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Blog buzz over new London 2012 logo launch

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Claire Stocks | 20:29 UK time, Friday, 1 June 2007

London 2012 are to launch their new brand and logo on Monday and are attempting to use a bit of blogosphere buzz to generate a bit of heat around it.

Those who sign up at are being given one clue per day (it is day two today) which leads them to a blog or social networking site where there is a video trailer which gives a hint to the “story of the brand”.

In the words of the PR guy who emailed me to tell me about the campaign, “the 2012 brand will embrace a lot of the principles of participation and democratisation familiar to those us in the blogosphere and in keeping with that, the 2012 people have agreed to launch the brand into the blogosphere before it is unveiled to an auditorium full of VIPs and the world's media.”

For yesterday’s clue I had to find: “the London-based blog (which) is passionate about its unique, biting brand of music, movie, TV, videogame and celebrity news, gossip and reviews”.
I was introduced to Hecklerspray as a result – but couldn’t find the video though I didn’t have time to try very hard I admit.

Still, better luck today when I found this on the Londonist.

The idea is somewhat contrived – and I realise probably not aimed at someone at the wrong end of the 30s like myself…

But it is an interesting attempt to do something innovative that taps into the proliferation of new types of websites and functionality (known in the jargon as web 2.0).

I know in America, similar marketing methods are being increasingly used to some effect (although there is also some scepticism at perceived manipulation in some cases which has led to dos and don'ts for those trying to do it properly).

And after speaking to the guy leading 2012’s new media set up - Alex Balfour, who has an impressive web pedigree having been instrumental in the set up of the Guardian websites and Cricinfo – it is clear the organisers – like BBC Sport as the official broadcaster - are acutely aware how the changing digital landscape may radically affect our experience of the Games in 2012 - and the journey towards them.

And in particular the need to engage with young people (who this element of the campaign is undoubtedly aimed at I guess), who studies apparently show feel very removed from the Olympics, seeing it as a very distant, once-every-four years multi-discipline event.

Still, my best understanding of the brand to be launched on Monday came from a plain old face-to-face conversation with the marketing chief Chris Denny.

The brand ambition will be “to boost the image of the city and the country, to change people’s attitudes about sport and this country, to move people, to leverage change in the way we deliver sport - to create a new kind of games.”

You will also probably hear a lot about the L word - legacy. Legacy for the country, for east London and for each of the 26 sports being contested.

Denny said unlike many previous Olympics where competitions had been used to find the winning logos, London 2012 had been through a lengthy and painstaking brainstorming process before identifying theirs.

He said they were after something "that would capture the hearts and minds of everyone, give them an emotional attachment" - in the same powerful way Apple were perceived to have done so successfully with their simple apple logo.

I am genuinely intrigued to see what they come up with - call me naïve, but I really am excited already.

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