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New missions for Gordon

Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 10:38 UK time, Thursday, 13 May 2010

After his amazing success finding and filming killer whales in the North Sea during Autumnwatch, intrepid wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan is on the road again for Springwatch 2010.

Gordon Buchanan filming

Gordon's new missions take him in search of some truly weird and wonderful creatures - he'll only be able to film them by using local knowledge, field craft and sheer determination.

Down in the reed beds in Somerset, Gordon was looking at how our freshwater birds have coped with this winter's big freeze, and what have been the consequences of having so much vital fresh water iced up for so long. On the way, he has an encounter with an enigmatic bird with a fabulous voice.

In a swamp on the Isle of Man, Gordon comes across one of our most charming and seemingly unlikely new residents - it's cute, its furry and it should really live far, far away.

And Gordon has a hilarious encounter on Salisbury Plain with one of our most magnificent birds, full of the joys of spring (and dying to mate!) - a bird that used to be here, went extinct in the UK and is now making a welcome comeback.

Have you worked out what Gordon has been after ? Tune in and find out ..... each story has a lovely surprise in it.

Find out what else the team are up to: Springwatch 2010 starts here...


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