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Simon King heads to Dorset on an exploration of Britain's diverse habitats

Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 10:52 UK time, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

In this, the International Year of Biodiversity, Simon will be based in Britain's secret and sunny wilderness where he'll be using his incredible field craft skills and hi-tech equipment to share the treasures of this amazingly wildlife-rich region.

Simon will take us on a journey from spectacular chalk downland through gin-clear streams, via our rare and fascinating heathlands, to the dramatic Jurassic coast and finally beneath the waves to meet some mysterious marine creatures.

Simon King by a river

In the past few years on Springwatch, we've seen Simon battling gale force winds, enduring torrential downpours and being plagued by hordes of hungry midges. This new location is no soft option and is set to deliver its fair share of wildlife surprises. Simon will encounter bizarre looking birds who feed like sharks, beautiful butterflies with not so beautiful friends, and cold blooded creatures who reign supreme in Britain's own desert.

In previous years, we've followed urban foxes, but now Simon is hoping to bring us an insight into the lives of their far more elusive country cousins.

As ever, he'll also be on hand to join in the conversation with Chris and Kate on all the action at Pensthorpe.


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