Chelsee to win but I am happy that you won so well done to you and Ailiona.

  • Comment number 10.

    Huge congratulations to Harry and Aliona, very worthy winners. Love this show so much, will miss this show so much, can't wait for next year. Sir Bruce you are a national treasure, All of you guys that work on the show...amazing, have recorded every week, will have to watch that till your back again. Thank you for some fantastic entertainment. xxxx

  • Comment number 11.

    Wonderful show ! Many congratulations to Harry Judd. A worthy winner.

  • Comment number 12.

    Harry is such a worthy winner - he has been so consistent all series - and he looks like a professional when he dances - and I mean that truthfully

  • Comment number 13.

    The absolutely best result we could've gotten - CONGRATULATIONS TEAM HALI!!!! You were the best couple in an otherwise very good season. Loved the Final but you were the only worthy winners out of these three teams! :)

  • Comment number 14.

    Well done Harry and Aliona
    - consistently the best dancing celeb... Aliona - just gorgeous

  • Comment number 15.

    congrats to harry and aliona simply amazing. this years final was stunning, well done to all. what will we do without strictly, cant wait till autumn 2012. :-)

  • Comment number 16.

    Well done Harry and Aliona! Worthy winners. I thought this Strictly has been the best so far. All the dancers were very enjoyable to watch, lovely costumes, lovely background props, music, dancing, the whole lot. I laughed, cried and smiled with the dancers and they have given me joy to watch the show. I shall miss the Strictly and I will be twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do next!

  • Comment number 17.

    Right winner, well done Harry. Didn't think Chelsee really did herself justice in the show dance, it seemed a bit flat, & I wasn't particularly thrilled with the rhumba. It seemed as if she had run out of energy, although it could just have been the terrible choice of music. There was no rhumba rhythm to it at all.
    If anybody from the Production Team ever reads these posts, please could we have an orchestra that can play DANCE music next year. The current lot are good as a band - but not for proper dance music.

  • Comment number 18.

    Congratulations Harry and Aliona I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you dance. Harry you really began to show full emotion and tell the story brilliantly! This has been the best series ever with such close competition and so many memorable dances. What will I do now with my Saturday evenings?!!! Also wonderful costumes and staging. It takes two was such a valuable addition .. I could go on and on .... all praise!

  • Comment number 19.

    Congratulations Harry and Aliona - very well deserved winners, you stole my heart (and votes) from week 1, you can have a well deservded break now.xx

    Fantastic SCD 2011 - harry made this year special for me.x

  • Comment number 20.

    Well Done Harry, what a wonderful dancer and deserved winner, a star! Chelsea danced well as did Jason ....fantastic standard this year but you could see it was going to a hard one weeks ago however Harry is just wonderful.....what will we do with our saturday nights now that this fantastic family show has now finished...absolutely fab telly x x
    We must also mention how we have really enjoyed it takes two with Zoe she is such a good interviewer...well done Zoe !!!!

  • Comment number 21.

    An excellent show and I didn't mind which of the two final couples won as they were both first class. However, I felt it was very unfair that the comperes did not have the courtesy to give Chelsee and Pasha the chance of saying a few words following the announcement of the winner, leaving them as the only contestants voted off who were not given that opportunity.

  • Comment number 22.

    Congratulations to all three couples who all competed so well tonight, and well done Team Hali.

  • Comment number 23.

    Well done Harry.

    Such a shame your band mates barged in and prevented Bruce having a couple of words with Chelsee & Pasha.

  • Comment number 24.

    Jason & Christina your show dance was by far the best and you really went out on a high - congratulations you really performed beautifully throughout the series and sorry didn't see the 'Bewitched' again, which was magical. Congratulations to Harry, but I would have liked Chelsee to win as she has a bit more personality.

  • Comment number 25.

    Please please please can we have a best of strictly dvd from this series. Love Harry & Aliona.

  • Comment number 26.

    i wanna know the vote figures, it must've been close - love you aliona xx

  • Comment number 27.

    These two were absolutely amazing on Saturday. Aliona deserves so much credit for what she has done with Harry and they were beautiful to watch. Each dance brought something different. Love them both; I will now do anything to get to see these two on tour!

  • Comment number 28.

    Well Done TEAM HALI

  • Comment number 29.

    Re: 24. jecobcreek

    Regarding Jason, this happened last year. I thought it is the first time but it wasn't. Which surprised me. A 40 in the first round AND top spot in the table at the end of the first round of dances not being enough.

    Pamela scored a 40 in a Vienese Waltz and the 37 in the Showdance. Combined it made the total of 77 better than the 75 or Kara/Artem and the 72 of Matt/Aliona.

    This year Jason/Khristina followed a 38 in the Tango with a 40 in the Showdance to top the table with 78 to the 77 of Harry/Aliona and the 75 of Chelsee & Pasha.

    Goes to show that points and placings mean nothing.

    Anyone though who thought Harry in week 1 wasn't a red hot contender really is either a liar or out on day release with his or her carer. He really looked for all the world to me a massive talent and a huge favourite for the trophy. His routines looked again to me to be quite of a great standard from the get go. Thoroughly deserved imho. Interesting to see who Aliona get's next year if she signs for another series and if she can defend it. Something no pro has ever done.

    A word to the pros in the final. Whilst on the topic of Aliona, congrats to Aliona. After a stumble in her first series; going out in Week 3 she has come back after the 2nd place last year to win this year. One also for Pasha Kovalev. A 2nd place in his debut series tells me Pasha is one to watch in the future if he sticks around. And I am sure as gutted as she is for getting 3rd, I hope if she is a confirmed pro for 2012 Khristina will come back stronger.

  • Comment number 30.

    Nice work Hali ♥♥

  • Comment number 31.

    Well deserved Harry and Ali, you were absolutely amazing yesterday and you have been such a joy to watch throughout this series. ☺☺

  • Comment number 32.

    Many Congrats Harry and Aliona - well deserved winners, not just because of your dances in the SCD final, but because of your consistent performances throughout the series.

    And talking of the series, it's been throughly entertaining - one of the best SCD ever. What a fantastic line up of celebrity dancers. Congrats to all involved in the show from Brucie & Tess to the make-up and costume people. And Zoe B was terrific on ITT. She helped make this series one of the best if not THE best.

    And what am I going to do on Saturday nights until the next SCD??? Here's looking forward to it.

    So tat ta, cheerio and farewell fellow SCD bloggers until then ha ha!

  • Comment number 33.

    Well done Harry. You outshone all the others and deserved to win. Your American Smooth was my favourite. Congratulations to you and Aliona.

  • Comment number 34.

    Harry & Aliona - well done the pair of you!! Unfortunately there can only be one winning couple, because Chelsee and Pasha and Jason and Kristina were also fantastic! I'll miss this series so much now...

  • Comment number 35.

    Now that SCD for 2011 is almost over, can the BBC think seriously about having new presenters next year? Bruce is too full of himself insisting that he is called 'Sir' all the while. How pretentious is that? If Tess comes back next year, can she go to a different dress maker? Most of the outfits she wore were horrendous. What was it she had on last night? It looked like a negligee worn over a shorty nightie!!

  • Comment number 36.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 37.

    The best result - justice has been served! Hali were way better than the others and Ali's choreography was excellent. I think Len has his favourites and Ali isn't one of them, so he's always got a downer on her; however the cream came to the top !!

    The sun is out in Ireland
    The sky is blue
    And oh my word Harry
    Do I love you!!!!!!!!

    Well done Hali and very, very well deserved!

  • Comment number 38.

    SCD 2011: well done Harry and Aliona, you were incredible!
    That said, I thought that the best dance of the night though was Jason & Christina's show dance: fabulous. Chelsee and Pasha did well but I felt that Chelsee seemed ever so slightly off her game compared to previous weeks, so Craig's scores were how I would have scored the dances.

    I have been rooting for Harry as I could see the potential in him from week 1. The hard work Harry and Aliona put in paid off.

    I found the McFly stage crash quite funny, with Harry's Dad bringing up the rear: Bruce's face & reaction - TV gold. The only shame was that we didn't get to hear from Chelsee and Pasha but that has happened in previous years to the runners up so the stage crash wouldn't have made much difference.

    Notes for the BBC for next year's show:
    Put an ITT show on the Sunday or Monday night - at least that way we'd get to hear more from the runners up and from the judges as to their favourite dance of the final etc.
    Please do the results show on the Saturday night for all shows not just the final, repeating it on Sunday daytime for children & those that don't stay up late. It is farcical to only show it on Sunday nights when we know it is all recorded on the Saturday night.
    Please do not do Wembley again - I'm sure it was amazing for those who were actually there but it did not work for me sat sitting on my sofa at home.
    I'd love to see another pro on the judging panel rather that Aleisha - as beautiful and as lovely as she is, I think the show would benefit from having a professional dancer who has been in the show and done well judging instead (Ian Waite, Darren Bennett or Karen Hardy would be my choice).
    Otherwise, keep everything exactly as it is!

  • Comment number 39.

    Well done to Harry and Aliona. Especially please for Aliona as I feel she should have won with Matt last year.

    As for the best final so far, NO. The best final was with Lisa Snowdon, Rachel Stevens & Tom Chambers. We all suffer from the recency effect which is why the latest always seems to be the best!

  • Comment number 40.

    GrannyTrill - I agree with ITT on Sunday night. Wouldn't that just finish the series off nicely for us!!

    I also agree re Alesha - I'm fed up with her and Karen Hardy would be soooo much better.

    I think Len's getting a bit jaded too, so what about Ian??

    Keep Bruno and Craig - I luuuuuv them!!!

    Congrats again Hali! I'm like the cow who's jumped over the moon!!!!!

  • Comment number 41.

    Well done Harry & Aliona! worthy winners of the best Strictly to date! also thanks to the BBC for showing the final in 3D absolutely "a maze ing", maybe next series we could get every show in 3D! Its a shame its all over, maybe you could go to the DWTS format and have two Strictly's a year! I would also like to thank Zoe for this years ITT, she had big shoes to fill in replacing Claudia.

  • Comment number 42.

    Agree with GrannyTrill regarding ITT. I have been harping on about this for years!
    Also, sadly agree with comments about Alesha. We also need to get back to basics and rid ourselves of the cheap VTs and props.

  • Comment number 43.

    I forgot to say (again)..... Can we please keep Zoe on ITT?

  • Comment number 44.

    Fantastic show and final all three were winners for me. The thing that spoiled the series was the endless repetitive vt footage - the celebs must get fed up repeating themselves. If they want to fill air time why not have more pro dances, we didn't see enough of them this year

  • Comment number 45.

    Strictly was rubbish but now two members of mcfly have won both strictly and the better show, I'm a celebrity get me out of here. Not bad going!

  • Comment number 46.

    it is a great shame that we have a champion that flouts the rules of ballroom dancing. I am of course talking about Here's third lift in his American smooth. The rules state that only two lifts are allowed, and yet the judges said nothing. I recall Ken starting earlier on in the competition that he was going to get tough on th. Obviously not. It would appear that SCD is becoming just more Americanized trash on our TV screens. Please BBC give us back the dance competition we once had, and judges stop pandering to the whims of the producers. Rules are rules, let's have them back.

  • Comment number 47.

    Please get rid of Bruno & Craig. They nearly drove me nuts this year, particularly Bruno. Neither of them have any background in ballroom, only stage work, which is irellevant. Let's have another couple of ex ballroom dancers.
    Could we see Tess dancing please. I gather she is quite good!

  • Comment number 48.

    Congratulations to you Harry and Aliona well done ~x~

  • Comment number 49.

    Actually I think the rule on the American Smooth used to be two lifts but then this year or last it was changed to three so no rules were broken.
    I rember one year in the final Bruce did a routine with all the eliminated female celebrities and all the female professionals who had danced with the eliminated male celebrities so maybe next year Tess could do something like that with all the availble men?

  • Comment number 50.

    well done harry, well deserved....amazing dancing....amazing looks...all too good!!! and comisarations to chelsee and jason aswell....all fab and all just as good, they made it a exhilarating final, so thanks to you guys!! also to everyone backstage for making us as the public see the show and gossip from backstage! this year the dresses have been amazing and hair and make-up so thanks to you guys too!!! can't wait till the xmas special! have a merry xmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Comment number 51.

    I thought the final was brill they were all worthy contestants, i did feel that Bruce Forsyth was very unforgiving in the way he spoke to Harry's friends shouting get off get off - for heaven's sake why does it always have to be about him?

  • Comment number 52.

    Congratulations to Harry ans Aliona! Well deserved although the competion was great. We've enjoyed all the shows. Strictly has put our social live on hold on Saturdays. We did not want to miss anything. Unfortunately we were not able to vote for our favourites because we live in The Netherlands. Can this problem be fixed for next year please? I am sure that there are a lot of viewers outside the UK. Thanks again to all for putting on a marvelous show.

  • Comment number 53.

    Intersting to read so many comments about the judges - i think they are great personally if i could change anything it would be Bruce - the jokes are just so not funny - its all very tierd!

  • Comment number 54.


  • Comment number 55.

    Congratulations to Harry and Aliona, the best winners of the best series, I think most would agree. I think Jason probably deserved to finish second after getting 40 for his showdance, but that's a small point. I think they are all winners, and all danced wonderfully. I was a bit shocked at Bruce losing his temper at the end, but there you go. I can't wait for 2012, however the BBC will have to go some to top this year's cast. I look forward in anticipation.

  • Comment number 56.

    ref 51 of course Bruce wanted them off-it was getting later,timing is crucial with saturday's schedule, the winners were announced the runners up were to be interviewed before the glitterball was presented ............then along came more rude youngsters and stole the time from everyone-hope they apologise they have not done any favours to Harry!

  • Comment number 57.

    did anyone miss the screaming herds on Saturday? don't think so as the evening was fantastic and obviously appreciated by this audience.

  • Comment number 58.

    Bruce was ad-libbing his way through the floor invasion; the man's a genius and loves live telly, for goodness sake.

  • Comment number 59.

    This was without doubt the best Strictly so far. I'm really pleases Harry and Aliona won as they have been the best couple thoughout the show. Harry looks as if he has been dancing all his life and shows what hard work can do.


  • Comment number 60.

    Well Done to Harry and Aliona - Your dancing got better and better each week and you are worthy champions to lift the glitter ball.
    But then you were my favourites from the very beginning, (I originally posted this on the Team Hali pages) here's my Harry claim to fame...

  • Comment number 61.

    There's a handful of people on this forum who need to lighten up.
    It's a reality show... not a national dance competition!

  • Comment number 62.

    ref 56 well he didnt make a very good job of it - the runners up were not even given a chance to speak!

  • Comment number 63.

    Re: 58. Sue-Aitch.

    I quite agree. Bruce has been..well..Bruce for over 40 years with nobody complaining.

    He is the only one who can control things when it get's out of hand. Take the mic chord incident when it got wrapped around Karren Hardy's dress in the series 4 final. Someone from sound I think it was came on and he went into 'crisis aversion' mode and made a bad situation funny by acting like she was just some interloperl? Bruce not only has a way of making fun of the couples in a very harmless way he can deal with any situation.

    I certainly cannot help but disagree with terrier at post 35 that Bruce ought to go.

  • Comment number 64.

    58 & 63

    I agree completely. Bruce dealt with the situation very well indeed.

  • Comment number 65.

    Well done Harry and Aliona, you deserved to win in the end. Shame we never got to hear what Chelsee and Pasha had to say.

  • Comment number 66.

    I think the result was right except that I think Jason and Kristina should have got through to the grand final instead of poor Chelsee who was not on form. I think Pasha pushed her just too far last night with his choreography and I am sorry I did not like their Rumba (it wasn't one) !!! she ran out of steam for us.

    Here's to the next SCD 2012 cannot wait

  • Comment number 67.

    Congratulations Harry & Aliona, you really pulled out some marvellous dances. I thought you danced best of all, although it was so tight!

    I really loved this series. I have really enjoyed myself:
    - ITT with Zoe, she is one of my favourites, but I also like Claudia.
    - the costumes and set-up with halloween night, movie night, etc.
    - the judges and their messing up with each other. Sometimes I find them to easily pleased (except Craig of course) and sometimes hard to please.
    - I actually loved Tess's dress last night, I thought she was gorgeous.

    The ending of it is kind of strange. I really would like a moment to let the results sink in. Now it is a lot a reviews of the series in the final (too much in my opinion), making you impatient and building up to the winning of the trophy and then in 1 minute it is done and you can switch of your tv. Sitting there full of adrenaline. We had trouble going to sleep, because we were still so excited. Really strange. I like the suggestion of a colling down or a Sunday ITT, also to hear the other finalist, a review, whatever.

    Thanks for all the lovely entertainment!

  • Comment number 68.

    Congratulations to Harry and Aliona for their beautiful ballroom performances - but I wish the judges would give more consideration to the consequences of inconsistent marking.

    Dance is primarily about expressing emotion. It's the whole point of it.

    Firstly the celebrities have to learn the steps of a particular dance - the technical aspect.

    Then they have to, as Karen puts it, "take that choreography and make it their own" - the performance aspect.

    Jason's Argentine Tango was awarded a perfect score almost entirely because of his strength in the performance aspect.

    Of the three celebrities in the final -

    one was strong as a performer but average technically,
    one was strong technically but average as a performer,
    one was strong both technically and as a performer.

    I have no problem with the judges scoring Harry highly for his technical excellence, but their award of 39 points to his Argentine Tango was a betrayal of Chelsee.

  • Comment number 69.

    I'll not have a word said against Claudia!!! Bring her back to ITT next year - I know lots of people who didn't watch it because she wasn't there!!!!

  • Comment number 70.

    67, Nailtje wrote: I like the suggestion of a colling down or a Sunday ITT, also to hear the other finalist, a review, whatever.

    Many on these blogs have raised this subject before, but sadly like most things raised they are totally ignored. Unless Strictly Nora you actually read this and put the suggestion forward for next year, or are you still quaffing at the after show party at our (license fee payers) expense?

    69, Lindylou wrote: I'll not have a word said against Claudia!!! Bring her back to ITT next year - I know lots of people who didn't watch it because she wasn't there!!!!

    Personally I preferred ITT with Zoe, I just thought it was better. Personal choice, but that is what makes the Glitter Ball go round! For me Keep Zoe!!

    On the night I thought Harry deserved to win. They were all good, but Harry had the consistancy. Although I have to say that I'm pleased the judges scores did not count. How can Jason get a 40 for his Show Dance when he was out of time with Kristina on several occasions?

  • Comment number 71.

    I'm SO happy Harry and Aliona won! Total brilliance and such a team, very supportive of each other. You both looked particularly gorgeous and showed such excellence in a range of dance styles. All 3 finalists were brilliant contestants, but for me the right team won! Hurray!

  • Comment number 72.

    Congratulations to Harry although I had money (£10 win @ 9/2) on Jason to win !!! Looking forward to the Christmas show but will have to record Downton Abbey if I am still alert enough to do so ! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL x

  • Comment number 73.

    Unfortunately we were not able to vote for our favourites because we live in The Netherlands. Can this problem be fixed for next year please?

    Sorry now , butI live in Ireland (the Republic) and we are not able to vote for our favourites, If the BBC don't open the phone lines to their nearest neighbour what hope have the Netherlands. But in saying that , that won't stop me from watching Strictly but I too like to pick up the phone to vote for my favourites.

  • Comment number 74.

    Wonderful TV last night and the best couple won. As said by so many what are we going to do on Saturday until SCD returns??Zoe is a fantastic presenter and I like others also enjoyed Claudia's reign so much that the mere thought of her being dropped from ITT was not welcomed BUT Zoe has mad the show her own. There was a hint in this morning's news on Radio 4 that there is be a shakeup in the professionals lineup. Is this true? If so then change some of the judges! SCD Needs Brucie, it would not be the same without him.

  • Comment number 75.

    loved harry from the beginning! im a huge strictly fan and didn't think this year would top last year but i think it just about did. FAB-U-LOUS dahling!!! :D

  • Comment number 76.

    While I am happy for Harry and Aliona to have won (thank god that little squit didn't win!) I believe it is a hollow victory. Now this series has come to a close, the beeb need to seriously look at the Strictly format and either change it or give the programme a decent burial.

    It is a dance competition yet "circus animals" still perform longer and knock out decent celebrities and dancers just because they have the public vote. Had it been a real dance competition and not a circus, Rory Bremner would have stayed in longer and given the programme more credibility (and gravitass).

    We seem to have more props and whacky ideas rather than proper dancing. how many real Tangos or pasos to real Tango or Paso music did we see?! I want to see REAL dances attempted, not just prancing around the floor. I like to know which dance I am watching, half this series I did not.

    Anyone remember the days of Goughy's delightful quickstep or Mark Ramprakash's glorious Salsa and Argentine Tango.....? They are the dances and the dancers which send a tingle up my spine....after week three, no one "did it" for me and I just bored with the programme. The new pro dancers are all clones - where are the Karen Hardys, the Ian Waites, the Bennetts? The only decent male pros now are Brendan Cole and James Jordan, and the only decent female pros Erin and Ola.

    If Strictly is to survive I believe the Beeb need to revisit those early series, and see just why it was great. The knock out system needs to be changed. Now the phone calls are not for charity, may I make the radical suggestion that the public has no vote and its all the judges....it would make me believe in the competition more...make a Tango, an old fashioned Tango and not some wierd modern cavort around the dance floor?

    I realise I am probably in the minority. But while I don't really wnat to see strictly chopped, I fervently hope that the Beeb does indeed return to the glory days of the early series...(chaps, that way, you may get better celebs queuing up to take part too!!)

  • Comment number 77.

    Grob Queen - 76 - at least we saw one REAL dance, that beautifully-executed traditional Paso from Chelsee.

  • Comment number 78.

    SCD 2011 has been brilliant - one of the best by far!

    Harry Judd a really worthy winner, not only for his superb dancing, but for his charm, humble ways and delightful personality!

    However Jason was my personal favorite, that said, Harry deserved to win without doubt. My only disappointment that after receiving TOP scores, top of the leader board after two dances, Jason and Kristina were not in the final two. Chelsee was not on form for the final, but got through on votes, which I would love to know what they were.

    I do feel the BBC handle SCD Final's format badly though - and personally I feel it NEEDS to be looked into as the THREE couples who get to the final are basically one or two points apart. Having listened all week on "it Takes Two" ( Brill job Zoe X) that the couples were going perform four dances each, only to discover ONLY two couples would perform four dances is completely misleading, and so UNFAIR on one couple, it's kind of dismissing their 12 weeks of getting to the final.

    This could be very easily dealt with if the BBC gave some real thought to it, and CUT out some of the VT's and interviews with all the celebrities families. After all the program is watched by millions for the " Dancing"

    1. The final: ALL couples get to perform their four dances ( total 18 mins of dance out of a two hour program)
    2. Open up the lines as usual after all couples have performed 2 dances
    3.The judges scores to be taken into account as for previous weeks
    4. At the end of all four dances - CLOSE the lines for counting votes
    5. At this point have two celebrity guest performers - and perhaps a chat with the judges about each dance or SPLIT the program up.

    This would mean instead of getting rid of ONE couple before they dance all their dances, which would allow the judges and the public to really see who maintains content, stamina and technique of their dances over the four. Would all STAND equally together in front of the glitter ball with a third, second and WINNER being announced. This would make it much fairer on all the couples who managed to get to the end of the series.

    Additionally once the trophy is won, must we have the runner-ups being dismissed from the dance floor without even speaking to them. I thought the way Chelsee and Pasha were ushered away and asked " please go and join the other dancers" was dreadful!!

    One or two points in it, that's all, yet that is not the impression, by the way the end is managed. As it is now, the runner-up and third place are not treated in way fitting for the 12 weeks of hard work to get there. The program should either be extended so all can be interviewed together or there should be a Monday night 30 minute " It takes Two" to see all the couples together. I don't know how poor Kristina and Jason must have felt after practicing their routines all week, it's just appalling they did not perform those dances. So the public will never know how GOOD they were or NOT as the case be, and we should have seen them.

    Couples who get eliminated in previous week shows GET more time to come down from their elimination than the finalists. They actually get a slot on It takes Two to be interviewed..and yet Pasha and Chelsee were brushed over and asked to leave the floor. Sorry the BBC handles this badly, I wasn't a fan of Chelsee, but that makes no difference, she deserved more than being ushered off the floor. Lastly, bring back Karen Hardy or Ian Waite to take Alesha Dixons, place, she is not a dancer..

  • Comment number 79.

    Well done Harry and Aliona, I wanted Harry to win from the beginning and I think he was the best dancer and the nicest person. In the end Chelsee was annoying and her show dance was quite poor, I wished that Jason was in the final with Harry or that Holly had got through but hey ho!

  • Comment number 80.

    Sparkyhorse - 79 - it seems Chelsee's ability both in the technical aspect and in the aspect of conveying the emotion of the dance annoyed quite a lot of the supporters of less-gifted celebrities.

    I was comparing the Argentine Tangos of the three celebrities earlier.

    One celebrity told the story of a lecherous old guy pursuing a young girl, and eventually succeeding.

    The second performance was that of a young girl eventually rejecting the advances of a young guy.

    I don't have the faintest idea what the third story was about.

  • Comment number 81.

    I've loved Zoe on ITT.

    Claudia was good, but Zoe had been a competitor and was more empathetic with the contestants. Also, because of her personality, the show had a more anarchic edge to it this year.

    I hope they bring her back next year.

  • Comment number 82.

    it was a great final all 3 of them were fantastic off to next year.

    Now it is time for Serious request in Holland. Serious request is the biggest charity show in Holland. 3 dj's will live for 6 days in a glass house and will not eat anything and wil be making non stop radio and they can't leave the house. They work together with the red cross and this years theme is "this one's for mama". I hope we beat last years total :).

  • Comment number 83.

    Apenny4them... Most people are generous enough to congratulate all three finalists ☺☺

  • Comment number 84.

    Producers of SCD listen up: please will you dig deep and produce a bigger budget for next series? I am totally fed up to the back teeth with 'fill in' vt's silly sketches dodgy set pieces, just let them dance for god's sake. Why not renown singers in the result show? SCD has always been the jewel in BBC's crown and rightly so, but all this snipping n cost cutting really shows with the quality of the content. Right having said that, after my personal favourite Jason left, who it just goes to show was in the lead at that point, wanted Harry to win, so congrats to him n Aliona! Roll on 2013...

  • Comment number 85.

    ojtocs - 83 - I thought I had done so in post 68.

    But congratulations to all three finalists.

  • Comment number 86.

    At 49. Actually if you look up the rules you will find that on 2 lifts are allowed in the American smoo. I personally don't care what the BBC cares interpret for American trash TV. Ballroom rules are rule.. He made 3 lifts and therefore should have been punished accordingly.

  • Comment number 87.

    Well done to all three finalists. Jason's showdance was fab.

    Harry had everything and performed beautifully when it mattered most.

    Well done Harry and Aliona.

  • Comment number 88.

    The final turned out to be better than I thought it would, but I would have preferred to see Holly in the final rather than Jason. Everyone rants about his brilliant dancing but if you really watch, it you will find that Kristina is doing all the dancing & Jason provides the facial expressions. Harry deservedly won on the night. The producers have got to get rid of Bruce Forsyth & Tess Daly they ruin the show, with his pathetic jokes & her awful loud accented voice which grates on the hearing. I suggest Zoe Ball & any other male presenter.

  • Comment number 89.

    It was a great final. Well done Harry and Aliona; they were the best on the night. I thought that they did three of the best four dances. . Last night was the first time I voted for Harry, I haven’t been a supporter from the start but he was the best overall on the night.

    The best show dance I thought was Jason and Kristina. However I thought they were not completely in time when camping it up in front of the judges during their Tango. As they were top according to the judges at half time I thought they might make it to the second phase of the final. I would have liked to see Holly and Artem in the final, but Jason and Kristina were worthy of their place. I would have liked to see their “Bewitched” Quickstep again, but with the Salsa as his other dance it was unlikely they would win. I think the final would have been better if it returned to a judges’ choice, the show dance and for them to pick a Latin and a Ballroom.

    I think Chelsee was overcome with nerves. I still felt that there were issues with the Jive; Chelsee had to wait behind Pasha before he pulled her between his legs and I thought her kicks and flick were not as high as Pasha’s. In their show dance I thought Chelsee hesitated before one lift and I didn’t like one lift. Also it looked like she went wrong with the twists. Did she make a mistake in the Rumba after the travelling splits? I thought there were some untidy moments in their Quickstep.

    I thought Harry had to do too many lifts in his show dance and as the judges said there were transitions issues with some of the lifts. I am not sure Aliona has got the balance right in her show dances (I think Matt might have had too many lift last year as well). I thought their American Smooth was beautiful and their Quickstep was great. Their Argentine Tango very good (even if I preferred Jason and Kristina’s). Aliona has finally got the message to ensure that the dances have basic in them and are not just show dances as some of Harry’s earlier dances were. I think Harry has blossomed during the series and is not as shy as he was at the start and he really puts in a performance when he dances. Well done Harry.

    I think it was a shame that 9s were booed. It was the judges’ role to differentiate between the dances. I was happy with the judges’ scoring. Harry got his first two 40s the same number as Jason!

    One criticism of Saturday’s show was Jessie J, while I liked the single when played on the radio I thought she ruined it and hammed it up. Also I would have preferred to see the professional dancing to it rather than her dance group.

    I wish there was an It Takes Two on Monday with interviews with the finalists and a final look at the dances with Karen and the dresses. Then Chelsee and Pasha would have had an opportunity to do their thank yous. Zoe has been great as the presenter much better that Claudia; I hope she will be the presenter next year. However I have missed two aspects of ITT that I particular like – the number of hours in the training room and the amount of weight lost.

  • Comment number 90.

    I thought Bruce was right to get the other members of Mcfly off the floor - it was very rude to rush on that way - after all Pasha and Chelsee hadn't even left the floor or had a chance to offer their congratulations to the champions - even thought his dad was out of order - after all he only had to wait a couple of minutes until the trophy had been awarded and he could have come on at that point. Nobody seems to have any manners these days. Why was there no mention of Kara and Artem as last year's champions - they could have even danced which would have been fantastic. ITT has been amazing with Zoe Ball and the content of the shows pretty much spot on. It has been the most successful Strictly but still hated alll the silyl Video Tape nonsense lets just stick to dancing content. Agree about point it would be good to know how many hours of training had be done and weight loss would be very interesting. Next year could a little more care be taken picking the right professional dancers for the celebs please - Good luck to the new producer by the way whoever he or she may be.

  • Comment number 91.

    Amairic - 89 - for me, Dance is first and foremost about the physical representation of an emotion. Mastery of the dance movements themselves is only Stage 1. An all-round dancer should be able to depict a variety of emotions.

    Here's the real thing, and another chance for you to spot the mistake to which you referred -


  • Comment number 92.

    Well the best man did win - I was emotionally moved by Harry's Quickstep and Argentine Tango. However, I am annoyed the way Tess kept pushing people to vote before they had even see all the dances the contestants had to offer, which makes a mockery of them actually dancing at all since people were being encouraged to vote for their favourites regardless. Let us not forget this is a dacning contest and not a popularity contest. Tonight Jason actually did dance better than Chelsea and while I do not think he would have won, Jason should definitely have been in the final two.

    I also think it is a shame that we did not get to see Jason perform his new dance after all the hard work he put into it.

  • Comment number 93.

    Get rid of Bruno and Craig, Alegna? No way, they're the only judges who do a proper job and actually comment as if they've been watching the dances, especially Craig. Len and Alesha don't seem to bother, thinking they can always get by with some fatuous comment about how hard the celeb has tried or how good they are or (in extreme presumption) to say whether or not they're going to go on to Wembley/Semi-final/Final etc.

    Bruno has a tendency to get carried away (yeah, I know, in his dreams) but does have a knack of picking up on emotional or tonal shortfalls. Whilst Craig actually *watches* what they're doing in detail. More judges like him, please!

  • Comment number 94.

    Brilliant series, loved it. Congrats to team Hali.

    Comments about 2 of the judges. Alesha tries to curry favour with the crowd by awarding too high a points. She seems to lack the background to look for the technical errors. Craig is the only one who is honest and forthright. His comments are bang on 99% of the time yet he gets booed for this. I hope he stays as he and Len are the only judges who bring integrity to the show.
    To change either in favour of the sugary, sacharrine type of judge would be a nightmare. I really liked Arlene as she knew what she was talking about and gave good constructive criticism. Alesha is a bit of waste of time really.

  • Comment number 95.

    Dear BBC

    1) Please don't open the phone lines until all the dances have been done - this is supposed to be a dancing contest, not a "who do you like most?" contest.

    2) Please don't waste rehearsed-up dances - I'd have loved to have seen Jason's other new dance and I bet lots of others would to. If nothing else, let them do it as a farewell after being voted out.

    3) Please lose the stupid VTs. By all means show some shots and impressions of rehearsal, but not the endless lame "jokes". One thing I did like in the final was where they interviewed the pro's on what they thought - would like to see more of that during the series.

    But great show and great series. Any of the top three would have been a worthy champion, with Holly really not very far behind (as in right up there with them on a good night, which sadly she didn't have in the semis). Feel sorry for Jason who probably deserved to win on the night but he knows he did himself proud. And judged over the season, I can't grumble at seeing Harry win - a thoroughly deserving champion.

  • Comment number 96.


  • Comment number 97.

    Re 95

    I was just going to make the same suggestion. It would be wonderful time filler, and the perfect goodbye if the ourgoing couple performed their unseen dance.

    Chelsea was off her game, whatever the reason, possibly nerves or overcome by the whole experience, it was shame as she has danced so beautifully throughout the series.

    Jason's showdance was the best dance of the night. His Tango was a curious choice by the judges, it's a great dance, but not his best. Their has been a few comments that Kristina was doing all the dancing, please!! You can-not increase the prowess of your favourite by denouncing their competitors.

    Harry was a deserving winner, and their AT was much improved. But having watched them perform show dances all season (tango, jive), i thought the actual showdance was lumpy, uncomfortable. They were lucky the format was changed, the showdance used to be the decider, that was how Tom Chambers won, his showdance stole the show. The AS was beautiful, the best dance they have done all season. No idea about the number of lifts used or allowed, they looked so effortless, they flowed and sat in the dance so perfectly.

  • Comment number 98.

    The producers are losing their way with this programme and it is a shame. I cannot wonder how one can dance a Tango to a disco track and still call it a Tango. Similarly, why do a disco track to a Samba. Surely, to make the maximum appeal, everything has to be authentic as Len Goodman believes: appropriate costumes, correct dance steps and the right music to complete the "flavour" of the dance. Using the inappropriate type of music ruins the "feel" of the dance, so please remember to make it authentic by using the music to complete the atmosphere and dance experience.

  • Comment number 99.

    Well done Harry! What a fantastic final. However, I feel that Jason, who ended up top of the chart after the first two dances, deserved to be in the last two and it should have been up to the judges to decide who were the best two to go into the last part of the final. This would have avoided the unfairness of competitors with little or no fan base being unfairly disadvantaged. Please think about this aspect for future Strictlys. Chelsee did SO well, but Jason did better on the day.

  • Comment number 100.

    Completely agree with Comment #94. Craig gives a comment based on technique and I always seem to agree with his comments and his marks. Alesha flatters too much and provides comments which are "flowery", vague and non-technical: what does "raised it up a notch" mean to a budding dancer similarly "your personality comes through" and her marks do not reflect the "sugariness" of her comments. Let's bring back Arlene at least she had a dance background and her comments were helpful.


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