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Team Goldina - Goldie and Kristina Rihanoff!

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BBC Strictly Kirstie BBC Strictly Kirstie | 17:45 UK time, Thursday, 14 October 2010

Team Goldina - Goldie and Kristina Rhianoff


Unfortunately Team Goldina stumbled at the first hurdle and despite a valiant effort Goldie and Kristina Rihanoff found themselves heading for home after their Foxtrot.

Do you think Team Goldina were robbed? Should they still be in the competition? If you want to show some love for the ousted couple then leave your comments here.

We've also got a host of links to background info on Goldie and Kristina Rihanoff - so even though they're no longer on our screens you needn't miss them too much.


Goldie's biography page
Kristina's biography page

Goldie's training diary
Goldie's launch Interview
Celeb team name ideas for 2010

 NEW Official Team Goldina Wallpaper

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is an area for fans of Goldie and Kristina Rhianoff to share their enthusiasm and show their support for Team Goldina. Overly-negative and critical posts will be removed as Off-Topic.  



  • Comment number 1.

    Goldie and Kristina should not have been voted off last week. This is the usual joke with the phone voting system and now that Strictly has done away with the dance off which would of left the judges with the final say, I think we will see alot more talented dancers going out early instead of the actual weakest dancers. Also I think the results show should be on Saturday night instead of dragging it out in another show on Sunday night which was painful to watch.

  • Comment number 2.

    Goldie and Kristina,,they both showed a :rock n roll: chachacha:,brill,but didnot for get basic steps with newyorkers etc.
    I thought there foxtrot was full of character,nice matching coloured golden dresswear,and goldie topped it with his hat. Dissapointing they went first. I sat through the results,an bowed my head knowing it was the wrong public viewers result.
    Bringback the danceoff for the couple with the lowest scores,and let the judges sortout who should gothrough. So sorry to have seen them go. chris,blackpool

  • Comment number 3.

    Goldi and Kristina had more to show in the coming weeks,If they had been allowed to stay.. I think Goldie had the ability to learn new dances, not like Paul D. and A. Widdicombe... who will not progress... just a vote of sympathy, I agree with fancyachachacha.. bring back the judges vote, at least they can see who has the merit to improve.


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