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Back in the saddle (padded)

Simon Mayo


Well no snow to report, no frozen condensation to chip off the windows, no frostbite to treat. So that's a successful Easter. If you throw in a few bacon rolls and seasonal treats it could be seen as a week of reckless indulgence. So I am running to work for the next month and only eating cabbage for the foreseeable future. Party! I trust all is in good order in these parts and that Liza has been utterly fabulous (though not too utterly fabulous).

And we swing back into action - Matt and Rebecca returning too-with another top Book Club choice. I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson will be discussed from 6. It's classified as YA but it's one of those books-as you will see from the opening chapter-doesn't pull its punches. Twins Noah and Jude are very close, very passionate, very different. Then a tragedy breaks their relationship. He's very arty and sees everything in vivid colours, she is very superstitious and talks to the ghost of her dead grandmother. The rest you're going to have to find out yourself.

So Jandy will be on from 6, we're on from 5.05 and how about doing VINYL oldies again. There is to be a VINYL only chart! Vinyl is booming. Let's here it for warm sounds, repeating grooves and scratchy old 7 singles. You know you'll love it!
And we're back...

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