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Someone else's chair

Simon Mayo


Day 4 in Ken's studio and we haven't broken it yet. It is all rather disconcerting using someone else's-a little bit awkward, familiar and strange all at the same time. We are being revamped and upgraded. We are downloading a new operating system or something like that. Maybe it's just new carpets and beverage holders, who knows. We have forced Ken to Radio 1 studios which are brand spanking new and top class. The truth is Ken loves it and they love him, treating him like the legend he is. I fear our new upgraded kit might still be a bit shabby compared with what Ken is used to. Maybe some polished teak will have to be found, a mahogany coffee table and a cashmere foot stool. This is the least we should do. And I quite fancy it too while we're at it.
And today we'll stick the studio out with Nigel's latest-Marinated Lavender Chicken. This is a Provencal dish though by the time Nigel has stuffed it full of British ingredients, we'll be able to claim it as ours. I'll bring some BBQ sauce just in case.
And some AUTUMNAL oldies please as the equinox is virtually upon us and that harvest moon is with us (harvest we've done, autumn '13 we haven't in case you're checking).
Have an organised and thrilling Thursday, see you after 5.

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