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Singing for spring on International Dawn Chorus Day


Tim Scoones | 11:14 UK time, Thursday, 29 April 2010


May 2 is International Dawn Chorus Day and what better way to enjoy spring than getting up early and experiencing nature's great sunrise symphony for yourself.

So why does it happen? If you're a male bird with a great bit of territory you want to keep rivals away and let the ladies know you're there. Nature's solution is for the boys to express themselves through song whilst the light levels are still too low to go foraging and the predators aren't out. Hence the dawn chorus.

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Springwatch team's late April Flickr favourites


Tim Scoones | 09:54 UK time, Monday, 26 April 2010


As the weather heats up outdoors, so does the pressure in Springwatch Towers. It's less than a month before we'll all be shipping out to Norfolk to set up our production village amongst Pensthorpe's beautiful barns.

The team love taking a few moments away from work to look through your incredible photography and have chosen their favourites from the last few weeks.

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Spring is here, but is the wildlife?


Tim Scoones | 11:01 UK time, Tuesday, 13 April 2010

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Have you been wondering how the harsh winter affected our wildlife? Or are you concerned about changes in your garden?

BBC Natural History Unit producer and lifelong birder and naturalist Stephen Moss has been taking stock of this spring's wildlife and is here to share his thoughts with you.

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Springwatch team's April Flickr favourites


Tim Scoones | 12:35 UK time, Thursday, 8 April 2010


We're at TX minus two months here in Springwatch Towers and while our camera crews head out across the country, you've been busy in your own gardens and green spaces capturing images of spring in all its glory!

The team have selected some of their favourites to show their appreciation for all your efforts! Check out the Springwatch Flickr group for more of your amazing spring shots.

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Springwatch Easter egg quiz answers


Tim Scoones | 09:35 UK time, Thursday, 8 April 2010


Did you have a go at our Easter egg quiz? If not try it out before you look at the answers below.

The first person to crack the quiz was Michele, well done! Wasp, Cosper and Blackcap1000 came pretty close too.

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