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Springwatch team's early May Flickr favourites

Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 11:43 UK time, Thursday, 13 May 2010

Just a few weeks to go until the live show and your pictures are really flooding in to the Springwatch Flickr group! Now that we're gearing up for the Springwatch Photo Club it's more important than ever that you share your spectacular signs of spring with us, so that we can put together the strongest and most sensational show of your work.

Series producer Roger thought this image perfectly captured the blue tit's character.

bluetit calling by Helen Bushe

Our Unsprung team adored this Canada gosling image which they thought captured a moment. They loved the energy in this gosling's expression.

canada gosling peekaboo by dan belton

Producer Hannah chose this crisp capture of a house sparrow. She's been out filming them recently and thinks so few people realise that they are in decline.

sparrow bath by Alan Tough

Our management menagerie were impressed by this macro shot of a bee. They thought it was a nice sign of spring.

bee covered in pollen by markj68

Simon's squad were pleasantly surprised by this beautiful bearded tit. It's uncommon to see them like this as they're usually clinging to reeds. They loved the reflection.

bearded tit and its reflection by fiona/beaker1983

The Webbies thought the grace in this image contrasted the common perception of gulls by the sea and they really appreciated how the photographer caught the light through the feathers.

graceful gull by jad goldie

This spectacular action shot really wowed me. It perfectly caught the moment and showcases the beauty of the pheasant's feathers so well.

fighting pheasants by mikas uncle

Researchers Ruth and Lucy chose this colourful damselfly. In their own words "We're all about the invertebrates this spring!"

damselfly macro by john skouros

As always we'd love to know how spring is unfolding where you are, so add your spring pictures to the Springwatch Flickr group and tell us what's going on in your neck of the woods.

Do you have any favourites?

You can see our Flickr favourites from late April here.


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