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Simon Mayo


It’s already 7am and I haven’t even watched a tv show, never mind a movie. This is slacking and I can only apologise. I wont let it happen again. I have made porridge, turned the thermostat up and handed over a CD case for windscreen scraping but that’s about it. Today’s film doesn’t start until 10.30! And I cant remember which film it is! (Checks diary, its The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman, so that should be ok).

Today there is food and I fully expect Nigel’s Winter Veggie Burger to be a class one stunner. I often order the veggie option. Chris E mentioned a while back that burgers are usually disappointing and I’d tend to go along with that, so I shall persuade Matt to forgo his pre-show sausage roll.

And we’ll compile a COMEBACK playlist please as Tiger Woods is back playing today after a 9 month lay-for for a back injury. What tunes might you be thinking of then?

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