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EXCLUSIVE: Training Video - Nancy Dell'Olio and Anton Du Beke

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BBC Strictly Suzy | 10:10 UK time, Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bellissimo! It's Nancy Dell'Olio and Anton Du Beke's time to shine in their EXCLUSIVE rehearsal video!

These two are certainly going to turn up the heat on the dance floor, but do you think this feisty duo will impress the judges?

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                            • Comment number 1.

                              Anton forgets how terrible the celebs are at the start..... The poor guy must have amnesia ;):)

                            • Comment number 2.

                              Nancy Dell'Olio moves really well for somebody born in 1758, but I am fairly sure she will be the first one to go. I'm glad she is putting in the effort, obviously she hasn't too many envelope openings to attend[*].

                              Just watching the video reminded me of the time that she was on Newsnight and Jeremy Paxman said to her, "I'm sorry I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about".

                              [*] All facts were taken from her wikipedia page, go read it if you want a laugh.

                            • Comment number 3.

                              I might be in the minority but I'm pleased the show signed Nancy. She's an interesting character. And I get the feeling she demands a lot from herself, she won't be half-hearted about this.

                            • Comment number 4.

                              As I said about their teaser trailer; God help Anton!

                            • Comment number 5.

                              They may make a good partnership and produce some nice routines, but I'm not sure how popular she will be with audiences. Hopefully they will give her a chance.

                            • Comment number 6.

                              I would have liked to have seen her feet and leg movements(other than up on the bar at the start of the vid). I'm not sure how much she will let Anton lead. Are they three quarters into learning the waltz choreography by mid week 2? Does that mean they've already nailed their latin routine? I know Nancy's English isn't fluent but I find it hard to decipher what she's saying. I hope her dancing doesn't mumble as much. Scary.

                              Fantasy team names based on both full names:
                              Ant an Beke, du lalli, dellboy, bonio, oileydancedoll, lola, nannylion, can'tdance, beaker, tannan, canny, candle, tonka

                            • Comment number 7.

                              Surprised how ungraceful Nancy Olive Oil was thought she was supposed to be a good mover. I've always loved Anton but think he'll have his hands full with this self-important, feisty, tanning freak with the penchant for frosted lipstick, God how I hate the frosted lipstick! Never mind, at least Nancy wont ever need a quick spray tan as as far as I can see she's got enough bisto colouring to last a few years. Se-ven!

                            • Comment number 8.

                              Stefthepest @7 Hello Stef :):)

                            • Comment number 9.

                              Oh dear, poor Anton. Ever the gentleman he just keeps on smiling. I think she will be one of the first to go, ??what is her claim to fame apart from useless Sven??

                            • Comment number 10.

                              @otjocs - Hello! Nice to see you back! As you can see by the above, I wont be voting for Miss Olive Oil 1758!

                            • Comment number 11.

                              @Sid1979 - Yes, I think you are in the minority re your feelings but hey ho, that's life! You dont sell tanning products by any chance do you?

                            • Comment number 12.

                              Cannot believe it but I will not be able to see the first two shows - gutted but will ensure that it will be recorded. No phone on until I see the two shows - hopefully no one will talk about it before I see the shows.

                            • Comment number 13.

                              Team name suggestion for Nancy and Anton : 'DellBeko'

                            • Comment number 14.

                              Yes and I speak for all concerned here when I say what possible reason would the BBC have to think that Nancy Dell'olio would be a great ratibsg puller I mean the woman is self absorbed, self centered and self righteous three S's.

                              Also according to popular reports she has demanded a can with blacked out windows takes her to rehearsals and she got a cab without blacked out windows and sent it back.

                              Rough estimation next demand will be Anton has very limited amount to do during their routines because she will be have a chrous of male dancers rough estimation she'll get the Chippendales flown over from the USA.

                              In simple terms the woman is about impression and making sure she is the centre of attention.

                              And yes hopefully she will be the first out.

                              Oh and The Bear do as I am doing avoiding the blogs till I have watched the two shows and will make my comments after I've watched them.

                              Keeeep Dancing

                            • Comment number 15.

                              I was surprised that Anton ended up with Nancy - thinking when there were just her and Edwena left that Vinent and Nancy both being Italian would be teamed together. Now I can see why Anton got the short straw - I really think he's the only professional dancer who could have handled her!

                            • Comment number 16.

                              Alan Addison...Thanks for reminding me about the Paxman interview, you've made me laugh out loud for the first time on these blogs this series! Nancy D'O's apparent lack of co-ordination belies her somewhat seductive reputation, and I cant help thinking that she enjoys living up the her own caricature as it gives her the attention she craves. Time will tell whether she will just be a tiresome irritant or actually quite funny. Wouldnt it be good if Jeremy Paxman was on the show though?

                            • Comment number 17.

                              Writing from Holland, unfortunately not allowed to view the video's. However, I'm sure poor Anton has the most difficult task AGAIN (like last year) with this Italian "diva", she might not be so heavy in Kilo's but I think Anton does have the heaviest burden mentally to keep a prima donna like that happy!!!!!
                              Looking forward to his effords next week.

                            • Comment number 18.

                              Let's hope Nancy doesn't end up attracting the attention she seeks by being the first celeb voted off Strictly! I do hope not for Anton's sake!

                            • Comment number 19.

                              I do get the impression that Nancy will want to do a 5 minute solo in the middle of their dance!!!

                              Poor Anton.

                            • Comment number 20.

                              I would also like to have how well Nancey was moving her feet but what I saw wasn't a disaster. How about calling them Team Dell Beke?

                            • Comment number 21.

                              Body Language: Nancy is moving towards, Anton is definitely moving away.

                            • Comment number 22.

                              Never seen Anton want to move away before!

                            • Comment number 23.

                              Anotn is not taking it seriously. There is no way he is working as hard as the oter pros with his partner. He even laughed behind her back last week!!!! He is making all is partnerships a comedy?????

                            • Comment number 24.

                              Anton just doesn't know what to do with Nancy - it's difficult for him to take the comedy route because Nancy just isn't funny - not like Anne was last year. I think he will just have to do his best to play it straight and hope for the best. Whatever happens I don't think Nancy is going to be around too many weeks - probably won't get voted off she will just 'walk' off the programme in a huff like the diva she is!

                            • Comment number 25.

                              Oh god she is still dreadful. Poor Anton, Nancy Olive Oil listen and learn you do not know better you deluded fool.


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