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Week 5 - Leaderboard

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BBC Strictly Suzy | 21:00 UK time, Saturday, 29 October 2011

The spooky spectacular tonight was full of drama - we saw glitter covered coffins, smoking cauldrons and even a jumping hip thrust on the judges table. Alesha dished out two tens this weekend for both Team Hali and Team Jastina - on the opposite side of the leaderboard, Nancy and Anton scored 14 out of 40, which put them at the bottom of the pack.

Our leader last week, Chelsee, suffered a wardrobe malfunction but still made it through the routine and finished in 3rd place with a very respectable score of 32. Jason and Kristina have taken back the high score crown, but will that be enough to keep them in the competition?

Here are the scores for Week 5 - find out who will be getting the chop on Sunday at 7.25pm on BBC One.




  • Comment number 1.

    OH DEAR !!! They seemed to concentrate so much on the costumes & fancy effects, they forgot to dance !! With the exception of Jason. I couldn't even make out what dance Holly was supposed to be doing! As for Robbie - I thought his routine was disgusting.
    Please could somebody tell the camera men that it would be useful to see the dancers feet.

  • Comment number 2.

    Alesha seems to say one thing & then give marks that dont match her comments. Not sure we've yet seen any dance that deserved a 10.
    Also PLEASE remind the public IT'S A DANCE COMPETITION . . . . Nancy can't dance!

  • Comment number 3.

    Nice to see only one tie - perhaps the voters will agree with the judges this time.

  • Comment number 4.

    Nancy is having a hard time. I belive she is doing her best and she should be given some credit for that. I am unhappy that her professional partner is treating each perfomance as the Anton the Berk show, trying to repeat the Widdicombe success. Please Anton, forget seeking publicity for yourself and concentrate on producing a better performance for Nancy. Nancy will only perform if she has a decent routine that pleases the judges and with your professional help She can climb the leader board.

  • Comment number 5.

    Dear Len,
    Rather than comment on the amount of in-hold standard tango Harry and Aliona did, would it not have been fairer to judge them on what was presented to you which, by your own admission was excellent tango?
    I mean, fair enough if they only did 8 bars and those 8 bars were poor, then they should be judged very harshly because they have then failed in their objective, which was to create a tango routine.
    However, I feel it must be acknowledged that the show is largely about exhibition style dancing and therefore if it was as beautifully told and fitted to the music as this, I don't feel it should be penalised. Sorry.

  • Comment number 6.

    I Loved Holly & Artem's concept, they danced beautifully and for me should have been top of the leaderboard. Jason & Harry also danced well but I don't think anyone has deserved a 10 yet! Alesha needs to stop overmarking!!

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi all,

    Gave my verdict now for my saved and danger list.

    Top 5 Couples

    Jason and Kristina
    Holly and Artem
    Harry and Aliona
    Chelsee and Pasha
    Anita and Robin(Needed more spice in the routine but enough to get them into the top 5 for this week and I still rate them as my favourites)


    Alex and James(Back on form after last week and has really stepped up)
    Brendan and Lulu(Really liked this routine and the effect of Lulu flying in by harness but could have been less poncing with Brendan thrusting like he had a ferret down his trousers)

    Danger List

    I'm putting 4 on my danger list this weekend because I believe these were thee 4 weakest dances of the night.

    Audley and Natalie(There was limited movement in this routine and frankly Audley just walked the steps and it totally lacked energy and drive)
    Robbie and Ola(Sorry to all Team Savola fans but frankly Robbie's Paso if you can call it that was awful it wasn't even a Paso it was just Robbie spending the 1 minute 30 seconds thrusting his groin like he was behaving badly on a stag weekend in Ibiza trying to seduce anything with a pulse it didn't seduce me)
    Nancy and Anton(This was 99% Meals on Wheels and 1% Mills and Boon the 1% passion was when Anton was lovingly caressing Nancy's bosoms and frankly for me if that is as passionate as Anton gets in a Rumba then ladies you ain't missing much)

    And on who's going home I'll call it if my saves and danger list are spot on.

    Night all and Keeeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 8.

    Sorry I should have said 5 on the danger list for this week the 5th being.

    Russell and Flavia(Again sorry to all Russell fans but it's the same thing every week the routines are getting more and more predictable every week same routine from last week except different costumes and different music I feel Russell's stuck on the same level and in my opinion the other 10 couples are stepping up several gears and raising their game Russell is stuck on the same gear all the time)

    Night all anyone else agree and Keeeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 9.

    Is it possible for the audience to pleeeeease stop applauding every time a contestant is lifted off the floor? It's almost like they havn't a clue why they are clapping except to follow like sheep. It's part of the routine and if they want to be pedantic,why don't they just clap for the whole 1min 30 seconds. It is so moronic to listen to each and every dance. All the contestants are doing a brilliant job. For crying out loud can we at least hear the band, the fabulous singers and save the applause ( they can even give a standing ovation) until the contestants have finished their dance. It's ninety seconds out of their lives just to sit on their hands and enjoy the competition !!

  • Comment number 10.

    Alegna - glad it wasn't only me! I've danced for over 30 years and I couldn't make out the American Smooth danced in the style of ????? Really didn't do it for me I'm afraid.
    Sorry had enough of Nancy! She doesn't listen to Anton and wants to do her own thing - no chemistry there!
    Loving Chelsee - please wardrobe dept - be sensible and give the girl some support!!

  • Comment number 11.

    I had more trouble trying to make out the Tango in Harry's faffing about. Third place for that? Still, the old queens at the end of the judging table seemed to see enough to be generous with their paddles. Even Nancy had more Rumba in her routine. Didn't do her any good though. She was still a disaster. Not the most entertaining themed night at all. Only Holly and Chelsee made tonight's episode bearable. Glad to see Audley low down - the jive was too much for him. Even Russell looked flat tonight.

  • Comment number 12.

    Poor Chelsee(never seen it spelled like that before!). Wardrobe malfunction? Fear not! Change that name and you are guarranteed a part in the famous musical "Carousel" June Is Busting Out All Over".

  • Comment number 13.

    In reply to Hasbeendancer, Chelsee needs all the support she can get! My sympathies are with the wardrobe dept!

  • Comment number 14.

    Bring back the dance off and let the judges decide, otherwise I fear we will be stuck with La Diva Nancy until the bitter end! I don't care how many languages she speaks, I don't care that she is a lawyer, she is a self opinionated, annoying excuse for a woman, and I am sure Anton has more important ways to spend his days!Well anything would be better than having to spend time with La Diva!

  • Comment number 15.

    No surprises..... On a good day Jason will always come top UNLESS Aliona gets conventional (to appease Len), Artem grows a couple of inches (so he can lift Holly better) or Chelsee gets fired from Waterloo Road (so she can practise more). I live in hope!

  • Comment number 16.

    I think its such a shame that the show seems to be going the same way as the american version...which i hate purely because the judging seems to be so over marked..probably thru fear of upsetting them.This show used to be far superior..but now its seems there are far to many 'tacky props ' and not enough dancing. I still adore it though and have to add that i did love seeing craig on his broomstick x

  • Comment number 17.

    Totally agree with Fergal @7, unfortunately as I'm a fan of Robbie and Russell. Robbie's "dance" was beyond awful and poor Russell's a "disaster" for different reasons.
    Lulu much better, has stopped looking down, and liked Anita too. Kristina's choreography is fantastic too, she's hit a very happy balance of pleasing the judges and the public.

  • Comment number 18.

    I agree with all the comments hating the Americanisation of the show and all the props. I think the costumes this year have been quite tacky and they should concentrate more on making sure they don;t fall off - poor Chelsee. I hated Robbie's groin thrusting, horrible, tacky and cheap. I am glad Alisha gave Harry an extra point only because Aliona never gives her partner much to do and the judges should comment on what the celebrity does with the choreography given, they are not there to judge the professional dancer!

  • Comment number 19.

    Wow what a dance Holly and Artem did! I think it will be a competition between, Holly and Artem , Chelsee and Pasha, Jason and Kristina and Harry and Aliona! (though I think Harry and Aliona were heavly under marked!) Poor Chelsee though it's nothing to worry about because it happens to everyone!! Though my all thime favourites are Holly and Artem! Good luck to everyone though!

  • Comment number 20.

    I am so so sad that Strictly has turned into what it is. There is hardly any dancing from the professionals and not much dancing apart from the one dance that is performed. All the so called drama for Halloween was tiresome. Not for this delicious programme. The magic is lost.

    The 'Sunday Night Show' is padded out and boring and the momentum has gone. The dance off added something. I am sorry that it has come to this and I do hope you will reconsider your format seriously. Its just pathetic.

  • Comment number 21.

    Morning. Brilliant show last night!! Jason and Christina deserve to be at the top again, excellent dance! Chelsee and Pasha did an excellent Tango, shame at the end though and I think slightly undermarked. Loved Harry and Aliona's Tango, I say it again this week though not enough content of their dance, liked also Holly and Artems AS nice twist to it, Nancy and Anton were terrible and are right to be at the bottom, didn't like Robbie and Ola's Paso, nor Audley and Natalie's Jive. Let's wait for the result show tonight, I think we all know who will be going!!

  • Comment number 22.

    What a brilliant show...loving Jason and Harry especially, but can Harry do anything right for Len , it was the same last year with Matt , i dont think Len is very fond of Aliona's choreography and he penalises her celebrity , even if they dance it brilliantly , come on Len get with it !

  • Comment number 23.

    Re: Chelsee. My message would be 'you did more than a certain Karen Hardy did in 2006'. The final. The perfect Salsa with a mark of 40, a mark not matched since, from one of the best female pro's I have seen, one who must have been to every championship known in the dance world, and just about one of the most polished male celebs I think I have ever seen. And one length of chord stopped it. One length of chord stopped the entire performance.

    Chelsee's dress may have dropped but her bottle certainly didn't. She continued.

    IMHO she has absolutely sweet fa to cry about. I never knew who she was or what she did. But when I saw her for the first time I knew she was one of the hottest female celebs I have seen. She should be as loud and proud as she likes about what she has been given because she one extremely beautiful young woman with a great future. That still does not excuse a wardrobe department who did not done her justice by making one that was clearly faulted.

    Plus, if her average is anything to go by she has so much to loose if she let one stupid wardrobe malfunction get to her. She has danced every bit as good as Holly for me and not only she has a scoring record as good as her, but she has a far superior average and is in a strong 3rd in the average standings and total score standings.

    Another fave of mine is Audley and I said exactly what I saw. He bombed last night for me. He doesn't do well at faster paced dances.

    My absolute favourite of mine, Robbie was woefully undermarked AGAIN by a Craig Revel Horwood intent on sticking to marks 5 and under. He has pulled the 4 out ten times now. It was surely worth more in the area of 5 or 6.

    Good night in all I think.

  • Comment number 24.

    Alesha Dixon isn't capable of being a judge on Strictly. She makes silly, irrelevant comments and shows her ignorance over and over again. Perhaps the BBC ought to state exactly why they took her on as opposed to someone (like Arlene) who actually knows what they are talking about! the BBC are being very stubborn in keeping her on in the face of all of the criticisms since her first appearances. Basically, she is a pain.

  • Comment number 25.

    Great entertainment but not enough dancing and to much prancing around. each routine should have a minimum dance content of say 75% of the time allocated to make it fairer to judge.

  • Comment number 26.

    i think Aleesha is unfit to judge. Her comments are not consistent with her marks . At this stage, I dont see any routine that really deserves a 10.
    I am loving chelsee and pasha and jason and christina. Why on earth is Russell and Alex marked so highly? Tonight Holly did not do an American Smooth.

  • Comment number 27.

    I completely admire and respect Len for his dancing knowledge, and the majority of the time he is right. Yes Harry and Aliona could have probably had more content, but their dance was still amazing, and they had just as much content and theatricality as most of the other contestants, so I don't see why Len had to keep going on and on and on about how they 'didn't do a real tango'! Say what you want whilst their standing in front of you, but then just let it go and move on, don't keep referring to it just to make them feel bad!!!

  • Comment number 28.

    Yet another wonderful show but Pleassssssssseeeee Anton stay speckled grey. Very distinguised xx

  • Comment number 29.

    Re: taruna & LouiseW42

    Most worrying for me though is her generosity. It is massively outweighed in favour of the high end marks. Also she has clear favouritism for Harry Judd also in the makings. Her marks have been on a par with Len, Craig and Bruno for all the others, but she has awarded a better mark than all of them for Harry every time. Three 10's so far with two of them going to Harry. Not intimating it perhaps isn't deserved. I am just intimating he isn't as good perhaps as Alesha thinks he is.

  • Comment number 30.

    @22 Nicky Fisher
    Len's problem with Aliona is directly related to the lack of content given to someone who clearly CAN dance. If Aliona were working with a less able celebrity this lack of content would be acceptable.

    I do feel sorry for Alesha at times as I am sure she is the balancing vote (higher to counteract the miseries (Craig & Len) and lower to sort out some of the high scores. At least she knows what a 3 paddle is, unlike Len & Bruno.

  • Comment number 31.

    Kathy and Ginabruce, I so agree with you. The show is a travesty of its former self - it would be so nice to see the professionals dance more, and the celebrity contestants be cahllenged with actually doing the dances rather than playing with props.
    Kathy, sorry, but if Artem and Holly are your favourites of all time, I can't believe you;ve watched previous series of Strictly. Let me say the both Artem and Holly seem like really nice people, and they aren't terrible as a partnership - but she has really stiff legs, and lacks musicality, and I'm afraid that Artem is a very one-dimensional choreographer. His dances for Holly are exactly the same as last year's for Kara Tointon (what I saw of them before I stopped watching). You get the feeling that Artem would do the same dances whatever celebrity he had - whether it was Kara, Holly or Russell Grant, Artem would do the same thing!

    There is no comparison with the great partnerships of the past - Karen and Mark, where she realised she had someone really talented and pushed him all th way; Olla and Chris, where she got more out of a middling to good performer than you could ever have imagined possible;m even Kristina and John, where he was awful, but she never treated him as a joke, and every dance was designed to showcase his "talents" in all the right ways.

    I think Artem has it in him (maybe with some help from a better choeroegrapher), but the format discourages true excellence, and that is my main criticis of the show now, that it doesn' help people improve.

  • Comment number 32.

    I love the show, no exception yesterday, but I agree with Alegna, I thought Robbie's routine was disgusting and offending, I thought this was a 'family show' and Aleesha encouraging that behaviour shows me her thoughts were in the gutter and she doesn't know the concept of a family show.
    I did love the Halloween theme, I didn't mind some of them got carried away by the theme, I even liked the concept of the graveyard from team Nanton, but she can't dance and it's time for her to go.

  • Comment number 33.

    Holly and Artem were fab. Artem hasn´t been commended enough for his routine, where he proved you can be innovative and contemporary and still have a lot of dance-content. In contrast, I think Craig is too complimentary on Robin´s choreography, which is ok, but nothing to shout about. Otherwise I think Craig´s comments are often spot on.
    Agree that Nancy could improve, but she is not helped by Anton who - in my opinion - is not earning his keep and his routines increasingly recycled, and were not even flattering for Nancy in the first place.
    I am so pleased for Kristina having a fit parner this year and enjoyed their performance last night.
    Finally a message to the producers: The show had much more of a momentum when the result show was on Saturday night and phonelines were open when it started. It was much more involving for the viewer. I can not even be bothered to pick up the phone now. I also think it is a shame the dance off has gone. It added an edge. And I still miss Arlene, or someone with her combination of insight into dance as well as show biz.

  • Comment number 34.

    @ MargaretB
    Think Pasha has got more of what Strictly needs in a new professional (he is clearly teaching Chelsee the basic skills) where Aliona would be better with DWTS as she has their style.
    I would not wish to see a return of some of the old hands as everything needs to evolve to stay fresh. Yet the lack of content when unnecessary for me is an evolution too far.

  • Comment number 35.

    When is everyone going to realise Alesha is simply not up to being a judge? She is no dancer and cannot possibly comment on technical ability. Her experience as a contestant could be justified after her first year but that is no longer a reason to keep her on. To award two 10s makes a mockery of the judging. Neither of those dances were perfect. Get someone on who knows about dance AND someone who can speak English correctly.

  • Comment number 36.

    strictly isnt just about dance,its also about entertainment,and russell grant provides that. I think he is fab,harry is a real contender,chelsea and jason are great,i think holly could be good,but she lacks sharpness in her dance moves,and yes i agree that alicia dixon should not be judging,shes not exactly a dance guru,perhaps she provides glammour on the panel ive no idea,but having said all that,great show this year

  • Comment number 37.

    Alesha, JASON WENT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU NOT HEAR THE OTHER JUDGES!!!!! His dance went wrong and he lost timing so the rest of the routine was ruined. Ten, seriously?????
    harry was brilliant as always, Len, get with the beat! Dancing is moving on from your fuddy duddy ways

  • Comment number 38.

    I am afraid I have to agree with classact :( Aleseha is just not up to judging a dance show! We the public get to vote on the entertainment factor, if we wish, but the judges on the show must be there to judge the quality of the dancing! And how can Jason be awarded a 10 if he made a mistake? Don't get me wrong, I love Jason and he is a fantastic dancer and showman (he gets my vote everytime!!) but he didn't dance a perfect dance!!
    I also loved Artem and Holly's dance

  • Comment number 39.

    I have absolutely 'loved' Strictly from day one. I have become really bored with the new format. My friends are also switching off.
    It's now all thrust and grunt. The costumes are mmmmmm well. As a former costume designer I would never put anyone into something they were uncomfortable (eg Alex last week)! As for all the out takes, they are seriously awful.
    Alesha looked as though she was wearing something from the Titanic (steerage section).
    I can't see the programme picking up again....it's gone down the 'american' route. In other words, gone west.

  • Comment number 40.

    How could Aleseha award Jason a 10 when the other judges said he made a couple of mistakes. i also think Len should think about staying in the USA.

  • Comment number 41.

    Did anyone else notice Craig scratching Brucie off his Christmas card list after Bruce commented on Craig's flying skills, following Lulu and Brendan's performance?

  • Comment number 42.

    Re: Rob_coop @ 40

    To be fair Bruno and Len awarded a mark not much less for Jason. A 9 and an 8 respectively. But in all fairness I do think she perhaps overpraises where really she needs to follow the example set by Bruno. Middle ground is best. Praise where it is due but don't do it because you think it is what people will want to hear or you may rock the boat if you point out the faults. If you see something wrong, point it out.

  • Comment number 43.

    The show was spoilt last night by the Halloween theme. Half the music didn't fit the dances. I feel Ola really needs to polish and work on Robbie, forget his crotch he's a nice guy that wants to dance, get on with it. I feel the judges are being inconsistent with comments and scores. Len really needs to respect the other judges views and stop pulling faces to imply his superior knowledge. Why oh why do we have Alesha and Bruno when we could have Karen Hardy and Ian Waite who know so much more and look ten times better? All in all I hope for a better week from them all next week. And PLEASE could someone give Tess a hand with her wardrobe, hair and make up! it's getting more frightening by the week.

  • Comment number 44.

    I think Jason and Christina are fantastic . I dont think it is fair that talented dancers are being voted out . NANCY TO GO SHE CANT DANCE AND SHE DOESNT SEEM TO BE HAPPY THAT SHE IS STILL IN THE COMPETITION . I THINK SHE SHOULD DO THE RIGHT THING AND LEAVE .

  • Comment number 45.

    I agree that long running programmes have to evolve, but the inclusion of overtly sexual movements and references in a programme aired at a time specifically geared towards families is totally inappropriate. Personally I found Robbie's actions offensive.The term "professional" means displaying knowledge and acting in a manner appropriate to context. Some of the professional dancers on Strictly are not doing this.

  • Comment number 46.

    Margaret W
    I do agree with the comments with regards to Alesha. Juat because she has won Strictly does not mean that she knows about dancing. I also atree that the show is becoming more Americancised. Please let us have the Dance off back, and not leave it to a telephone vote.
    Can you tell me if Artiem is still with Kara, theyt are a lovely couple. I am also pleased than Jason is back on top and hope that he ikeeps it uip. Nancy must gO, she is an embarrasment.

  • Comment number 47.

    Hi all,

    I wrote my summary and other comments late last night so here is my official summary of the show.

    Liked the show last night opening routine with the pros and also Craig flying in on the harness like a panto villiain really captured the mood of Halloween and again Aleesha is giving 9's and 10's away like a ticket tout I do have to agree I noticed some gremelins in Jason's quickstep and I don't think it was worthy of a 10 rough estimation a 9 from each of the judges it was good but went wrong with the turn in the middle but that said Harry's tango was very good even though Mr Grumpy Goodman came down on him I do think and some may not agree it was worth the 10 Aleesha gave.

    Now the silly VT's are still there I see I'm not fast forwarding on my Sky Planner Brucie's tasteless jokes and now these VT's as well but in my opinion I believe the VT's are there because they are aimed at the kids watching the show trying to make the show more family orientated and they would need to make certain aspects of the show about family after Robbie embrassingly thrusting his crotch for all to see get to that one later.

    Even though Brucie does tasteless jokes and can't read an autocue saw that last night he had to look down at the camera to read it I have to admit the way he consoled Chelsee after her dress malfunction was brilliant the way he made the incident lighthearted by throwing in a joke was inspired he might not be able to tell a joke if his life depended on it but he does have his uses.

    Okay the debate of the props okay they do spoil the routines and to much messing about but for me I'm seeing the way they are brought into the dance routine and in all honesty I'm an entertainment man myself I do like to see the dancing but I want a bit of spice and interest added to the routine some routines didn't work others it did prime example of how it worked was Jason and Kristina's routine props and scene fitted nicely.

    For me all in all a great show I wasn't fond of the halloween theme but for me it kind of worked.

  • Comment number 48.

    Now for my danger list this week and there are 5 to pick from because to be frank these dances bordered on the boring to the outrageous and have no place in a family show my picks for the danger list are.

    Robbie and Ola
    Audley and Natalie
    Russell and Flavia
    Nancy and Anton

    I made the the mistake there aren't 5 on the list typed the comment late last
    night so in no particular order.

    Audley and Natalie sorry to all who liked it but did nothing for me Audley looed so out of place doing that jive he practically walked the steps and there were no kicks and flicks well limited kicks and flicks and the only interesting bit of the routine well bits of the routine were Audley playing the piano his smile his fantastic but frankly that dance was more like a tea dance kind of jive.

    Russell and Flavia poor Russell lost his mojo and frankly it bored me I look forward to seeing Russell's routines they lift me cheer me up but that did nothing for me I mean it was just Russell made up and in a devils costume and Flavia in a catsuit she did look stunning in by the way and all Rusell did was shake his bon bon to a Kylie song and just the same old thing he did last week the rest of the couples are raising their game bringing excitement and spice and big bangs to their routines Russell is going at a snails pace I think his time is going to be up soon.

    Robbie and Ola was that a Paso because from what I witnessed it was Robbie doing an audition for the Chippendales because those moves I would associate with the Chippendales and some of those moves I saw on a docu about hen nights stripper leaps on top of the bride to be thrusting his crotch in the bride to be's face this routine reminded me more of the late Jane Russell in The French Line when she thrusted her assets in a not so there black bikini but at least she had class that was classless and frankly tasteless to boot more suited to a boys only hoilday or a stag weekend.

    Nancy and Anton what can I say this woman just gets seriously dull as dishwater every single week her voice gets on my wick it borderlines on uninterested to diva like strop and the dancing was that a rumba because frankly that was just Nancy in a not so nearly there dress and Anton playing it for laughs the only passion he threw in was him caressing her boosoms and if that's his version of being a Latin lover then I'd hate to see him when he's out on the pull.

    That's my view hope I got my saves and danger list spot on.
    Keeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 49.

    Generous marks for Russell and Anita IMO.

  • Comment number 50.

    I agree with a lot of comments about Alesha over marking and Robbie s total lack of sex appeal and unwarranted movements. Seems the BBc are going for performance over dance, perhaps they think it will raise viewing numbers, but are wrong, one thing I would say about Sunday night shows is why do the public clap all the time through a singers song when the dancers do a lift etc, When Susan boyle was trying to sing a dramatic song, it would have had more effect in conjunction with the dancers if it wasnt always overshadowed by incessant clapping. Please save applause til the end, You wouldnt clap through a ballet or opera ,

  • Comment number 51.

    Aleesha is a terrible judge but she ticks too many boxes for the BBC to drop her.
    Black - check.
    Female - check.
    Attractive - check.
    Under 40 - check.

    Compare that to Len/Bruno/Craig and you see the BBC have no choice but to keep her, unless they make more changes... replace Len with Karen Hardy - that would get my vote.

    Whilst we're talking repalcements, replace Aleesha with Darcy Bussell. Shame Darcy isn't the guest judge replacing Len this year - would have been fab to see her do another dance on the show.

  • Comment number 52.

    Yes not happy with Alesha's over marking.... it takes away the special significance of '10' being a perfect dance. I know its her opinion but what is she basing the marks on exactly, Technique or entertainment. I wish Karen was judge even though I like Alesha =(

  • Comment number 53.

    Can all the grown-ups here get real please? Saturday night's show wasn't spooky or scary but another 's' - a shambles. When Holly & Artem came on I said to my husband, 'Thank God, some dancing at last'. I think it was the worst show so far, simply because the DANCING has been lost in all the production, behind-the-scenes, costumes and sets. I know you need some of that to make it work but I couldn't really say if people like Robbie, Russell etc can dance because we haven't actually seen them. Also, I was deeply embarrassed by the panel's tirade against Nancy, particularly Bruno. There is a point at which making fun of someone in the spirit of the show crosses the line of abuse and I think Strictly crossed it last night. I'm amazed that Nancy hasn't walked. It was disgraceful. If only she could dance...just a teeny bit...I'd vote for her every week.

  • Comment number 54.

    Last night's show reached the height of stupidity, professionals who seem to be encouraged to make their celebs look ridiculous, and have forgotten about real dancing, wardrobe department who also want to make everyone look ridiculous and trip over their costumes. Please please get back to how it was in previous years with emphasis on dancing and beautiful costumes and make-up. Otherwise I may call it a day!!

  • Comment number 55.

    I rung the BBC to complain about Robbie Savage. They were very sympathetic and when I asked admitted that they had had a lot of calls about it. I see one poster suggesting tha the ridiculous VT's are put in for the kids. Then what was Robbie doing?

  • Comment number 56.

    I agree Hilary_Powell, the show has become Dancing with the Stars volume II, I feel that the makeup and costumes are losing its authenticity....rather looking tacky. Only Holly looks nice as she is the only celeb that the makeup dept choose to dress apropriatly.
    I feel the props are overtaking the show...for instance putting an Aslan table in Alex's dance was ruining the routine, blocking them from dancing without being weary of that Aslan table. Strictly please rectify the mistakes on the show and take it back to the good old days.

  • Comment number 57.

    WendyAnneD. Right with you. The worst show ever. Tasteless, (Robbie) Cruel (Nancy) Amateur (Aleesha) Without any dancing (Harry) Tacky (the props) Inappropriate (most of the music) Silly (VT's). Apart from the America producer, who is it who thinks this show is anything but a terrible mess?

  • Comment number 58.

    Hi teddy,

    That poster was me because it was the only conclusion I coukld draw about the VT's because frankly I'm confused about these silly VT's as you are what is the point of having them there because for a couple of weeks we got the training and then after that these silly VT's which add nothing just the celebs and their pros making absoloute prats out of themselves prime example Jaspn Donovan dressed as a matador in a supermarket totally cringeworthy.

    And yes I totally agree about Robbie Savage I made my feelings clear on the post I made last because was there really any need for him to thrust his crotch like a badly rehearsed male stripper trying to shake of a ferett out of his pants simple answer.


    Keeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 59.

    Thanks Fergal. You know a lot of people think we are moaners but its so not the case. This is the only TV show I've ever commented on because we make it a big of an occasion round our way and have the children and the grandkids round for pizza and drinks and generally chatting which brings us together. I have always loved the show and just hate to see what is happening to it. As I said before, like watching a dear friend guzzling himself to death on junk food because that's what we're getting, junk. I've never defended Alesha before - she is a silly uninformed girl catapaulted for various reasons into a position she's done nothing to deserve - BUT I think she just doesn't care anymore. The professionals are taking stick for the gimmicky dancers but does anyone really think that they are doing anything other than obey orders? Somebody somewhere (are you listening Moira Ross) has convinced themselves that this junky new show is what we want when the evidence of just these forums shows that completely the reverse is true. Nothing wrong with the odd theme night and a bit of dressing up and a little story telling, but when I saw Alex Jones abseiling down Nelson's Column last night I wondered which programme I was on. Even Craig is going soft, there is virtually no ballroom at all now; the professionals have not done one ballroom group dance since the show started and every other word Tess uses is sexy. Why? Look back at the old Youtube clips and it makes you weep. Strictly is a broad church and there should have been room for everyone under its umbrella but the producer has decided that ll that matters is the bare shirt glitzy gimmickry rules. I never watch the results show now - have known who went out since 10pm last night along with half the country and I hate its cruelty and pretend suspense. And to finish, yes Nancy can't dance and is a strange lady but I have hated the way she has been treated. This show is really not a must-watch anymore.

  • Comment number 60.

    What a evening! i"m curious who will leave tonight.
    i think Nancy&Anton or Audley&Nathalie.
    I didn't understand Holy&Artim it had nothing to do with an american smooth. Agreed with len that Harry's tango could have been more in hold but to keep going on about it, it was a good dance :). Loved Jason&Christina routine.

    Only a few hours waiting and than we'll know.

    Bye bye

  • Comment number 61.

    I have only just watched last night's SCD as I was out. I agree with alegna that Robbie's dance was disgusting. It is a FAMILY show and all the thrusts were not needed. At last we had some decent music for a change. Holly's dance was great and having good music just proved it. Alesha shoud not be giving 10s when mistakes are made. Has she gone to the same dress shop as Tess? What was that thing on the frontof her dress?

  • Comment number 62.

    I love love love strictly but I love it because it is a dancing show not because it's a laugh a minute! The dancing is great this year but what's with all the out takes and messing around?! I know it was a Halloween special but unless you are thinking of ways to distract from bad dancing (and really only poor Anton needs to do that) props should stay away!

    Karen Hardy as judge - can we start a petition please???? It's obvious the BBC agrees she knows more than Alesha as they don't have Alesha on It Takes Two commenting on choreography or anything technical. Why is she there? I'm so grateful of a having a digi box where I can fast forward her comments. Those 10s should really wake up the BBC bosses to getting rid of her. Sorry Alesha - I loved you on the show when your were dancing but you really shouldn't be a judge.

  • Comment number 63.

    51 dazzlin

    Agree with your comments about Alesha Dixon. I was going to write that ages ago but thought it would never get past the censor. Amazed yours has but well done for writing it.

  • Comment number 64.

    Could not get to this last night. Much as I agree that Nancy may not be a real contender, I do think Anton is selling her short. His choreography is repetitive and does nothing to play to her stronger points, in fact it appears that he is sending her up. Perhaps he got addicted to that sort of work last year with Ann, but in truth if he can't do his best for her, this needs to be his last series.

  • Comment number 65.

    What was the song title that Harry and Aliona danced to last night (Tango)?

  • Comment number 66.

    Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

  • Comment number 67.

    Not a problem Teddy,

    I always like to hear people's point of view but always remain impartial and as I say we are all entitled to voice our opinions.

    Getting back I'm sticking with my danger list though even that Robbie did unsuitably thrust his crotch during his routine several times I think he may be saved my reckoning Audley and Natalie will be going home this evening.

    Hope we get a fair result will comment after the results show.

    Keeeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 68.

    Hey guys, you can comment and talk on the latest Strictly blog. Here it is: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/strictlycomedancing/2011/10/week-5---results-show---30-oct.shtml

  • Comment number 69.

    I agree with the comments on how bad the show was. I am a big SCD fan and this is also the only show I comment on yet as I said on a couple of the other blogs I feel this halloween week was an utter waste of time. On a week like this the emphasis is more on story telling than actual dance content. It was abig issue during last years halloween special and it was once again an issue for a lot of couples this time round in a series where the balance between story telling and dance content has been regularly heading the wrong way and costing the offenders valuable points. The halloween special should be ditched or at least take place outside of the series. The fact that both Len & Craig commented to Harry & Aliona on the lack of time in hold and their emphasis on story telling over dance content - on this of all nights - proves this point although I was a little annoyed with Len (and to a lesser extent Craig) because they singled out Harry, yet Jason & Kristina did a quickstep with even more story telling and even less time in hold than Harry and yet they got the highest score of the series. Where is the consistency?

  • Comment number 70.

    Len's a got a grudge against Aliona... he'll mark Harry down for the rest of the series.
    Glad he's not going to be here next week!

  • Comment number 71.

    Len doesn't have a grudge against Aliona. It is just that in these last 2 ballroom performances Aliona has got the balance between story telling and dance content wrong. The fact that Craig commented this week about their lack of time in hold proves that Len doesn't have a grudge against Aliona. I said a few times last week that Len wouldn't have made a big deal about that moment on the steps in their waltz if they had added a little more waltz and made that moment on the steps the very end of the dance. In fact based on the comments and scores I dare say if Aliona had done what I just said they would have had 39 out of 40

  • Comment number 72.

    Halleluia! Thanks goodness she's gone!

  • Comment number 73.

    58 Fergal

    Loved what you said about Robbie Savage looking like a male stripper trying to shake a ferret out of his trousers. Unfortunately, so true.

  • Comment number 74.

    Nice one Fergal

  • Comment number 75.

    A petition for Karen Hardy to replace Alesha? Yes please..count me in

  • Comment number 76.

    I am a huge, huge strictly fan but please please bring back the dancing element in to it. Many of the celebs are just standing there waving their arms about and are getting high marks for doing it where are the feet ? It wasn't until Holly and Artems supberbly choreographed dance came on that I started to take notice and shouted thank goodness and yes I saw her feet !!!.

    Too many 10's from Alesha they are not good enough yet !!!!

    A word of praise though goes to the pro dancers really excellent routines this year.

  • Comment number 77.

    Just thought I'd comment on last nights show like I did last week!! So here goes....

    Well I actually agree with a LOT of the comments posted on here because I have to say that Aliona is just driving me NUTS with her choreography for Harry!!! And I had to agree with Len last night as well when he told her there wasn't enough content!! It's quite obvious though that she just takes no notice of anyone anyway as her choreography has been the same for the past three weeks (this week was a Tango with virtually NO Tango, last week was a Waltz with very LITTLE Waltz and the week before was a Jive with virtually NO Jive!!). To me it's just madness as it's clearly obvious that Harry can handle the technicalities of these dances so why she's not playing to his strengths is a mystery to me!! It would be like me choreographing a tap dance for my adult tappers with no tap in it!! Crazy!!!! And once again last night Alesha was giving out 10's when they were clearly NOT deserved!! Don't know how she could justify giving Jason a 10 when the REAL judges had all said he made mistakes?? For me it just highlights why she really shouldn't be a judge and it should be someone like Karen Hardy instead (I LOVE THAT WOMAN).

    Anyway, onto some of the other routines now!!... Been thinking about Holly and Artem's so called American Smooth a lot since last night and to be honest I really wasn't sure about it!! For me, American Smooth is all about Hollywood glamour and I thought Artem took a BIG risk in doing Swan Lake. I'm not saying they didn't dance beautifully because they did, and as a ballet teacher myself I 100% agreed with the judges comments regarding Holly's lines and placement as they were exquisite, however I'm just not sure whether it worked as an American Smooth for me??!! I think because Swan Lake is so iconic it was diffifult to see it as anything else but a ballet!! The jury is definitely 'out' on that one!! As for the other celebs, well I though Robbie really did overdo the gyrating and I really don't like it when the celebs crawl all over the judges desk!! Russell was as always being Russell and camping it up brilliantly, although by his own admission it wasn't his best performance, so hopefully he'll raise the bar next week. Anita is really getting there now and the drama she put into her performance was brilliant. As for Audley, well the Jive really didn't suit him at all did it?? Don't get me wrong the guy definitely has rhythm but the Jive really wasn't suited to him at all. Alex%2

  • Comment number 78.

    Whilst many of the celebrities are able to dance, it is difficult to tell which dance they are supposed to be doing. I would love to see some actual dancing. The right one went this week - was that a look of relief on Anton's face when the results came through?

    Poor Chelsee with her costume malfunction. A curvy lady should have a bit more cover-up in the bosom area, so that she has confidence to move without mishap. But as always she danced brilliantly.

  • Comment number 79.

    Re "Nancy must go"'s comments. - Hallelulia! Thank goodness Anton's gone. Very sorry Nancy had to go with him. He could have done more to have improved her chances instead of fooling around. Nancy would never have won but the caustic comments of the judges did not help her. I am a great supporter of underdogs. Her performance was more attractive than Ann Widdicombe's but what has been reported in the press about her in the past
    seems to have influenced people - especially Len.

  • Comment number 80.

    Alesha is proving her critics right by giving 10's where they are not warranted but I think she has a soft spot for Harry and had nowhere to go when Jason put in an equally (if not better) performance.

  • Comment number 81.

    Robbie Savage's routine was completely out of place on a family show which makes a point of including the children watching in its opening greeting. I am surprised at Ola for allowing his rude gestures in the choreography, and at the judges for not condemning it.

  • Comment number 82.

    I think Aliona could be the only reason Harry doesn't win.

    Year before last she was advised to to tone down her choreography because her partner was out of his depth. She ignored it and he was out.

    Last year Matt lost because of the show dance.

    There is very little actual dance content in their routines and i am beginning to doubt Harry's real talent.

    I loved Holly and Artems dance but it was not an American Smooth it was a WONDERFUL show dance.

    Robbie took two steps back, the choreography was poor, Ola can do better, and his execution was lumpy.

    Audley, was bad, very bad actually but he was still better that La Diva.

  • Comment number 83.

    I have to agree with most of the comments on these blogs. What has happened to our great ,CLEAN, strictly ,saturday night show????? That Robbie thrusting like a member of the Chipandales and the old Queens enjoying it. PLEASE, will someone chuck a bucket of cold water over Bruno. He,s really getting out of hand with his gay comments, It,s wearing a bit thin, Sure,, we know he,s gay but we don,t need to be reminded of it every time it,s his turn to judge. I also agree that there is far too much messing about and not enough dancing,which,after all is supposed to be what the show is all about.
    I think the judges are all scared to give a bad score,except Craig of course who is the only one who says it as it is.
    The dancers,eg,James is out of order arguing with the judges.Would he do that if he was in a proper compt. No he would not because he would be disqualifed. James,,,zip it and learn to take it on the chin.
    And poor Chelsee !!!!! Surely these wardrobe people know she,s a big girl,so why oh why do they insist on putting her in a dress where you don,t know whether she,s inside trying to get out,or outside trying to get in ????? The poor girl. Has,nt she enough to worry about remembering her steps without worrying about her costume.
    I can,t put my finger on it but stricktly has lost it,s shine somehow.
    The judging is just crazy. In my opinion,nobody,,,,,so far,,, has deserved a ten. PLEASE,PLEASE, get some better judges or at least get rid of the one,(Aleisha,) who does,nt know her ****** from her elbow.

  • Comment number 84.

    I think they should do away with the Halloween theme night. The Broadway one worked well because it is about dance, but Halloween is just a distraction. It narrows the music choice and leads to too many gimmicks. I really felt that a lot of the celebs who were improving previously did not do so well this week and it all felt a bit flat.

    Aliona is the professional who frustrates me most. I agree completely with all the other posts regarding her lack of choreographical ability, which I felt cost Matt the trophy last year. Harry is doing so well technically (his frame was fantastic when they were in hold this week) that she needs to do better for him.

    In general I do not think the costume department are up to scratch this year. There have been several wardrobe malfunctions, and although Chelsee did not show anything she felt she had and it put her off. Such a generously endowed girl needs more cover so that she can dance with confidence and show herself at her best.

  • Comment number 85.

    As I said in another blog, didn't like the show. I can take the Broadway week (with nose peg) but Halloween should just be put to bed now.

    I re-watched some of the dances and felt that both Harry & Jason did not deserve their 10s. Jason did dance his quickstep well but there was something missing. Recalling Denise, Colin & Ricky W's efforts, their routines were full of content and liked the fact that they were able to rise to the difficult choreography their pros created. In contrast, Jason's looked forgettable and dull.

    Harry's dance on the other hand, lacked content plus the mistakes made it glaringly obvious that it should have received only an 8.

    Like other posters here, I don't understand Aliona. Two years ago, she was asked to adjust her choreography to fit with Rav's abilities. She didn't listen & they went out went out early. It was a shame as seen briefly in the final - Rav did had the potential to go further than he did.

    With Matt last year - she blew it. Here was someone who can dance and she failed to showcase him properly.

    Now, me thinks that Harry should have been paired with either Erin or Katya.

    To the person who suggested Karen Hardy to replace Alesha - amen to that. May I also suggest Ian Waite or Matthew Cutler to replace Len or Bruno.

  • Comment number 86.

    I usually enjoy the show, and Bruce is part of it. I liked the Broadway week especially although I wondered why Rogers & Hammerstein music was absent. Dancing is supposed to hold the show together and I found the halloween stuff completely over the top. I finally switched it off about half way through as completely tasteless.

  • Comment number 87.

    85 bones77

    Agree that Harry should have been paired with Katya. Katya has done very well with ok (Phil) or poor dancers (Gavin) and deserved a chance with someone who was obviously a strong contender. Aliona got Matt last year and should have been given a weaker dancer this year.

  • Comment number 88.

    Love Strictly but it is progressively and gradually getting more and more sleazy - what with the dance moves and the innuendo and facial expressions - all a bit low. Just a poor substitue for creativity. C'mon BBC - show you can do something of quality that is clean Saturday night family entertainment.

  • Comment number 89.

    Scoring - a ten from Alesha does not count, she constantly over marks.
    when the performers get a ten from Craig that's when it means something.
    Please sort Alesha out she is a very poor judge

  • Comment number 90.

    Hi BucksheeMcGuthrie (msg # 87),

    Katya, like Erin has already a track record of getting blood out of a stone
    (especially with Gavin & his nerves). She & Harry would have made a good team.

  • Comment number 91.

    I like that Holly and Artem, to win, good luck

  • Comment number 92.

    I was disappointed with Russell but hopefully he will be back on top form after his knee operation. I can understand why Chelsee was crying as one of her nipples came out of the dress at least once (as been reported on the internet). I do expect the wardrobe department to ensure this doesn’t happen.

    I loved Holly and I think it wasn’t just because I loved her costume. I thought Jason and Kristine were great; she does some really great routines every year no matter who her partner is. They are the ones to beat.

    I thought there was something missing from Harry’s dance. I know what it is now – Tango steps. I loved Alex, but I thought Anita was acting too much and there wasn’t enough dancing - didn’t she lose her timing? Audley was very flat footed. I thought his feet looked like clown’s feet.

    I didn’t think the dancing was as good as last week overall.

    The VT’s can be a bit of a pain, but I particularly like the ones where they go to a school or work on the set of another show or away on location (Matt Baker had lots of those) or where the professional takes their celebrity to somewhere to help them – like James taking Christine to perform in the interval, or Artem taking Holly to finishing school or Audley having ballet lessons.

    I would like to see Anton have a younger and better partner. I can’t remember when he last had a contender. Maybe if he had someone better he wouldn’t try so much to be funny.

  • Comment number 93.

    I know I am probably thick but can someone please tell me what VTs are?

  • Comment number 94.

    VTs are those little films which they show before each couple dances - not sure what it stands for - video trail? In the early series of Strictly they used to show the couples rehearsing, but now they tend to show a toe-curling bit of nonsense involving abseiling or going round supermarkets in costume etc. etc. I leave the room when they are on, or turn over to Harry Hill!

  • Comment number 95.

    Bones 77, I agree with what you say in your post. I think Ian or Matthew would be excellent replacements for Bruno certainly, and for Len if he can't remember that he is supposed to be a ballroom dancing judge.

    I also agree with you re the standard of dancing - even the best celebs this year are only middle-of-the-table fodder when compared with the best dancers in previous series. While I accept that the BBC can't be blamed in the sense that no one really knows who will be good or bad until they start dancing, I really do think that the use of props actually hampers people from doing a good performance, as it gives them something else to worry bout and something else to focus on, so the actual dancing suffers. This is the fault of the producer.

    If you watch Dancing on Ice it is very noticeable that the week that props are introduced (as a one-off challenge, please note, BBC), it is very obvious how people struggle with mastering both their skating and their prop. Well, it's the same with dancing on terra firma. I thought last year how poor the overall standard was and how people weren't improving week by week, because of the props, and it's the same this year.

  • Comment number 96.

    88. - I'm with you on the sleaze. It's a lazy way to entertain ... stops them having think of really witty things. I hate it, too.


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