Talking to myself

  • Steve Wilson
  • 20 Oct 11, 02:37 PM

I was at Southampton's game against West Ham on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed a very decent game between two serious contenders for promotion, a game watched by the biggest ever crowd for a Southampton home game in a history spanning 126 years.

I also bumped into a former colleague, Mike, who reminded me of a particular low point in my broadcasting career - and there have been a few!

It was 1995, and I was on what you might call a short-term loan deal working for a station that had just bought radio rights for Southampton and Portsmouth games and was keen to make every game sound like it was the World Cup final.

So, the first foray into live football on this fledgling station was to be "THE UNMISSABLE MUST-LISTEN GAME OF THE DAY" - the match that had everyone talking and licking their lips in anticipation: it was the BIG ONE - Oldham against Portsmouth, 14th and 22nd respectively in what we then called Division One - now the Championship - "AND IT'S LIIIIVE!!!!!"

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Headlines and horrible howlers

  • Steve Wilson
  • 11 Oct 11, 01:15 PM

Not being a Twitter user, I have never tried to condense a point of view into 140 characters, but last weekend the Guardian headline-writers showed how to do it style in by summing up the reaction of England fans in just six characters.

"Idiot!" screamed their headline at Wayne Rooney following his red card against Montenegro.

Needless to say Wazza's England team-mates rallied round him in the interview area after the game in Podgorica, with reminders of Rooney's all-round brilliance in the qualifying campaign. There were, don't forget, the goals in Bulgaria and ... umm ... wait a minute ... well there were the goals in Bulgaria ... something against Switzerland and there must have been something pretty good against Wales.

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