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Week 1 - Reactions

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BBC Strictly Nora | 19:50 UK time, Saturday, 1 October 2011

Russell came out of his shell, Nancy dropped her feather boa and Jason unleashed his inner Latin love god. Just a few of the too numerous to mention highlights of the first two shows of 2011.

Who are you tipping for Strictly success this year? And what did you think of the scores from the judges?

We were first on the dance floor to bring you these exclusive reactions from the celebrities, judges and professional dancers.

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You can also recap on all the action from Friday and Saturday night in just 1 minute with Strictly in 60. Your bite-sized guide to the best ballroom battle.

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And finally, check out how your favourite couple fared on the leaderboard. Remember you can always relive the best and worst scoring dances from each week.

This week, watch Nancy and Anton with that feather boa or Jason and Kristina and those snake hips.

Where does your favourite couple fare on our week 1 leaderboard

Week 1 leaderboard

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Week 1 leaderboard


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  • Comment number 1.

    Loved the first two shows. Everyone is showing potential - obviously some more than others. Of course the serious stuff starts next week when the voting begins.

    Unfortunately I cannot comment on after show reactions because I do not live in the UK and up to and including last year was not able to vote either. Had to rely on the good will and forbearance of others.

    BBC please remember you have viewers not in the UK who love your programmes and will probably keep watching, but it would be so nice to join in the fun and interaction that everyone is able to enjoy.....

  • Comment number 2.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 3.

    Why is everyone so down on Nancy, I'm a great fan but she's be helped if Anton took it seriously??!!

  • Comment number 4.

    I think Nancy could be great. Its Anton who is the problem sending the whole thing up. He is supposed to be the waltz king and he chose to be a comedian instead.

  • Comment number 5.

    Some good dances on both nights that showed lots of potential and fair scores from the judges.
    Jason's a great performer so I expect him to do well this year but he's got competition in Harry, Holly, Chelsee and Anita.

  • Comment number 6.

    Three of the judges used a little bit of common sense in trying to encourage the dancers for the first time,one however seemed to have judged them as though they were all pro's what he said was probably right but come on let the real judging start next week although i think now some of the dancers are going to be more nervous than ever and the damage has already been done by him.

  • Comment number 7.

    i couldn't agree more with ollie's comment re. the judges (comm.6). why on earth craig takes his 'nasty judge' role so seriously, i don't know! this is week 1, for goodness' sake!! by all means, give constructive criticism, but why be so horrible???

  • Comment number 8.

    The first week , I heard Holly (Flick) from Neighbours complain that she is only ranked The 53 hottest chick in the world . I think this is quite high. I wonder if Pippa Middleton is ranked higher. In fact I heard a while back, that she was going to be on the show ,shame!!
    As for that footballer Robin Savage who thinks he is like some 21st century ANDONIS, if he is not voted off soon I will find a BEAR to maul him.
    Good Luck to all contestents. As for pedicting the winner it is too early to say.......

  • Comment number 9.

    Is it possible to keep the camera on the feet rather than the top half of the dancers bodys. It is sooo frustating not seeing most of the footwork. I feel like throwing a brick at the T.V. screen out of frustration!!!

  • Comment number 10.

    After week one:

    I like - Anita, Jason, Russell, Chelsee, Harry and Nacy (yes, Nancy!)

    I'm indifferent to - Audley, Rory, Holly, Dan, Alex

    Not so keen on - Lulu, Edwina, Robbie

  • Comment number 11.

    I agree with nana1999, please let us see the footwork, we don't need fancy camera work, we want to see the dancers! One camera last night was zooming all over the place, bit like the one on the weather forecast. Loved the show, and all the costumes, (except for the boa) long may it continue!

  • Comment number 12.

    Agree with comments 3 & 4, even if Nancy's meant to be an awkward customer. Maybe she's trying to be like a female Vincent Simone and we're not getting the irony.

  • Comment number 13.

    Why does Anton have to make a comedy out of every dance, he did'nt give Nancy a chance to show if she could dance, he was making a joke out of it from the very first moment, they are now the comedy couple. I pity anyone who is partnered with Anton now.

  • Comment number 14.

    Meant to say in my previous comment that I don't think Nancy would make a great dancer but she might be OK. At least that would be an improvement on last night.

  • Comment number 15.

    I'm with tangoshoes, Nancy could be good if given a chance! So come on Anton, be serious, you are not dancing with Ann Widdicombe now!!
    Come on Alex & Rory, I think these two could surprise everyone!!

  • Comment number 16.

    So far, it looks like Strictly is running to form. You can almost see the contenders in the main trailer.

    I agree with the remarks made about Nancy. We all know that Anton loves his dancing and has always had the potential to be an elegant dancer, but over the last few seasons his antics have tended to spoil his partners routines. I felt sorry for Nancy after the props failure. A lesson will have to be learned through that.
    Little Chelsee has great potential and I was mightily impressed with Anita Dobson. I just hope that she performs as well in the Latin routines. It was ironic though that we had Australians at the beginning and the end of this weeks shows as they were the best routines of all. If anything, Jason is streets ahead of Holly and the rest.

  • Comment number 17.

    I loved the show last night much higher standard than Friday!
    Harry Chelsee and Jason were all amazing!
    Jason stood out as he isn't a natural dancer! looking forward to next week when I think harry will up his game!
    Jason will have to build on his win and be even better!!!!!

  • Comment number 18.

    What a brilliant weekend, it is lovely to have the 'Strictly' bug again!
    My family were disapointed that the Friday night show was not until 9pm, as it doesn't make it family viewing when it is on so late, as the children had gone to bed, and we had to record it for them to watch on Saturday morning.
    It was brilliant to see that the couples had worked so hard, and Jason is still my favourite, however we found Russell so entertaining, and hope that he doesn't get voted out too soon!
    It was such a shame about the wardrobe malfunction for Nancy & Anton. I would have really liked them to have started their routine again, particuarly for safety reasons.
    Can't wait for next weekend, and will watch 'It takes Two' if we are home in time.

  • Comment number 19.

    Jason had a great start - he is just so professional in his attitude even if he is not a natural.

    Aliona has fallen on her feet again - Harry looks a talent.

    Nancy is just bizarre - the routine was just crazy - was it for real?

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi everyone,
    well last nighs show was just brilliant, I though Jason Donavan and Kristina were the best dancers on the night, Jasons the one to watch, thought they all did realy well though, poor Nancy getting caught up in that Boa, I was realy looking farward to seeing Anton and Nancy dance, pity that damm boa had to spoil it, well luckily no one was eliminated this week, there are no room for mistakes from now on, as next Saturday it starts for real and one couple will be eliminated next weekend, realy looking farward to next weekend, see how the celebs progress, they were all nervouse this week, and Graig should not of been so nasty to the celebs as its their first week on s.c.d, give them some encouragment Graig, looking forward to itt this week with a new presenter Zoe Ball, wish her all the very best in the show, take care everyone

  • Comment number 21.

    The BBC seem determined to pit Edwina against Nancy. I bet they follow each other nearly every week. You can already see where the judges votes are going though, Chelsee & Nancy !
    Having looked at Craig's biography, I can see nothing at all that qualifies him to give an opinion on ballroom or latin dancing. GET RID OF HIM PLEASE. He's nasty just for the sake of it!

  • Comment number 22.

    I too agree with nana1999 - the whole point of dancing is the footwork. You can have the most awful hairdo & costume,(as we have seen in the past) yet still be a fantastic dancer. I was feeling seasick by the time the programme finished, with all the camera whizzing!
    In future weeks, I will record it & only watch the actual dancing. I've had enough of the rest already.

  • Comment number 23.

    Loved both shows this week. I think the dresses will be great this year, based on these shows - much better than last year when they were a little tacky!

    I agree with comments re Anton. He's not taking it seriously at all yet - and I think Nancy has potential, so come on Anton - get your act together.

    Can't take to Chelsee at all - I was amazed that her scores were so high as she didn't seem that confident or have much style.

    Jason is the favourite so far - last to appear on the show and in the line up too. But he did dance well and showed he's a quick learner.

    Too close to call at the moment - roll on next week...

  • Comment number 24.

    I agree with everyone about Anton, and about Craig. And there was the usual inconsistent marking, with the judges' favourites being obvious from the start, as well as the ones they're going to mark down whatever they do.

    One thing should have been sorted years ago but is still happening. The first couple comes off, exhausted, but then they have to stand there like spare parts while Mr Forsyth does his routine. For goodness' sake, introduce the band and the judges BEFORE the dancing starts.

  • Comment number 25.

    At the beginning of each show, Bruce makes a point of welcoming children. We then have to sit through a great deal of innuendo and very destructive criticism from the judges, and their confontational approach to each other and the contestants. This was noticeably worse last season and has, disappointingly, carried on into this season. My 6 year old loves watching the dancing but I have to use a lot of distracting techniques during the judging, which is a shame as I'd like to hear sensible, constructive comments. All the judges have gone overboard trying to be theatrical and are no longer professional.

  • Comment number 26.

    Just a word about the judges.....
    Craig isn't all bad. Remember he's an Aussie- known for their straight talking.
    He gives credit where it's due and provides a fair bit of humour.
    Len is usually spot on with his comments and keeps Craig in his place if need be.
    Alesha is generous and kind so she balances out the panel.
    Bruno's great and as an Italian he's bound to be most expressive.
    I like them all :):)

  • Comment number 27.

    You know something... Anton will make a great replacement for Sir Bruce.
    It is a Dancing competition, not a comedy show. It is for Anton to ensure his partner can produce the goods. Nancy did not dance at all. Relying on sympathy & comedy will not last very much longer.
    Some of the dancers were very good.
    Bye Anton.

  • Comment number 28.

    Alegna @21. Craigs a top class dance choreographer, and unlike some of the others, often mentions specific dance steps. He's also just got back from working with the cast of Chess in Toronto. I agree that he's overdosed on the acid drops but he's probably jet lagged. Never mind, I'm grateful that we at least got to hear the season's first ,"I fort u woz really fierce babe". My dance know-how suddenly jumped up a notch.

    STEADYCAM MAN - stop it! It isn't clever and it's not funny. I'm charging my seasick pills to you, then I'm off to buy a lassoo. You need bringing down. Three seasons of your antics is quite enough. More feet and whole body shots please or even an ariel view. The only thing I want to see running round the dance floor is the dancers.

  • Comment number 29.

    When Len is asked 'what are we looking for in a waltz, cha-cha' etc., could he also clarify whether lifts are allowed in that dance or not. Please don't let us have a repeat of last year's lift-gate where it was a do-as-you-please, dancing-by-numbers for the first month. Some consistency between the judges on the rules would be helpful.

  • Comment number 30.

    What I want to know is how come all the pros from the former CCCP have ended up with top notch partners. Kristina has the guy from Neighbours, Artem the girl from there, Aliona the McFly and Pasha, well he really landed on his feet, and has to dance with Chelsee.

    I saw in the news that David went Russia, I wonder if this was part of the deal.

  • Comment number 31.

    As usual there was a bit if variation in scores but the board overall seems pretty representative. And I'm sure even Russell is shocked he didn't end up last but he did use the whole floor. Jason did the fastest routine which shows how confident he must be. That's something that will no doubt change very quickly as the weeks go on.
    I could do without comments like "old cougar" and "glammerpuss" from the judges though. A bit tacky and hardly flattering. Lets have a bit more respect from the judges.

  • Comment number 32.

    I am a great fan of Strictly, but the camera work is awful. Why can't they show more close-ups of the feet, or at least of the dancers, so we get a good impression of their posture, frame and footwork.
    If they want to show the audience, there is plenty of time to do so before or after they danced.

    This show is about their performance, so let them show us their performance.

  • Comment number 33.

    As for Craig, his comments were very constructive. He really told the celebrities what aspects of their performance to work on, and even if they did not understand all of it, their partners did. It may sound harsh, but it is of more value than: you came out and gave it your all.....
    That is all very nice, but if the scores don't match thecelebs' dedication, it obviously didn't do them any good. Losing your frame, sticking out your butt and dancing from the knees are things you can work on.

  • Comment number 34.

    Overall I felt the standard was rather low, only one score over 30. Jason is a natural of course, many years of experience in his pop career and on the stage in Joseph etc. If anybody was going to be a "ringer" this year its him. But he does work hard thats clear and its up to the others to catch him up and step up.

  • Comment number 35.

    Sorry, 'brunoforpresident', but stage dancing has nothing to do with ballroom dancing.
    I always feel that the male celebs have a far more difficult task than the females. Having done a foxtrot with a World Amateur Champion, who went on to be World Profesional a few years later, I know the difference 'being led' well makes.

  • Comment number 36.

    Re Chris1977 @ Post 34

    Last year there was not many more 30. Matt, Pamela and Kara all scored 30 or over. So only two more than this year.

    Now for my view. I know sweet fa about dancing so I think the comparison's to last year wouldn't be out of place. These are the stand out performers for me.

    Looks like Holly got of to a great start if she is a leading performer. Only two points less than Kara who had Artem for the Cha-Cha-Cha. Her main rival clearly comes from Anita and didn't disappoint. Scoring 27; the highest Waltz. Robin only scored 22 last year. Harry Judd looks strong in this early going. Scoring only three less with his partner than the score his partner scored last year with the runner-up. And Jason must really be strong to earn Khristina her best Cha-Cha-Cha and her first in the 30's. Shows what good surely she can be if given a decent partner. Jason is a different class to John Sergeant, Joe Calzaghe and Goldie.

    What I would like to ask is, do you think Alesha and Bruno's 6 to Russell and the 6 they gave Alex Jones both for the Cha-Cha-Cha is on a par with each other?

  • Comment number 37.

    Loved this weekend's show, costumes were fabulous, but would say that Craig went to far, his comments were out of place for the first show the 'Panto Villain' act is a bit too much this early in the series.

  • Comment number 38.

    Hello to 2lipsAmsterdam. I wonder if we are going to fall in love with a couple like we did last year with Kara and Artem. So far I am liking Harry and Aliona and Chelsee and Pasha. What do you think about Artem and Holly? I thought the body language was a bit strange. Its seems Artem is trying to touch Holly as little as possible. Maybe he's afraid Tara won't like it or perhaps its a personaliity clash. Of course I could be imagining it. It was great the way Artem said at the beginning how he came out of Strictly with a girlfriend. Looking forward to next week but a little sad that Claudia is not doing ITT this year. I wonder how Zoe will get on?

  • Comment number 39.

    I agree with much that has been said and i am looking forward to the rest of the season.

    However, Anton may be using comedy to hide his partners in adequacy.. looking forward to next weeks dance it may confirm my suspicions.

    Felt the scores for Alex and Hugh were fair, Alex may look the part but was quite wooden in her movements and to me looked a little lost, whilst Hugh moved with confidence and was on the beat.

    Everyone knows Craig is harsh in his comments, but it is him they listen to.

    When the celebs were allocated their partners we were shown rehearsal footage and comments were made about Jason, who was seen in the background going over his steps whilst everyone rested. The man is a professional and on Saturday night it showed.

  • Comment number 40.

    Re: PotterNut @ 37

    Good old Jimmy Jordan who is the clear voice of the people spoke up again, but for me could have said a lot more.

    I personally cannot overplay enough the need to understand that nobody exists far enough within the parameters of human physical capability to be able to grasp a task with so much speed and skill. Dancing to a quality good enough to win a TV trophy takes several weeks of training with competition experience. I don't see how training alone could evolve a budding dancer to a kind capable of winning competitions. Which is what the celebs have mainly done. The basic steps is the very most they seem to learn in training. The rest comes from competition experience and routine work.

    Craig really should get real.

  • Comment number 41.

    my money is on the big ego to leave first, dellalio ( sorry thats the rugby guy ) well the other one then. The I am, I'm beautiful, ?

  • Comment number 42.

    After week one:

    I like - Anita, Jason, Russell, Harry

    I'm indifferent to - Audley, Rory, Holly, Dan, Alex

    Not so keen on - Lulu, Edwina, Robbie, and Chelsee

    Can't stand - Nancy

    I think that Craig the Judge should not be as technical for the first week - it must nerve wracking to just go out there and perform - enough time to be critical about technique -- also he shouldn't be as scathing as he has been - it doesn't do any good for the show just makes people upset which is not what it is about.

    What people should remember is that these are amateurs who are doing their best to learn dance steps and routines in a week and then perform them live in front of thousands of people - it is enough to make anyone 'wobbly'.

    Having said this I think Edwina has courage to go out there - but obviously she is not going to do that well - she hasn't got the grace or ability - secondly Nancy shouldn't be there she is too much of a Diva and it shows in her attitude and this is about dancing well with a partner on a live show not about how much of a Diva one can be -- I think there is some real talent and it should be a good series - just let's hope that the people vote the real no-goers out in the beginning thus giving us all a chance to see the 'talented' ones perform.

    And give Brendan Cole a break - the judges are always on his case!!

  • Comment number 43.

    I enjoyed this weekend's shows, perhaps Saturday slightly more than Friday.

    I was very surprised at how good Anita was and I think with a bit more confidence, she could go quite far in the compatition; loved Jason - thought he was the best out of all the celebs; Russell was entertaining, if not really doing many of the steps and Flavia seemed to be enjoying herself; Hary is one to watch, I think he too will go far.

    I also enjoyed Holly, Dan, Alex, Chelsee and Rory's performances.

    I wasn't at all impressed with - Lulu, Edwina, or Robbie.

    I felt sorry for Nancy with the props failure and the feather boa, but was really quite annoyed at Anton for turning it into a comedy routine - if he carries on like this each week, I can't seem them lasting in the competition.

    Oh, and well done to James Jordan for sticking up for the celebs after Craig Rebel-Horrible's comments. No need for CRH to be so nasty!

  • Comment number 44.

    OOps, according to today's paper, Nancy has thrown a wobbly because she got less points than Edwina. !! Please viewers, ditch her quickly - I fear for the sanity of her partner.

  • Comment number 45.

    I am a big fan of Strictly but for me it has lost a bit of its magic, something has changed. Performances used to get a standing ovation when it was something spectacular and brilliant now everyone gets one no matter how they have performed - crazy. Also as much as I like Bruce he is becoming embarrasing and I cringe sometimes with what he comes out with. Am sorry about all these negative comments. I really do love the show but had to give my honest opinion. Anyway my favourite in Harry followed by Jason

  • Comment number 46.

    People seem to be overlooking the generous and deserved comments Craig made to Chelsee. He is clearly qualified to be a dance judge and without his sharp tongue SCD would be in danger of being anodyne and saccharine.I'm sure most people realise that the judges are providing the pantomime element as well as the constructive criticism, but that's where the panto should stop and the dancers would do well to forget last year's farce and just give us the dancing, without the props and/or the silly jokes. Anton was a disappointnment, treating his partner with disrespect and not allowing us a glimpse of her potential(or lack of).Nancy D'olio may or may not be a diva, but she may also just have a sense of humour and deserves to be at least given the benefit if the doubt and a chance to dance. It's good to see the celebs progress and try, so we should maybe remember it's the first week and stop looking for budding proffesionals. It's embarrassing when Len keeps glaring at Craig. He may be a bit of a wicked fairy but at least he is honest.

  • Comment number 47.

    I'm really surprised by the comments complaining about Craig's marking and criticism. Craig genuinely wants contestants to improve so gives constructive comments - he doesn't have the time to sugar coat it in the few seconds they get to make comments. Also I wouldn't expect anyone to be scoring very highly at this stage, it is their first week, if they all got 8/9/10 at this stage where do they have to go in future when they actually do get better. And did you see the delight on people's faces when he did compliment them? Getting a high score from Craig is difficult which makes it even more precious. Frankly I think James Jordan should keep his trap shut and the other judges consistently overmark by saying "it's entertaining". I would prefer if they treated it as a dance competition. Craig's "my favourite!"

    Really excited that it's SCD time again and while I'm going to miss Claudia in ITT, looking forward to getting all the behind the scenes info from Zoe.

  • Comment number 48.

    Enjoyed both Friday and Saturday performances but Saturday night was definitely stronger - after next weekend will choose my favourite - any news yet on which Team Names have been chosen so we can use them in our blogs?

    Feel sorry for Anton he is in a difficult position - Nancy is obviously difficult to handle - I'm sure he's doing the best he can - good advice from Craig 'forget the props'. In fact I wish all the dancers would forget about props - we just want to see the dancing good or bad so we can make up our minds.

    I'm sure next week we are going to see a vast improvement from everyone and predict the celebs will be rehearsing for much longer.

  • Comment number 49.

    Absolutely agree with the comments about the camera work on Strictly, it would be so good to see the feet closer up the Judges comments would make more sense to us viewers. The BBC camera work used to be first rate but not any more I'm sad to say.

  • Comment number 50.

    two average shows at the weekend, but good effort from all, well maybe not all, my two favourite professionals Brendon and Anton seem to have fallen at the first hurdle with theire partners, Lulu could do much much better, no comment about Nancy, come on Brendon start cracking that whip.

  • Comment number 51.

    I thoroughly enjoyed that 1st week. I think the judges scores were pretty much on the money although I felt Alex, Audley & Dan deserved slightly more than they got.

    I have to admit I felt a bit for Nancy. When you get a lower score because of making a mistake you can usually take it a bit better but when it is down to a costume malfunction, that is harder to take and what Nancy managed to dance she danced well but sadly it was too little because of how that boa almost tripping them up affected her. She was always going to get a low score but I didn't think it should have been quite that low.

    I am rather pleased for Chelsee though. A lot of people were saying that she would be great at the latin (a point Len made) but not particularly good at the ballroom but after watching her training video on thursday I thought her waltz training looked quite promising and that she could be a bit of an all rounder. Thankfully she proved the initial part of my analysis right. I am looking forward to this weekend to see if she can live up to all her latin hype and to her future ballroom dances to see if she can become an all rounder or if her waltz was a ballroom flash in the pan.

  • Comment number 52.

    Just watched the shows as I was away - what great shows they were - disappointed with Lulu - but delighted with Russell. Loved Harry, Jason, Rory & Dan - also Anita & Chelsee - havent got a favourite yet as there are so many possiblities. Keep the good work up and watch this space. Looking forward to the return of 'it takes two'.

  • Comment number 53.

    I was so excited that Strictly was back, but I felt a little underwhelmed by the time the Saturday show had finished.
    I miss the group professional dance at the beginning - THAT's the bit that gets the party started as far as I'm concerned. Jason, Anita and Chelsee were the only one who truly hit the spot for me. Alex, Dan, Harry, Holly and Robbie gave it a darn good go, and Lulu - well I couldn't work it out.... was she singing/mouthing the words out of embarrassment, to cover up the fact that she had forgotten what she was meant to be doing, or did she forget what she was meant to be doing because she was singing? Did Anton actually choreograph a full routine and we were just prevented from seeing it because of the wardrobe malfunction? Why didn't a stagehand nip on and remove the boa? Their routine just didn't seem to last as long as the others - that is how it seemed to me.
    There were some disappointing remarks from the judges. I think Craig could have a go at offering his opinion WITHOUT the meanness? I wonder whether it is his affected bored expression which makes his remarks seem worse?
    Agree with previous postings that a comment like 'old cougar' has no place on the judging panel. Patronising and rude. Also, that comment that Nancy was something similar to Craig in drag. Was that said to try and pull her down a peg or two? If so, why? You knew what she was like when you approached her, didn't you? You knew that she appears to have a very high opinion of herself.

    It still doesn't feel as though Strictly has started properly. Maybe it's the weather......
    Looking forward to ITT tonight!

  • Comment number 54.

    By the way everyone don't think I was being mean by not singling Jason out for any praise. The thing with Jason is that although he did a very good dance and deservedly topped the judges leaderboard I wasn't expecting much less from him.

    The reason for me saying this is because of the amount of times he appeared with Claudia on the ITT friday panel to look at training, outfits and music and Jason would regularly pick up on what the celbs were doing wrong and how they should correct it. That is all very well if you are a celeb who has already appeared on an SCD series as they know what they are talking about and what the judges in particular are looking for but if like Jason you have been in that position before appearing on SCD you have to expect to be judged by the same standards that you are judging others and if he ever competed in an SCD series I would say the same about John Barrowman.

    So Jason has done what I expected and performed well but he needs to keep it up now.

  • Comment number 55.

    I agree with most comments here, but find myself (surprisingly) feeling sorry for Nancy. So here's a plan. Now I must state first off that I am an avid Brucie fan, but as I am in an ever reducing majority here is my suggestion to the producers: as Anton has obviously given up all hope of ever winning the trophy, give Brucie the boot & give Anton the presenting job (don't worry about Ms D'Ellolio she is probably going to flounce out of the show soon anyway after another argument about high heels, hairdressers, costume designers, not enough naked adnois's in her dressing room etc....). Simples!

  • Comment number 56.

    Kristina must be so pleased to have a partner who can actually dance for a change, thought they did very well. Harry Judd did well too but then he had a head start having had some previous training with Ola for a Comic Relief/Children in Need performance. Thought all the partnerships seem to be working well except for Artem and Holly - there just didn't seem to be any connection between them. Wonder if it's a personality clash or whether Artem's trying to keep his distance because of his relationship with Kara. Whatever the reason it looked like they were dancing separately rather than with each other. Looking forward to this weekend's show to see who'll have to go. Just wish Brucie would stop with his crap routines it's cringingly bad.

  • Comment number 57.

    For me there are two problems. Holly and Artem. Lulu and Brendan. Holly is a tall, curvy girl who would look lovely with Brendan. Lulu is a petite lady who would look nice with Artem.
    It's a shame the BBC were more concerned with scandal and fireworks than good matches.

  • Comment number 58.

    Love the line-up and the partnerships this year. First two shows were great.

  • Comment number 59.

    Bruce Forsyth - a consummate professional.
    Harry Judd - my tip to win.
    Cameras - please let us see the dancers perform by showing them from top to toe.

  • Comment number 60.

    I really dislike the way the crowd is encouraged to boo Craig as soon as he makes any comment. He gives useful advice on what needs improvement and frequently his criticism of a dance is no different to that offered by Len. I am increasingly annoyed by Bruno's capering around and his ludicrous flirtations with any male dancer. If he concentrated on giving substantive feedback to dancers and spent less time trying to whip up feeling against Craig he might justify his place on the panel. Perhaps he would be happier on the X Factor?

  • Comment number 61.

    The waiting is over. I've now watched Friday and Saturday's shows over 3 times and the dancing was fantastic: okay Nancy was a disaster and Lulu lost it, but on the whole the effort was brilliant. These guys are so nervous, I think James' comment to Craig was entirely appropriate. We loved the costumes too. Sooo beautiful. I am so glad it is back on!

  • Comment number 62.

    re 60....vixbes......here here !!!:)

  • Comment number 63.

    Loved first 2 shows. Bring on the sexy routines forget the ratings 'cos they are rubbish and fixed anyway.
    Great fun MORE please
    PS Tie & gag Audley's wife until it is over!

  • Comment number 64.

    PS get real it is obvious Craig is part of the act. Love him. More Craig more

  • Comment number 65.

    Oh dear here we are again! Who on earth designs Tess's frocks. Friday's was not good and Saturday I think they had run out of material! What a mess she looked. Bright lipstick does not suit her at all. I do not understand why the judges think that these are the best celebrities ever. Not in my opinion or that of several of my friends. Perhaps the time has come to call it a day. I shall not worry too much if I miss a programme. Once again the music leaves a lot to be desired. Let us have 'proper' music at least for the ballroom. How about having Andre Rieu to perform a Viennese Waltz?

  • Comment number 66.

    well done Edwina, I thought she was robbed in the voting especially by craig and I hope she continues, she did really well and was better than some of them

  • Comment number 67.

    Craig is a bit blunt but always gives constructive criticism, and at least he doesnt make inane comments or go completely over the top like Aleesha and Bruno.

  • Comment number 68.

    I agree with all the comments about the camera work. I also want to see ALL the steps NOT fancy camera angles that make me feel dizzy and don't enhance the performance one bit. So PLEASE get rid of steadycam.

    Loved Jason, disappointed in Lulu - had high hopes for her. Pleasantly surprised by Edwina.

  • Comment number 69.

    Re post 56, Sparky99. Aliona tweeted during the rehearsal phase that she and Harry were not allowed to rehearse for the first week, so that any advantage Harry might have had in doing the Children in Need/Comic Relief (I can't remember which it was, either!) would be removed.

  • Comment number 70.

    Re post 68: I couldn't agree with you more on the dizzy-making moving camera - it's something that has been requested time and again on the message boards for the past few seasons but either the BBC doesn't bother to read what the viewers want, or it doesn't care.

  • Comment number 71.

    Zoe- you are brilliant, the only replacement for our fab Claudia! You look
    fantastic, love the necklace. Seeing you read out phone line numbers reminds me of Going live ;) welcome back to our TV screens on a regular basis!! x

  • Comment number 72.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 73.

    Felt a bit sorry for Nancy . I thought that Anton "mucked" about with the routine. He might have known that 20 seconds plus on the chaise - longue would upset Len (and others). And then.... the BOA !! She didn't need all that "padding" out.It's NOT Anne MK 2 Anton !! I think that she can and will dance very well. But Anton seemed to be playing the whole night for laughs.......right to the credits....once again........PLEASE,PLEASE don't give Brucies job to Anton. Sorry about that Anton fans. Finally .....once again......can we please be asked to vote for who we think are the WEAKEST couple , NOT.... "YOUR FAVOURITES" !!!!! Whether they are any good or not.

  • Comment number 74.

    I always enjoy Strictly every year but I do not think this is the best line up ever, but it is the oldest...... hope they get decent artists on in future weeks like the old series, cos Xfactor will...........

  • Comment number 75.


  • Comment number 76.

    Look forward to this programme every year, but these first 2 shows must have had the least dance steps included in the Cha Cha (jason donovan excluded) ever. How long have they had to prepare for this first dance? Much longer than us learner dances, who get maybe 1.5hrs per week!!!! and can dance cha cha for more than 5 minutes with "proper" cha cha steps, no stopping and no "fill in" show dancing. Appreciate it is a TV show and has to have show dancing to get viewers, but lets see a lot more "proper" dance steps guys!!!

  • Comment number 77.

    I have one question which James Jordan could do really well at answering for me! And yes I may sound like I'm mimicing his attitude from Saturday night but that is completely my intention!

    Does James realise, that the judges are required to pass on their feedback on a dancer so that the dancer can take home that feedback to then work on, come back and improve week on week?

    Craig may have used some harsh sounding words, but at the end of the day these are just metaphors which in essence can help the dancer understand their faults a bit better!! And I will always stick by the fact I will always adore Craig for the being the only one with the bottle to be 100% honest, 100% of the time....it's so refreshing!!

  • Comment number 78.

    I enjoyed the first two shows !
    Looking forward to seeing them dance again.
    Anita was great. Such talent and elegance ! Definitely the best female celebrity so far.
    I predict a male winner this year: Jason Donovan. Great sense of rhythm and showmanship.
    I read on the web that Russell Grant was expected to be the laughing stock this year. Luckily, he proved everybody wrong: this guy can definitely move !

  • Comment number 79.

    And the first person to be leaving Strictly Come Dancing ---

    Should be Bruce Forsyth!

  • Comment number 80.

    Throughly enjoyed both nights of strictly - loved Jason & Harry, totally entertained by a rhythmic Russell and delighted with Anita who looked as if she was having a ball as well as knowing what she was doing, but agree with previous comments re the latin. Nancy, well - felt sorry for her, Edwina another comedy routine (Vincent looking to Antons tactics last year), Chelsee, Alex, Dan, Robbie, Lulu, Rory & Audley, just wait and see how they develop. Bring on the weekend !!!

  • Comment number 81.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the choreography which I think (imho) can make or break the dance.

    All the pro's are fantastic dancers but some are stronger at choreography than others. Jared struggled last year, whereas Artem sizzled with new ideas. Aliona is known to be more off the wall and contemporary but did a cracking routine this week for Harry. It's good to see Kristina let rip after having to dumb down over the last few seasons. Ola seems to have repeated a routine she did with Kenny Logan. James has used the same lap dance opening pose for Alex, Zoe and the other blonde actress before her. I thought Flavia's routine for Russell was great fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what new routines Pasha can bring to the show.

    I know the pro's have to work with what their celebs can cope with but I like to see how creative they can be within the remit of the dance, for example, I loved Nat's alternative raunchy waltz with Sccc...o.....tttttttt last year.

  • Comment number 82.

    Just turned on It Takes Two and NO Claudia!!!! Why?? I am so upset I wont be watching.. BRING BACK CLAUDIA!!!!!!

  • Comment number 83.

    Anita Dobson is a darling, Chelsee a sweet princess and Jason a professional. Edwina was good but kicking legs up in the air is a no no! I have all but forgotten the other dancers with the exception of Rory's starchy smile and Nancy's dancing I thought was supposed to be a comedy until I realised that she was actually dancing for real! The judges always make me laugh with Bruno's lively animation, Craig's stiff poker face and Len's fair comments. Welcome back Strictly!

  • Comment number 84.

    Sal @ comment 82: Claudia has not long had a baby... hence, Zoe. I don't like particularly like change, but I do think that Zoe is a wonderful addition to the team. I loved Claudia on ITT, and will miss seeing her on ITT (am I right that she is still going to do the Sunday night show?) but Zoe is well up to the job.

  • Comment number 85.

    Sal @82 Of course Claudia's a hard act to follow but Zoe's doing a great job so far.
    Give her a chance..... You might enjoy it!

  • Comment number 86.

    I have seen better first nights, some had promise, some need to go quickly. I thought I read somewhere that Nancy wanted to choose her own outfits if this is so it backfired on Saturday

  • Comment number 87.

    Good evening one and all,

    It's Fergal here just got back from Dublin and Galway weather wasn't that good it rained the tour to the Cliffs Of Moher all we got to see was a blanket of fog and no views but I had a great time and it was a fantastic weekend.

    Getting back I have just saw Friday's show will watch Saturday's on Thursday night and comment then thank god for Sky Plus I can fast forward through all of Bruce's banter but for the dances some set the world alight, some were passion killers, one couple got the Best Comedy Award and one couple well frankly were like my views of the Cliffs Of Moher fogbound.

    Let's start in no partiuclar order.

    Holly and Artem: Cute sexy couple Holly's fine bodywork and Artem's rippling muscles I was expecting hot steamy passion from these two and it was a bit of a letdown well deserving for the marks the routine recieved but the cha cha lacked serious bite they need to sex up their Latin routines to be in with a chance.

    Anita and Robin: Gold Star award for me excellent breathtaking and as the song says Anita is once twice three times a lady Robin has clearly found a partner he can work with and get the best out of and the evidence was on show on Friday night wonderful looking forward to seeing their Latin routine on Saturday night.

    Dan and Katya: Nice waltz but frankly he looked so sour faced I mean Dan dancing is meant to be happy and put a smile on your face he really needs to start smiling but hopefully his Latin will bring him out of hi shell.

    Audley and Natalie: I was expecting another Joe Calazghe but really he surprised me it was a brilliant routine and Audley looked so elegant and graceful leading Natalie round the floor and I think a strong contender definitley looking forward to him coming out of his shell during his Latin.

    Lulu and Brendan: What can I say if that dance was wheeled into Casualty's ED department it would need 300 joules stat because Lulu she looked like a rabbit caught in headlights her brain looked like it had a power cut and she was waiting for the Electricity board to switch the brain cells back on she looked totally lost she will have to up her game or she's the first going home because when Brucie says your my favourites that's the time to look worried.

    Robbie and Ola: Yes Ola does look sexy she has a new calendar out as well granted but does she really have to have Robbie her supposed dance partner lookng more like a male backing dancer while she just moves around him because all h

  • Comment number 88.

    Signed out before the full blog could be posted as I said.

    Robbie and Ola: Simply out on the comments I made Robbie I know the brooding looks and showing of the muscles are good but your on a dance competition not doing a photoshoot for Male Centefold for Cosmo.

    Russell and Flavia: What can I say high camp and Bananarama He's Got It and Russell dancing like he was in a sweaty aerobics class inspired Best Comedy Award for this couple.

    Some great routines from the first 7 some need to improve while others need to heat things up a little to stay in the competition.

    Goodnight all
    and Keeeep Dancing.

  • Comment number 89.

    Alegna@21 You are sooooo right. Craig is downright nasty, and nastiness is totally unnecessary; therefore Craig is totally unnecessary!

  • Comment number 90.

    Sorry, I had to turn off It Takes Two last night, Zoe Ball was so frenetic and hyper it was too exhausting to watch. She had no time to actually listen to what anyone was saying before going on to the next item, and what on earth is going on with her eyes - is she on something. Calm down please dear, and can't Claudia come back early from maternity leave please?

  • Comment number 91.

    I did wonder what had happened to Claudia and at first thought I would not watch ITT again - couldnt possibly be the same with out her - and it isnt of course it is different. Watched the first two shows and am warming to Zoe. I will however miss Lens dance class with Claudia as this could never be bettered.

  • Comment number 92.

    Like many on here, I too thoroughly enjoyed Friday and Saturday's opening shows. Slightly agree that it doesn't seem quite real just yet, I think that's because there were no evictions this week. Which gets me on to the main point. Seeing as there is no dance off this year, and last week's points are being carried forward, does this mean that ONLY the public vote will count toward who stays and who goes? My prediction is that there will be a shock eviction this Sunday( unless its Nancy). My reasoning is as follows:

    Russell: Is meant to be the John Sargeant or Anne Widdecombe type character, but is far more likeable than both those, and more entertaining too, so is safe for now.

    Lulu: Yes it was a poor dance, but her celebrity status and popularity with the public will see her through.

    Edwina: Bad, but not as bad as I was expecting, especially for an MP. People's curiousity will see her through.

    Jason: Definitely safe.

    Holly: Likewise.

    Anita: A very well performed waltz. Nothing to fear.

    Harry: With all the female voting power, again nothing to fear.

    Robbie: I actually think he could be the dark horse to win this year (Yes, I know he's blonde lol) but he has to take it seriously and believe in himself. He's safe for now.

    Alex: Like Robbie, has to believe in herself and has more improvement in her. Plus they've got Team Jordan to help them, who could want for more.

    Rory: Did quite well for week 1, and also entertaining. Won't be voted out.

    Which leaves me with the 4 who I think are in danger. Let's get Nancy out the way first, figuratively speaking. We all know she had a disaster. I do think she's ever so slightly full of herself, and to add to that, Anton the comedian is her partner, and he's the weakest Latin dancer of the pros, and they've got Latin next. If the public do have sympathy and spare her, then Dan who looked rather wooden in his dance, Audley who although he did well for a big man, people still can't seem to forgive for his 1 punch showing against David Haye, and Chelsea(who I don't know who she is, but some on here seem to) are in danger. I think Nancy is favourite to go, but don't be surprised if one of those other 3 get voted out.
    Oh, and one final other thing, Craig Revel or should that be Rebel Horwood, you'll never be Simon Cowell, you don't have his money or his women, and that's just for starters. Be nicer.

  • Comment number 93.

    Hi all,

    Well I watched Saturdays show again thank god for Sky Plus means I can fast forward through all of Bruce's banter and jokes but one question whoever was Tess's costume desgner were they on work experience because the creation she was in looked like it could be worn at a Addams Family Fancy Dress but moving on.

    There were some plesant surprises some wardobe malfunctions and 1 dance disaster the blame I do not leave at the door of the wardrobe department and some hot routines so let's get on in no partiular order.

    Harry and Aliona: A party on Saturday night had to be given a kick and boy did Harry show how to get a party started his seductive looks and hip action during his Cha Cha showed me this guy has promise a bit mechanical but in my opinion he can be forgiven for that an excellent start.

    Rory and Erin: I was expecting dance disaster here but he plesantly surprised me I mean in actual fact I was left impressed he has shown he has another side to him rather than the impressions he was himself and danced with elegance and style one thing I will say he's doing a dance competition not advetising toothpaste.

    Anton and Nancy: It wasn't the feather boa that ruined the routine okay it had something to do with it but what was right with the routine Nancy spent far to long on the sofa and then when they got started she tripped up on the feathered boa and I was saying to the screen get rid of the boa loose the flaming boa and get on with it a totally wasted oppourtunity to show what they could do like a failed X Factor audition.

    Chelsee and Pasha: He became a pro for the girls she likes men they are both single and ready to mingle so it's a win win situation all round and on the evidence of their first dance it looks like the chemistry is there and romance as well and it looks like these two singles want to mingle.

    James and Alex: Yes okay Craig was nasty towards Alex granted but as I am independant home judge here there are arguments on both sides the routine didn't set the world alight it was to basic to safe they were concentrating on the steps to much and there was no hip action associated with the Cha Cha bit of a letdown but have to agree CRH was just being plain moody for the sake of it.

    Vincent and Edwina: The cougar at the Toyboy shop test driving the merchandise coping a feel of everything Edwina looked as if she was enjoying herself and frankly so was I it was entertaining a simple routine to justr glide Edwina in nice and safely.

  • Comment number 94.

    Just thought I'd finish my blog can I ask a question I keep posting my comments they are taking so long to post I love the website because if it's me I'll condense my comments down.

    Now getting back.

    Jason and Kristina: Passionate and sexy he found his Latin love god Jason might have been concerned about how his wife would react when she saw Kristina leaping on him but on the strength of the evidence seen it looked like this couple wern't giving their other halves a second thought throughout exceelent 2nd Gold Star award for me.

    So we had sex passion wild romance and Nancy De'llolio Embarassment and dress by Fashion and Embarassment Sitcom style by Hyacinth Bucket.com if that's the ballroom what's the Latin going to be like I dread to think.

    Keeeep Dancing.

  • Comment number 95.

    whilst I enjoy watching Strictly only one thing spoils it for me - that is the antics of Bruce Forsyth - why can't he just introduce the celebrities and their partners without all his inane twaddle and timewasting - we have to miss out on the judges comments for the last 2 competitors every week. Does anyone else agree with this?

  • Comment number 96.

    Can't really add much more but like everyone else, thoroughly enjoyed the 2 shows. I have my likes and dislikes but will refrain from commenting for now and see what progresses. I will add to the list of people wishing Anton would stop the comedy and give his partner a chance brigade. I thought the dresses were gorgeous, do hope the standard keeps up through the shows. For Clairekinglover above, Craig can be a tartar but IMO for all the right reasons and my guess is that he wouldn't want SC women somehow. Not long till Saturday woop woop

  • Comment number 97.

    To sum up on what I saw over the 2 nights on my Sky Plus which Smudge I agree with you totally Bruce's awful jokes do ruin it but it gets better when you have Sky Plus I'm having a wisdom toth extracted and I will be resting so I'll watch it on Sky when the anasthetic wears off.

    Okay my top 6 couples so far are at this stage

    Anita and Robin
    Jason and Kristina
    Harry and Aliona
    Edwina and Vincent
    Rory and Erin
    Russell and Flavia.

    Jason and Kristina and Robin and Anita have set the benchmark, the standard 1st week and those 3 weeks of rehearsals certainly paid off Jason found his Latin love god took some risks and he won along with Harry and Aliona sex appeal expecting big things from him Edwina and Vincent well if she can examine the mechandise like she was mentally undressing Mr Simone with her eyes we are in for a treat and Russell well all I can say Carry On Camping.

    Now I'm going to take a pot guess on the evidence in front of me but the couples I put in the bottom 3 are James and Alex, Lulu and Brendan and Nancy and Anton. James and Alex no rtythm to basic and safe needs to come out of her shell to be taken seriously. Lulu and Brendan she forgot the script lost her memory and will frabkly put these two into play if she wants to stay in. and Nancy and Anton forget the wardrobe malfunction just lose the damn props and Anton lose the awful stage act routine is not working for me sorry and if that's the ballroom well the Latin will be Nightmare at the BBC.

    Just my views they will change subject to Saturdays show
    Keeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 98.

    I havnt seen strictly for a couple of years - I'm very influenced by who is taking part. There are one or two people I don't like or don't know who they are but I thoroughly enjoyed both evenings. For me my favourites so far have been Holly, Anita and Russell from Friday and Rory, Chelsee and Jason from Saturday. Whilst I agree that Nancys was a bit slow to start I did think it was amusing. I hadnt expected the comedy angle. It still remains to be seen if Nancy can in fact dance though.
    I agree with Smudge about Bruce. I don't dislike him ( he can be quite witty and entertaining at times) but he waffles too much. I find it very irritating the way he keeps up a vague monolgue while the judges are making their comments. I am sure he just means to be kind and encouraging to the dancers but wish he would stop.
    I am looking forward to next week - hope Lulu starts taking it seriously and completes a proper routine. Hope Edwina dosn't wave her legs in the air! Hope Nancy actually gets to dance. Hope, as others have said, the camera shows the footwork more and stops just showing off!

  • Comment number 99.

    The best cha-cha so far were Holly Valance and Jason Donovan. They both completed the whole routine, which to me looked like cha-cha while the other just messed about or forgot her steps. Both these celebrities have potential and rooting for them to do well. All the best.

  • Comment number 100.

    I have always thought that Brian Conley would be an excellent replacement for Bruce. He is a song and dance man, very funny and a natural. What do you all think??


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