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I am reading 3 books at the same time. They're all good, and I'm doing it for you. (I am writing one too, but that's another matter). Robert Harris is the book club choice, 'An Officer and a Spy' has a chapter on the website, William Boyd has written the new James Bond book 'Solo' and he's in next week and finally Mark Lawson (him from Radio 4) has a new novel called 'The Deaths'. I mention this as Mark is in today and it would be rude not to. It is set amongst the filthy rich of a made up village in Buckinghamshire, some or all of whom are about to cop it as they are the 'deaths' of the title. Mark has a brain the size of a planet and is always good company. Hear him after 6.
And songs please for THE QUITTERS. President Obama has revealed he has quit smoking. He says that primarily it is fear of his wife that has driven his abstinence, so oldies for those who have given up the fags will be a small encouragement.
Have a fragrant and nimble Tuesday, see you after 5.

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