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Week 3 - Leaderboard

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BBC Strictly Nora | 21:09 UK time, Saturday, 15 October 2011

Strictly's special Broadway Week was an extravaganza of music, glamour and full-on theatrics. But which couple were worthy of a West End smash and which couple were more amateur dramatics?

It was a tale of two tangos, as Jason and Kristina topped the leadboard for the third week with a camped-up routine that Craig described as 'stu-pend-ous'. Whilst back down at the bottom of the board unlucky Nancy and Anton's performance failed to razzle dazzle.

Here are the scores on the floors for Week 3...

Top of the leaderboard - Week 3

Bottom of the leaderboard - Week 3


  • Comment number 1.

    I was just watching had to tape it. I agree a lot with the judges but i think holly and artem are overrated and dan and katya underrated. Was really suprised bij rory :).

  • Comment number 2.

    Broadway was one of the very best Strictly shows ever! All the celebs raised their game - well done to all.

    Alex - 3rd on the leader board!!!! Keep it up!

  • Comment number 3.

    I think the judges are more in sync with the viewers this series… either that or I'm getting better at judging !! Really enjoying the shows this year definitely the best series so far x

  • Comment number 4.

    Loved it tonight.

    I loved Artem last year, but he just doesn´t seem to get on with Holly, when they dance well, but when they were talking to Tess, there was no real contact, compare how they are with Kristina and Jason, Robbie and Ola, Robin and Anita, Flavia and Russell, James and Alex, the difference is noticeable.

    Loved Robbie and Jasons tangos and was super impressed with Harrys jive

  • Comment number 5.

    Loved the show tonight - especially Harry & Aliona, Robbie & Ola and James & Alex! But I also really like Audley & Natalie and Rory & Erin. (Ok, so they might not be at the same level as Harry & Aliona or James & Alex tonight, but don't compare them to others, compare them to themselves! If Strictly isn't supposed to be about the dancing anymore but the entertainment or the celbs' "journey" we should compare them to themselves and not to eachother.)

    The pro routine in the very beginning was great! Fun idea to let the celbs join in towards the end btw. :)

  • Comment number 6.

    Harry and Aliona were my favourites tonight. Jason didnt deserve better marks his foot work was not very good . He is such a false show off. Watch when he,s with the group and notices the camera is on him he gives the false sickly smile. Holly is not as good as Karla Love watching Robbie and Russell.Will miss seeing Vincent dance .He and Flavia are amazing together.

  • Comment number 7.

    Robbie and Ola did really well I am glad he is getting better. Chelsee and Pasha were underscored slightly I think, she did her cha cha really well and they are a great team, Jason and Christina were overscored a bit, it was a brilliant dance but he needs to work on posture and footwork. I loved the Broadway theme, hope there are more theme nights, it really adds to the show!!

  • Comment number 8.

    Definitely get the feeling both Len & Bruno are judging the same as the do for Dancing with the Stars where limited dance style content is allowed provided it is a show stopper. Len of the purist days of last year has disappeared.

  • Comment number 9.

    How close is the leaderboard?! Six points separates the top SEVEN with three partnerships tie on a score of 30. How much proof do you need before you realise that if we haven't just seen one of the most competitive weeks most of us can remember, we are pretty darn close to it?!.

    ALL of the top seven for me managed to transfer their routine from the training room to the dance-floor and execute what they learned well.

    Hoping for more next week. Minus Nancy Del'Olio.

  • Comment number 10.

    I thought Alex and James were just beautiful. He seems like such a good teacher, and she is improving so much and looked like a princess!

  • Comment number 11.

    Why have Holly and Artem started first two weeks out of three? Rather unfair as I think they would have possibly been scored differently as the judges would have had the others to rate them against.

  • Comment number 12.

    Wasn't sure about the Broadway idea when I first heard it, but I am converted - fabulous!

    Everyone stepped up their game I think (including Nancy and Anton, with almost a straight tango), but Robbie and Ola, Lulu and Brendan, Rory and Erin and Alex and James were all truely fab-u-lous! Loved them.

    Natalie's choreography must get a mention too. Really excellent.

    I must also confess I was distracted by Robin's hair for a good half an hour.

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi all,

    Greetings from Ireland just watched it last night and I'm doing my review over here on the Leaderboard blog because I can count up the couples as I review them last review I left some out and had to refer back to the Leaderboard blog to count them up.

    But anyway yes thank god for Sky Plus I could fast forward through all of Brucie's tried but very tested jokes and so some couples gave Oscar winning performances and some gave below par performances and others walked away with the booby prize on the night so let's start off in no particular order the first 7 couples.

    Jason and Kristina: Well another week another great routine and more high priase and high scores from the judges the dance had everything in it passion pure chemistry and I seriously believe Kristina has finally cracked it and got herself a brilliant partner in Jason as far as I'm concerned Jason and Kristina to win Strictly this year.

    Holly and Artem: Now I was dissapointed with this routine not the music or chereography but the fact there was zero chemistry the music choice was suposed to be sexy and full of passion and I expected these two to heat the dance floor up especially with the costumes they were wearing but for me Holly the major problem is she will always and be forever living in Kara Tointon's shadow unless she can start piling on the sexual tension a shock elimination is on the cards.

    Rory and Erin: Now I could have watched this guy all night quickstep is his dance ecery inch of that floor covered he danced the routine like a pro and he loved every minute of it and I was enjoying watching the routine I had wrote Rory off as one of the joke acts but perhaps I was wrong he nailed that routine last night.

    Anita and Robin: Anita came dressed as Barbie and Robin came dressed as a rough, ruggish version of Ken but frankly I was surprised okay jive Anita's not exactly going to be the most fastest on the floor at jive but boy did she get in there and gave it her all and I have to admit I was quite proud of that routine and she is middle of the leaderboard and I would hate to see her go out tonight because of being in the middle of the leaderboard.

    Alex and James: Well Ms Jones is really getting into this competition yes it was simple and basic but it's always the simple dances that win through and with James chereography how could they wrong and they didn't want to see her go far in this competition.

    Russell and Flavia: Well what can I say this guy just keeps getting better and bett

  • Comment number 14.

    Some of my post didn't get posted perhaps so I'll finish it off.

    Russell and Flavia: Well what can I say this couple just keep getting better and better he had a ballroom dance this week and he carried it off with perfection I had him down as one of the joke acts but I was wrong because I am seriously starting to warm to him let's keep him in for as long as we can this show would not be the same without a touch of fresh air that is Russell Grant.

    Lulu and Brendan: Yes there was an illegal lift but they incorporated it into the routine they were trying to get across Craig and his rules this guy really needs to lighten up.

    This is my verdict on the 1st seven

  • Comment number 15.

    Now for the 2nd six.

    Dan and Katya: Frankly Dan came across in his VT as rather smarmy and up himself for me and his dancing was no better there was no chemistry between them and also he danced it like a plank of wood his arms like tree trunks total letdown for me in danger of going home.

    Harry and Aliona: Now I do not what know what some people were watching but I watched something completley different because as far as I am concerned it was a jive yes there was some messing about but as far as I can see it was part of the jive and I believe Harry did it well and Aliona really complimented him I don't she's holding him back.

    Audley and Natalie: Nice try but really clumsy To Darn Hot was performed and sung by Ann Miller in the film done solo with no dance partner and frankly this version looked out of place this routine would have suited Natalie as a pro showdance because for me Audley looked out of place in the routine one for the danger list.

    Nancy and Anton: When this routine started I thought yes we will finally get a decent dance out of them but then no it was dull and absoloutley lifeless and personally Nancy looked an absoloute mess and it got worse when they finished the routine she left Anton sitting on the chair while she clung to Brucie begging him to take her back to his dressing room like some drunken lush I know you were playing the role of a lady of the night love but you have to come out of character when the dance ends.

    Chelsee and Pasha: I believe they really carried this Cha Cha off very well and Chelsee really seems to be coming into her own in this competition and she has a fantastic pro dancer in Pasha I believe these two suit and compliment each other very well.

    Robbie and Ola: Loved the gelled back hair and the pny tail and the costume compliemented the dance beautifully well and also these two are shaping up to be the dark horses in this competition Robbie's return to form has made him the one to watch.

    That's my verdict does anyone agree

  • Comment number 16.

    Now for my top 10 and danger list.

    My top 10 are as follows.

    Jason and Kristina
    Holly and Artem(Even though I was dissapointed if Holly can step out of Kara's shadow she might be able to be a contender)
    Anita and Robin(She's not the fastest at jive but as she's in the middle of the leaderboard I would hate to see her go out because of being a bit slow)
    Robbie and Ola
    Russell and Flavia(The fun factor in this competition)
    Rory and Erin(2nd best routine of the night could have watched that quickstep over and over again)
    Harry and Aliona(I don't think Aliona is holding him back it was a jive last night despite the messing about)
    James and Alex
    Lulu and Brendan(Despire illegal lift which I thought was part of the routine Craig lighten up definite signs of improvement)
    Audley and Natalie(He is featuring as a wildcard in my top 10 because he was in the bottom two last week but his popularity might just save him but if Nancy and Anton get saved could find himself in the bottom two for a second week could go home this evening)

    Danger List

    Nancy and Anton(Please stop voting for this woman she is a mess the way she launched herself at Brucie like a drunken lush was absolutley cringeworthy and made Brucie's lame jokes seem like London Paladium standard please do not give her the Widdy factor)

    Dan and Katya( No chemistry, no passion and frankly I've gone off him and totally wooden if Nancy gets saved I want him to get the early footbath and taxi home)

    Keeeeep Dancing

  • Comment number 17.

    Note to Dan Lobb - Robbie's not an actor, Audley's not an actor and they both managed to portray more emotion and dance ability than you so get over yourself, listen to the judges and get on with it!

  • Comment number 18.

    Agree with you KatyC - just what is going on (or not going on) with Holly and Artem - where is the eye contact - and the warmth of the other couples?they seem to be so cold towards each other. I too loved Artem last year, but you just feel they are not getting along although she seems fine with all the other celebs. It's coming through in their dances now so they need to sort it out soon. I wonder what is their rumba (the dance of love) going to be like?

  • Comment number 19.

    Hi Everyone,
    loved broadway show on s.c.d last night,
    loved Jason and Kristina, top again on leaderboard, liked Holly too, didnt like Anita and Robin so much this week though, loved Harry and Alliona too and Russell Grant and Flavia, think poor Anton will be in trouble tonight with Nancy, bottom of the leader board again, but the public do love Anton, hard to predict who will go tonight, dont think Audley and Natalie will be in bottom two tonight, hope not, as Audley was much better this week than last week, hard to know realy, but I do think Nancy and Antons days are numbered realy, thought Alex and James were realy good this week, Alex has made remarkable progress to where she was 3 wks ago, well done Alex, enjoy the results show everyone, will mail here tomorrow,take care

  • Comment number 20.

    I really enjoyed the show but I didn't think the judges scored very well. Perhaps it's difficult to compare so many dances. All in all it's not a very accurate leaderboard (IMO)

  • Comment number 21.

    I think that Anita is very over rated. Her dancing is not that great and her outfits have been shocking so far. Harry's jive was disappointing too - all performance and Grease moves - very little actual jive. Compared to Louisa Lytton and others, very poor in comparison. What is the rule re lifts now - it used to only be allowed in Show dance and American Smooth but lots did lifts last night yet only Brendan and Lulu got pulled up and marked down on it.

  • Comment number 22.

    I want to say that I love the line up this year. The achievement of the celebrities is fantastic. I cannot choose anyone I think should be eliminated, but am I alone in thinking that the contest this year is not being played on a level playing field? How can Jason Donavan a musical stage actor and performer for well over twenty years be compared with say, a footballer or a boxer? It annoys me immensely each week when JD gets the top mark, the journey for him is not so far as for the majority of the others no one will convince me that he has never trained or danced before Strictly.

  • Comment number 23.

    I can see where you are coming from but as long as they don't have a Ballroom and Latin background then they should be allowed in Anita Dobson is a stage actor as well, although not in musicals. My issue with Jason Donavan is his over the top scary dance faces. Not fond of a gurner

  • Comment number 24.

    To be fair there have been lots with a background in music or dance - lots of the soap actors and pop stars have been to stage school which includes dance lessons - have probably done similar whilst getting to where they are. Plus the fact is that those are the popular names that get people watching. If you took out all contestants who had that kind of background we would probably be on Series 2 now. I agree that as long as they dont have a ballroom or latin background its ok. I have done tap, ballet and modern but have done a small amount of ballroom and latin and would really have to start from scratch - the holds etc - completely different and more disciplined

  • Comment number 25.

    The reason there is so much distance between artem and holly is kara! Bet she's laid down some rules :) Hence his professional terminator mode...

  • Comment number 26.

    Right couples in bottom two, wrong couple went. Despite earlier comments about Dan Lobb he was at least better than Nancy - Craig was spot on on that one!

  • Comment number 27.

    Can't say I was overly a fan of Dan, but I feel bad for Katya.

    Anton: Please, please do a straight whatever you're dancing next week!

    Agree with comments concerning JD, though I must say Kristina is one of my fave choreographers on the show.

    Note to costume: Please don't give Robin a wig again. It distracted me and he looks way cuter without it :)

    Keeep dancing!

  • Comment number 28.

    Harry judd spent too much time skidding across the floor on his knees like a little boy at a wedding reception, thanks to Aliona's non choreography. Their routine was almost a straight imitation of the film's sequence. It is supposed to be ballroom isn't it?Austen Healey's jive in the early weeks was amazing, full of movement and steps. I can only remember Harry doing one lot of kicks and flicks. Anita Dobson put more into her jive, and Robin's choreography was pure jive and totally entertaining.

  • Comment number 29.

    I would like to know if

    1. This is the first time there's been a score as high as 36 in week 3, and
    2. If ever half of the dancers have been at scores of 30+ in week.

    Strictly folk? Zoe? Please answer. I think it was a cracking show and would love to hear stats like this!

  • Comment number 30.

    Poor Anita, again she is in a costume unbecoming to her. As she herself said last time " I look like a licorice allsort.", this time a poor imitation of a teeny- bopper. Come on wardrobe , what's your problem?

  • Comment number 31.

    catieparry is right I'm sure Kara is finding things difficult watching on the sidelines - perhaps when Holly and Artem start dancing some of the fun dances like jive and charleston things will improve for Holly, Artem and for Kara.

  • Comment number 32.

    Hi Everyone,

    Really enjoying reading everyone's posts on here this year. Wanted to comment about the discussions re Jason's stage background. I'll admit that his ability to turn in a great performance will be helped alot by his West End career, but surely if that was the only reason he is giving good performances then others should also have similar advantages. Chelsee and Holly are actresses, Lulu should know how to perform, Anita has had a stage and acting career and Rory should be a good performer. Jason has never had ballroom or Latin experience, he just seems to work exceptionally hard in training with some excellent choreography by Kristina. Obviously feel free to disagree but I don't think he is just doing his day job. I think he's working hard to learn, improve and entertain. My favourites so far are Jason, Alex, Harry and Chelsee. x


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