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Announcing the new Nature UK blog

Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 15:48 UK time, Friday, 14 May 2010

Exciting news... next week the Springwatch/Autumnwatch team, in conjunction with our friends and colleagues in the BBC Natural History Unit, will be launching Nature UK, a brand new blog and website for UK nature lovers that will run all year round.

We're really excited about this. It will give us - and you - the opportunity to talk about the UK's wonderful riches of nature right across the year, not just in spring and autumn. It also means that, instead of switching what we do between two different websites depending on whether the leaves are brown or green, we'll always be in one place from now on.

The BBC Nature UK website and blog will cover all the usual Springwatch and Autumnwatch stuff - news about the series and about our many conservation organisation colleagues, your opinion on controversial subjects, a bit of fun with Martin and the Unpsrung team, deeper information on subjects covered in the shows - and loads more too.

There are some things that we won't be changing - the Springwatch and Autumnwatch TV shows themselves, our Flickr groups (here and here), the webcams, the messageboards... and most of all our commitment to reflecting what you've got to say and what you want to contribute.

We'll let you know when the new blog is live - and where to go - right here. We'll keep the comments open on the Springwatch blog for a while yet as there's so much great stuff coming in all the time. Eventually, though, we'll close them and migrate across to Nature UK but we'll give you plenty of notice.

It's still early days and we're hoping that Nature UK will be as good as, (and indeed better than!) our trusty Springwatch and Autumnwatch websites, but as ever we'd love to hear what you think. What would you like to see more of? Less of? Please let us know... and remember it doesn't have to be just about spring or autumn any more!

Update 17th May
A quick response to the comments below. We're in no way trying to compete with the Nature UK forum, quite the reverse - the more people who get involved with nature in the UK the better.

We've gone with this name as it follows the BBC's URL structure. We set up bbc.co.uk/nature about six months ago, which acts as a home for all BBC natural history so bbc.co.uk/nature/uk sits below this as our UK nature home. (And we've also used this name in the past.)

Hope that makes sense.


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