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That's the year by the way. Let's get it out there and say it. Your all request opener is the year of breakfast television arriving in the UK, compact discs going on sale and the first Terry Pratchett Discworld novel is published, The Colour of Magic. We have Thriller, No Parlez and Let's Dance on the radio and the first Now! album turned up. Until then we had the KTel compilations and before that the Top of the Pops LPs full of rather strange cover versions (and smiling ladies on the front), but the Now! albums changed all that. So your bestest 1983 song please...

Before that it'll be movies on 5L and Matt Damon talking The Monuments Men before a hop skip and a jump to Radio 2 towers and the rocket propulsion into the weekend that the ARF tends to bring. And before that a vast meeting to discuss the books for the Radio 2 Book Club! Reading, movies and rocknroll. Not a bad Friday on balance...

See you at 5!

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